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Selling Value


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Slides from my training session on how to sell value (45 mins)

Published in: Business, Technology

Selling Value

  1. 1. Why did I buy these drill bits?
  2. 2. I need a hole in my wall
  3. 3. We buy what products do, not what they are
  4. 4. Selling Value
  5. 5. What is value?
  6. 6. Textbook definition: Benefit - cost=value
  7. 7. LESSON ONE: Value is subjective
  8. 8. WIIFM
  9. 9. To deliver true value we need to have an acute understanding of our customers needs and wants
  10. 10. What are the major challenges facing him? How does he see the future of the business? how is he measured? what are his long term goals? How is the marketplace situation affecting his area of responsibility? What does HE want to accomplish? what is his dream scenario?
  11. 11. What does his customers value
  12. 12. Proactive Vs Reactive
  13. 13. Your toolbox
  14. 14. Features Features inform the customer about the physical and factual characteristics of your product
  15. 15. Attributes underline the advantages of your product and its features Attributes
  16. 16. Benefits emphasize the value of your product, its features and its attributes Benefits
  17. 17. Attributes: Benefits: Features: What value What is it? What good does it bring does that do? me? Features: Attributes: Benefits: Data, Facts & Which means …and to you Design that… that means… Features: Attributes: Benefits: Trained Fast, efficent Save time product & when a problem experts sitting knowledgeable occurs by 24 hrs a day support (& Money)
  18. 18. Is the benefit relevant to him?