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Book Talk Promotion Write Up

  1. 1. Running Head: The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotion The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotion Staci Novak Emporia State University 1
  2. 2. Running Head: The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotion The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotion One way librarians get teens reading is by promoting books, authors, and specific seriesof books they think young people would want to read. In order to get the attention of youngadults who used to flash and neon, promotion of these materials must be exciting, relevant, andappeal to their senses. One way of doing this is to use technology. To promote the trilogy “TheHunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, I created a “glog” which can be found at In order to complete this assignment I first had to make some decisions. I could eitheruse technology that was familiar to me or use this as an opportunity to learn something new. Isided with the latter, and instead of doing a Power Point presentation, I used Glogster. A fellowclassmate shared her glog with me and it was amazing. I also had to determine whether I wouldfocus on an author, book, or series. I thought of books I had read in the past few months andwhat stood out to me the most was “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. All three of thebooks in this series were remarkable and I believed it would appeal to a wide variety of youngadults, including my noteworthy audience of “at risk” teens who don’t particularly like to read. Ithink at risk teens can relate to the themes and struggles faced by the characters. I also picturedmy audience as being alternative, punk, or gothic. I furthermore felt this book would appeal toteens since it is in the process of being made into a movie. To create my project, I used several tools. The first tool was of to create a glog to promote Collins’ trilogy. This website is very self-sufficient in that not very many other programs are needed to create a finished product. Itprovides backgrounds, text (with or without a banner), and graphics, many of which areanimated. It allows the user to upload video, pictures, and audio in the manner in which they are 2
  3. 3. Running Head: The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotionmost comfortable, either from their computer or using TinyPic, SchoolTube, and any audioplayer. The other tool I used was Creative Commons so that I could find images and audio thatcontained open content licenses I could use on my glog, ensuring I obeyed copyright laws. I alsoused YouTube to link to a video of Collins reading a chapter from book three “Mockingjay.” Despite the many benefits of using Glogster, I encountered various challenges. The firstwas figuring out how to use the website. I tried to find a tutorial within the program and failed.Instead, I played with the website and used trial and error to figure out how aspects of it worked.This is not a difficult website to use, so overcoming this challenge wasn’t complex, but I thinkhaving some hints or suggestions would benefit new users. I also felt somewhat overwhelmedwith the number of graphics and pictures available for use. As a solution and keeping myaudience in mind, I narrowed my theme of the glog to “Gothic.” My next trial was deciding what content to present on my glog, so I put myself in theposition of my audience and decided I would want to know about the setting, characters, thebooks themselves, and the movie. I found audio clips of the author reading excerpts of eachbook, but I was frustrated to learn I couldn’t embed content into the glog. Instead of embeddingthe audio, I used two different links and linked the audio excerpts onto the page so when thestudent clicks on the link, it will take them to the website containing the books being read aloud. The final test in creating this product was trying to add text boxes. Many of the graphicsallow the user to type information, however, it only allows so much space and it is extremelydifficult to format. After troubleshooting I realized I could add text without a graphic and had tocreate them separately. So I chose a graphic and then put the text on top of it. This allowed meto increase the amount of text and format more freely. 3
  4. 4. Running Head: The Hunger Games Trilogy Series Promotion For my next project of this type, I think I would use Glogster again, but limit it to onebook so I could have more content on the glog without it looking like there were too many thingson it. I also think if I couldn’t find an excerpt, that I would record my own voice, save it, andadd it to the glog. In the future for my own library, I would also do much more advertising. Ithink taking out ads in the high school newspaper or on the radio would reach teens as well. Myat risk audience may also not have access to computers outside of the library, so in addition tothe glog I would create a display in the library encouraging students to check it out. Anotherway to improve upon this project would be to do a podcast or use moviemaker to use footagefrom my library and of myself or the young adult librarian reading and talking about the book,author, or series. I enjoyed completing this project for various reasons, but one of the most important isbecause of its value to young adult services. Teens are constantly plugged into the internet,iPods, and videogames and I believe it takes something special to truly get their attention. Usingmultimedia and web 2.0 tools shows young people that librarians care and are interested in whothey are and what they like. It also demonstrates to them that librarians do more than shelvebooks and tell them to be quiet. Creating this type of presentation in place of sitting in front ofthem and reading a book is more entertaining, more fun for both the librarian and teen, and goesabove and beyond library stereotypes. It may even get them hooked into reading. Book talks and series promotions are moving beyond posters made of paper and setting abook on a display shelf. Using new technologies and programs is a great way to show youngadults that reading can be fun and interactive. Librarians who use technology to promote booksand authors are sure to get the attention of young adults and create life-long readers. 4