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Social Media - l'oreal (bpi trinidad)

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy FEBRUARY – AUGUST 2014
  2. 2. According to Social Media Critics “French Giant L’Oréal is present in 130 countries and owns 27 international brands. On Facebook, the L’Oréal Paris USA page racks up a total of 2,095,380 likes and is at the top of our Price/Value and Positive Comments charts” This Social Media plan will leverage some of the strategies used by L’oreal international to grow their following & likes. We anticipate these strategies will have an impact on the L’oreal Trinidad social pages and positively affect and increase sales.
  3. 3. Our Social Media Strategy for L’Oreal (Trinidad) will be built around 7 steps over the next 6 months. 1 2 ✓ Identify the most important Stakeholders Listening to the Online Conversations 3 Analyzing Gaps, Trends, Opportunities & Set Measurable Goals 4 Influencers, Content Strategy & Tactical Planning 5 Create & Publish 6 Engage & Facilitate 7 Measuring & Reviewing
  4. 4. Identify Key Stakeholders Target them on their platforms! Key Stakeholders 1 L’oreal’s Stakeholders are: •Customers/Potential Users of the L’oreal’s products. •Retailers – Traditional & Online •Beauty Technicians •Customers/Potential Users of personal care products. •Competitors – Competing brands to L’oreal •Media – All Types traditional & New •Bloggers Where online? 2 Stakeholders can be found on: •Foursquare •Facebook •Twitter •Youtube – Widely used by the female consumers for demonstrations O? & product support •Google/Gmail •Instagram •Pinterest
  5. 5. Listen to the Online Conversations Tap into Online Conversations 1 •Who is talking about L’Oreal – the brand’s “tribe” are: young trendy females, working professionals, mature users, hairdressers & salon owners, beauty technicians, persons with exciting lifestyles, like to party. People who believe in caring for their personal needs. •Where – conversations mainly take place on FB & Twitter , Instagram & Youtube •What they say – generally positive in regard to the products, citing improvements in skin, hair care & general beauty concerns. Competition – lush, Mac, Maybelline, Sephora, CoverGirl • Content that resonates positive feedback includes makeovers, fashion, good causes, product uses & demonstration videos, price promos, Trivia – Q & A Timeline 2 Listening will be structured as follows: The first two weeks of the launch of the ”revamping the page” will be used for listening so that the marketing strategy can be tweeked if necessary We will log into all the platforms at least three times daily for monitoring purposes We will utilize social mentions free dashboard to assist with real-time monitoring. Any change in posting/conversation will be used as a guide for some of the days posting
  6. 6. Analyzing Gaps, Trends, Opportunities & Set Measurable Goals What we Look for in Analysis 1 Measurable Goals •Increased Share of voice across all platforms, measuring areas such as tweets & mentions •Are comments positive negative – what is the ratio or •What topics are trending – do they include the product we are promoting “L’oreal” 2 Goals - February to March 2014 Increase Facebook Likes to 15,000 Develop & design a twitter page and increase Twitter following to 5000 Gain visibility on instagram
  7. 7. Analyzing Gaps, Trends, Opportunities & Set Measurable Goals INSIGHT INTO L’OREAL ON FACEBOOK “Being at the top of our Price/Value Ratio graph, L’Oréal holds the most positive Facebook comments regarding the price and value of the products. L’Oréal isn’t the cheapest brand within our industry sample; however, our data tells us that the fans don’t view it as too expensive. In other words, L’Oréal is a world leader in beauty, in life and on Social Media”
  8. 8. Analyzing Gaps, Trends, Opportunities & Set Measurable Goals POSITIVE COMMENTS COMPARED TO COMPETITORS ONLINE Our Positivity Graph shows that the comments that have tonality on L’Oréal’s page are somewhat more positive than the rest of our industry sample; however, every brand, including L’Oréal, has slightly declined except for Sephora who has grown by 1 % in the past 12 months.
  9. 9. Influencers, Content Strategy & Tactical Planning Influencers 1 We will target social networkers who have influence – those who can cause others to take action, change their perception and / or their behaviour. We will identify 5 top influencers on each social platform one of which will be a product purchase or awareness influencer and use them to influence share of voice. Content Strategy 2 Content Strategy will be focussed on posting under topics that have attracted the most likes and shares using Facebook as a test platform. Therefore over the next 3 months our posts will be geared at: Positivity/MotivationContest, Trivia Humour – Funny Videos, Weird Fashion Product Promo/Features – Value – Price & Product, Application/lessons Events – Local & International Go To Topics/Be the expert – Loreal brands, Fashion, Diet, Tactical Planning 3 Where to post what? Instagram – fan pics, product & promo pics Facebook - Bulk of the posting integrated to all other platforms, post on everything Twitter – tips, Humour, Product Links Blog – Videos, focus on products uses, upgrades, be the expert
  10. 10. Create & Publish STRATEGY SUMMARY Our strategy will be multiple & individualistic campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a Blog site. THE FOCUS WILL BE TO “SHARE” THE FEELING CONSUMERS GET FROM USING L’OREAL THROUGH “ACTIVITIES, EVANGELISM, & ADVOCACY TO CREATE A VIRAL & SOCIAL BUZZ. Our Tactics will stay true to what is already working for L’oreal online: 1. 2. 3. Different Marketing Strategies & Facebook pages for each country Guide Customers before & after their Purchase Create Content that stimulates Social Conversation POSTING Posts & discussions on all platforms will work in tandem with the main facebook page and then content will be shared on Twitter. Creative will be produced one (1) week before publication allowing sufficient lead time for approvals. ON THE MAIN FACEBOOK PAGE A NEW L'oreal BANNER WILL BE UPLOADED TWICE MONTHLY OR AS NEEDED BASED ON THE PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY FOR THE MONTH. THIS WILL BE SUPPORTED BY THE FOLLOWING: 1 HUMOUR POST PER DAY, 1 TRIVIA POST PER DAY, 1 EVENT POSTS PER WEEK 1 HIGHLIGHTED TOPIC OF DISCUSSION EACH WEEK
  12. 12. Create & Publish ”ASK LORIE” CAMPAIGN (BLOGGING) 1 We will create a blog to talk about the L’oreal brand in Trinidad & Tobago and represent the l’oreal brand personality types in the broader sense. Lorie is a “know it all”, “a personal care fanatic” a go to person for the makeup, skincare or hair colour virgin: “Lorie” blogs about any and everything in personal care, fashion and anything of intrigue. More pointedly she can blog about features of the products/brands that represent the vivacious, adventurous type personality, loves life in the fast lane, an extrovert who enjoys long road trips, meeting people and being out and about, at other times she may represent a calmer personality type less adventurous, more focussed on reliability, a bit reserved, likes everything organized and well planned more introverted but very intelligent.. *the ask Lorie blog design will be approved by client prior to be published.
  13. 13. Create & Publish ”BEAUTY CLUB” CAMPAIGN (FACEBOOK) 2 Widely used by most beauty companies, but doing it on facebook will add a twist. We will move communication with customers to a more conversational style. We will design a badge to be used on facebook “I belong to L’oreals beauty club” we will incentivize the page followers by giving them coupon codes that can be used with local retailers. The beauty club will hold contests among members to see who can get the most likes and push traffic to the page. These persons will be awarded titles and gift vouchers. We will drive traffic to the Fan page with targeted Facebook advertising, display advertising, blogging
  14. 14. Create & Publish FACEOFF – “MY L'oreal, YOUR L'oreal” 3 This is a Contest geared at demonstrating a user’s love for L'oreal that distinguishes them from every other L'oreal buyer. It is a month long contest where participants will be asked to upload picks of which product they use along with 100 words describing “why their L'oreal is the Coolest” only fans can enter and the winning prize is “ A makeover, L’oreal gift package” & possible a ticket to a local event. The winner will be posted on facebook & mentioned on Twitter. A winner is chosen every week and then an ultimate winner from the 4 finalists *Dynamics of contest will be included in creative brief and approved by client prior. The L’oreal Way 4 This is geared at starting a “movement” to support the brand. This movement will be started on facebook with taglines such as “The Phenomenon that is so real”. The group will be bolstered by the “ask Lorie” blog dedicated to personal care. This will be an aggressive clique like approach to growing L’oreal Trinidad’s online presence and promoting the blog page. Followers will also be encouraged to post pics with how they use L’oreal which products are fave among their friends
  15. 15. Create & Publish L’oreal Trinidad @ - Developing a Twitter Presence 5 This would be geared at visibility on Twitter by creating and using specific hashtags. For example we can create hashtags like #lorealbeautyclub, #asklorie #lorealway which are focussed on promoting cliques and building evangelism. #myloreal for example would be focussed on customer service and updates.
  16. 16. ENGAGE & FACILITATE CONVERSATION The ability to engage and facilitate conversation will be a large contributor to building a strong social media presence. Everyday Online Conversations 1 Month 1 – Clear backlog of requests or unanswered questions. Engage followers to comment or vote and participate in contests Month 2 & 3 – Answer customer questions, post on promotions, features, cross posting with “Ask Lorie” blog. Encourage cross platform interactions. Promoting the beauty club, include local events, beauty discussions. This will be supported by structured posting under humour, trivia, that is listed on our internal content map.
  17. 17. Measuring & Reviewing PULL DATA ANALYZE We will measure the effectiveness of our strategy monthly utilizing Google Analytics, Facebook Reporting, & Twitter Reports. We will measure whether the campaign had a positive impact on the following for L’oreal Trinidad by looking at: comments about the brand that extends to individual products, the positive or negative change in following. Overall Strategy Effectiveness is based on: MAKE CHANGES TO FOLLOW TRENDS 30,000 LIKES on Facebook by August 2014 12,000 FOLLOWERS on Twitter by August 2014 Increase in awareness of the L’oreal Brand Strong presence of L’oreal Trinidad online including increase in sales during online promotions
  19. 19. Facebook Analysis FACEBOOK: There’s certainly a foundation here. L’oreal Trinidad has managed to get 4,700 fans, but there seem to be inconsistencies with the last update being December 16, 2013. There are a few with unanswered questions that make the page seem like it’s not a priority. The page started March 2010, and based on the slow growth, it is presumed growth is organic and not based on pay-per- click. Most of the post is “reposting” international photos from the internet, this will not stimulate conversation, as the audience needs to identify with the page. Audience: With the wide variety of people using Facebook, the timeline page allows the company to communicate with the majority of it’s desired target demographics. People who “like” the page have already taken vested interest in the brand, so we can listen to and communicate easily with them. Revisions: Facebook is where L’oreal should pump the bulk of information to their audience and where there is the most room for conversation and interaction. Allow users to really get a feel for the personality of the brand. Quick suggestions to adopt: Take full advantage of Facebook’s multimedia capabilities. Continue posting photos and videos to keep interest up. Think more broadly about interweaving other social media platforms with Facebook to increase engagement and interactivity. Add content of interest to target different groups, and award fan loyalty. Update the page more consistently, and try to avoid surge of information.