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William faulkner

  1. 1. William Faulkner Stacie D’Angelo American Literature II
  2. 2. New Albany, MississippiWilliam Faulkner is not only noted as one of the greatest American authors to date but also one of the greatest world authors. He was born and raised in New Albany, Mississippi and later based characters in his work around the names and faces of his neighbors.
  3. 3. The Rural SouthFaulkner began writing for himself,believing that there was no money tobe found in such a hobby. The ruralsouth was going through drasticchanges at the start of his career; guiltfrom slavery and the burden of the pastleft on both white and AfricanAmerican citizens, a change in socialstatuses and the romance of thearistocratic behavior of southernlandowners.
  4. 4. Early AccomplishmentsAs we know, William Faulkner wasborn into a southern family inOxford, Mississippi. Once the legal agehe joined the Canadian Air Force andlater during World War I he enlistedand fought on the side of theBritish, Royal Air Force. Following thewar Faulkner began studying at theUniversity of Mississippi and workedpart-time for a New York bookstore.
  5. 5. A Giant in American LiteratureWilliam Faulkner’s most impressiveaccomplishment is not something that isobvious to the reader’s eye, it takes a bit ofresearch to uncover. Faulkner, a young manwho never received his high school diplomaor earned a college degree, who was living inthe poorest state in the country managed tobecome one of the greatest Americannovelists in history. with pieces like “Light inAugust.” All while supporting a family duringthe Great Depression, taking pen to paper asan emotional release.
  6. 6. The Sound and The Fury As previously stated William Faulkner had no intentions of finding success as awriter, he began taking pen to paper for himself. However, once the public eye was given the opportunity to appreciate his work his popularity spread like wildfire. Finally, an author who was writing about the concerns of the common southernman. Finally, middle class men and women were finding answers in their everydayquestions regarding humanity. He released “The Sound and The Fury” published in 1929 a novel that Faulkner believed no one would understand. Although it truly was one of the hardest novels ever published it’s also one of the greatest.
  7. 7. Modern ApproachFaulkner found success in usingmodern methods in his writing, he As I Lay Dyingwould introduce multiple characters One of the very first pieces of theand jumble chronological order. He was Southern Gothic movement and theable to develop characters without gruesome short story in whichdialogue. He also builds strong Faulkner broke the ice andcharacter foundations by basing his skyrocketed in popularity.roles off of local personalities in hissmall hometown of Oxford, Mississippi.
  8. 8. Poetry and Short Stories Beginning in the early 1920’s Faulkner experimented in the worlds of poetry and fiction stories. William Faulkner’s last name until the 1920’s was spelled “Falkner” however, a printer working on a verse of “The Marble Faun” introduced the new found “U” into the name where it stayed until his last day. To this day Faulkner is considered to be one of the finest writers of short stories, based on his work “A Rose for Emily” which has been placed in countless short story collections.