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Analysis Of Existing Products(1)2

  1. 1. Analysis Of Existing Products R&B Videos
  2. 2. Technical Construction Mario-How could you In R n B music videos the media language comes across as quite simple although the camerawork is vital in creating a sense of atmosphere.The camera work is consistently on the move in the video although in other music videos this is similar there are more fade outs.This is useful in emphasising the lyrics and gaining the audiences attention to detail of what the song is trying to reach out to them and say. However compared to other genres such as more upbeat songs it would focus more on the cutting to the beat if it was rock then considerably along to the instruments. R n B can tend to be more flexible in relying on the movement of the camera. For instance with this video there is a variety of shots from a reaction shot.The close up is used effectively to engage the audience to understanding the artists emotions at this point.
  3. 3. This shot clearly shows the storyline and what happened. This is typical of an R n B video as it is narrative. Though after this shot we see a bit of performance which focuses on the artist himself . The editing within the video is simple yet there are quite a few fades which continues throughout the video. There is also a low angle used as well when he sings the chorus.The low angel shot could be representative of how he's been degraded simply following the lyrics ‘how could you just forget about me’ There is also a pan which follows the rhythm of the song.This leads to the rest of the song and therefore is used to help it to move on smoothly without the audience wanting to turn away.
  4. 4. Here we can see a flashback yet it hasn’t changed but we can figure this out by the fact that it fades into it. There is a clear wipe in this shot which continues the storyline and initially gets the video moving on alongside the lyrics . Ashanti ‘Rain on Me’ Compared to Ashanti rain on me you can tell its in the past by the editing and the change in colour of the shot, whereas in Mario's video its not as vague yet the audience are still aware of this change through the media language.As seen in this shot there is the title of the song. It it set out like a film the way the raindrops land as the title begins to appear. The media
  5. 5. Overall the way in which the media language is used simply signifies the meaning of the lyrics as well as the theme on the song. In this case there is a lot of fades and movement of the camera. This music video is fairly old and therefore overtime as media has been developed there would be even more effects used to create this type of feeling. Although the media language is pretty simple is it effective in relation to the theme, as Its heartbreak and loss the use of complex effects isn't necessary. It still manages to grab the audiences attention when listening to the meaning of the lyrics. This shot is relatively seen as a close up on the bracelet the object.Though there's not much more shown It acts as an instrument for telling the storyline
  6. 6. Construction of Representation Foolish - Ashanti <ul><li>In RnB music video’s the actors/artists are represented in various ways. It depends on the style of the RnB songs. If it is a break up song then the artists/actors are usually represented to be quite weak and fragile. </li></ul>In this shot the couple have been represented to be quite happy. From their outfits we are able to see that they are quite wealthy and have a good sense of style. This is also shown from their location of a posh restaurant as well as the champagne bottle. From this we are able to tell that the couple are quite well of and are very outgoing. This has been used to show how the couple are represented to have a happy relationship
  7. 7. His wealth is reinforced in various other shots giving him several types of representations. He is seen in different locations with different girls. This shows how he uses his money to treat girls by taking them to posh and fancy places. This represents him to be a “charmer” as he is able to use his money to charm girls. In this shot the main focus is on the money in the jeans. This displays how the guy is represented to be very rich and wealthy. However this also gives a negative representation of him having “dirty money” due to the fact that he has so much cash in his jeans .
  8. 8. From this you can see that Ashanti is wearing a hat whilst being advised by her friends. By wearing that hat she is trying to isolate herself from the outside world. This illustrates Ashanti to be isolated and depressed as she is not willing to share her problems or take any advice. In this shot Ashanti is with with her parents. Her father does not seem bothered with the situation as he is sleeping. This represents him to be quite laid back. In comparison to Ashanti’s mother he seems less caring as she is still wide awake waiting for him with Ashanti in the living room. From Ashanti’s posture we are able to see that she is very worried. By looking outside the window we are able to tell that she is waiting for someone. We are also able to see this from her clothing. She is still up whilst wearing a night suit. This shows that although it is very late she is still awake waiting for her boyfriend. This represents her to be a very caring girlfriend
  9. 9. From this image we are able to see that the representation of them being a happy couple has completely changed. From the mis-en-scene we are able to see a big double bed which has a flower patterned quilt. The room is decorated nicely which gives the room a happy feel/mood. However this is contradicted by the representation of the characters. There is a line of distant between the two which is shows tension. This gives a more negative presentation to the couple resulting them to be an unhappy couple which is different from the start of the video. Also by looking at the guy’s clothing we are able to see that he has not yet changed out of his trousers. This indicates several things to the audience e.g. he has had a late night. This changes his representation of him being classy and a charmer into him being more lazy and uncaring. In this shot the mise-en-scene is quite plain, dull and very simple. There are no colourful backgrounds and the lighting is also quite dark and dull. This instantly represents Ashanti to be unsatisfied and quite sad. By looking into the window Ashanti’s representation of being happy has changed into being isolated and alone. Also her clothes are very dark coloured which matches her dull mood and personality.
  10. 10. In the first image we can see from the props she is about to leave as she is carrying a Louis Vuitton suitcase. From the suitcase and her ring we can tell that she likes her accessories representing her to be quite stylish. Also from the first image we can see that her boyfriend arrives. The arrival of her boyfriend persuades Ashanti to drop her bag and stay. From this we can see how she has been represented to be quite a weak woman. This is also shown in the 2 nd image as her weakness allows her to hug her boyfriend and forget about everything that’s happened. This represents her to be weak and uncontrollable.
  11. 11. Genre Conventions <ul><li>Eamon - Don't want you back </li></ul><ul><li>The main convention in R&B music videos is the theme of love/romantic relationships. In this video, the specific theme of break up is common with our song ‘I’m Gone’ These are some of the conventions often found in R&B break up songs. </li></ul><ul><li>They usually have flashbacks which are almost always in slow motion and black and white. The camerawork is rough and edgy i.e. shaky to signify how a person who was actually there would see it. This is effective to capture the emotion felt between the couple. </li></ul>
  12. 12. <ul><li>The main characters are sometimes shown with they’re social groups of girls/boys who support them. </li></ul><ul><li>The typical locations are in the streets/in a nice house or apartment and sometimes a recording studio. In terms of structure they usually have a new location for each verse and maybe shots of a common location throughout (the pizza place). </li></ul><ul><li>Eventually the song usually ends in a whole different location which contrasts the whole video. In this video this is the bridge which is shown at night time in contrast to the other day-time settings. This is done perhaps to sum up and draw focus on the point of the song. </li></ul>
  13. 13. <ul><li>They also use slow pans, which is used in this song so that it fits the beat/pace of the song. A range of shots and angles are used to show the emotion and relationship between the people. </li></ul><ul><li>At about half way of the clip, colour shots from the past (different from flashbacks) are used to forward the narrative and lead the audience to figure out why the couple may have broken up. </li></ul>
  14. 14. <ul><li>In contrast to an R&B break up video, here is a Rock/Indie break up video. </li></ul><ul><li>Lesley Roy - I'm gone, I'm going. </li></ul><ul><li>The pace is obviously a lot faster, the cuts/camerawork and actions are rougher and harder. Possibly because the lyrics are a lot more subtle in an R&B video than rock/indie music videos. They also have a larger proportion of performance scenes to emphasise the importance of the band. </li></ul>