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Assignment 2.1 revolutionary vocabulary


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Assignment 2.1 revolutionary vocabulary

  2. 2. MAGNA CARTAWhat country was it written for? EnglandWhen was it written? June 1215What did it do to the power of monarchies? It limited the power ofkings.How was this a form of "rule of law"? They are in the rule of lawand recognition of individual rights.
  3. 3. GLORIOUS REVOLUTIONWhere did it take place? It took place in England in 1688.Who took over as King of this country? King William lll took the kings placeWhat document changed the power of Kings forever and was a result of thisrevolution? The english bill of rights changed the power of the kings.
  4. 4. THE ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTSWhen was it written? It was written in 1689.In two sentences, explain what it did? It limited the power of monarchs. Alsoreestablished the rights of protestants.
  5. 5. THE ENLIGHTENMENTIn two sentences, describe what the enlightenment was? It was a philosophymovement of the 18th century marked by a rejection of tradition social,religious, and political ideas.When did it take place? In the 18th century.Why is it important? Because it was based on science.
  6. 6. CHARLES-LOUIS MONTESQUIEUWhere was he from? Born and from France.What is he most famous for? For the theory of the separation of powers
  7. 7. JOHN LOCKEWhere was he from? Chew MagnaLifespan? From 1632 to 1704What is the Social Contract? Natural rights are when a person already hasthose rights.
  8. 8. JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAUWhere was he from? GenevaLifespan? 28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778
  9. 9. THOMAS JEFFERSONWhere was he from? Albemarle County, VirginiaWhat is he most famous for writing? Jefferson wasfamous for writing the first draft of the Declaration ofIndependence.Why did he switch the words from "property" to "the pursuit of happiness"?Thomas Jefferson himself never explained his use of the phrase " pursuit ofhappiness" in the Declaration of Independence.