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LibraryH3lp and Embedded Librarianship


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Presentation for ILLCO/NILRC Conference; Springfield, IL; April 18, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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LibraryH3lp and Embedded Librarianship

  1. 1. 1LibraryH3lp and Embedded Librarianship April 18, 2013
  2. 2. LibraryH3lp2LibraryH3lpImage:
  3. 3. LibraryH3lp3LibraryH3lp provides flexible, affordablelive chat & FAQ software for libraries,library consortia, & non-profits. Unifypatron support across web, texting, & IM.LibraryH3lp provides flexible, affordablelive chat & FAQ software for libraries,library consortia, & non-profits. Unifypatron support across web, texting, & IM.• Chat reference software• FAQ content managementsoftware• Mobile chat capabilitiesFrom:
  4. 4. LibraryH3lp2007 - 201042005 - 2007Images:newschoolers.comfredmckinnon.comandroidcommunity.comHistory
  5. 5. LibraryH3lp5June, 2012Images:}
  6. 6. LibraryH3lp2010 – Present6• Library homepage• College website• Research Guides• EBSCO databases• Desire2Learn LMSDemo ECC Library Chat
  7. 7. LibraryH3lpAdvantages•Multiple logins•Only one librarian can answerat a time•Widget disappears when notavailable•Ability to forward chat•Ability to see where patronaccessed chat•Internal communication7Disadvantages•Cost (not free)•Requires training• Data collection• Multiple queues• Built specifically for libraries
  8. 8. LibraryH3lp8Features: Chat reference
  9. 9. LibraryH3lpAdditional Features:FAQs9• Database ofsearchableFAQs• Tagging• Social mediaIntegration• Customizable• Unlimitednumber• Free withsubscriptionDemo FAQs
  10. 10. LibraryH3lpAdditional Features: SMS Integration10• Patrons text to dedicated number• Librarians answer with chatwidget• Voice call forwarding• After hours auto-response• Saving messages for follow-up• Additional
  11. 11. LibraryH3lpData:Chats perMonth,Fall 201211
  12. 12. LibraryH3lpData:Chats perHour,Fall 201212
  13. 13. LibraryH3lpCosts13From:
  14. 14. LibraryH3lpQuestions?14
  15. 15. Embedded Librarianship15Embedded Librarianship
  16. 16. Embedded LibrarianshipWhat is embeddedlibrarianship?16
  17. 17. Embedded LibrarianshipLibrary instruction within orinitiating from within ourLearning ManagementSystem (LMS)17
  18. 18. Embedded Librarianship18
  19. 19. Embedded LibrarianshipPreparation19• View and edit content• View and editdiscussion forums andtopics• Edit course framework• View class list• Email class list• Cannot see grade book• 2 embeddedlibrarians/class• 1 lead, 1 backup
  20. 20. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods: Discussion Forums20• Forums• Topics• Notifications
  21. 21. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods: Discussion Forums21
  22. 22. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods:Discussion Forums22
  23. 23. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods: IM Chat Widget23
  24. 24. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods: Research Guides 24
  25. 25. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods: Virtual
  26. 26. Embedded LibrarianshipMethods:Video Tutorials26• Captivate• Jing• Screencast-O-Matic• Articulate• YouTube
  27. 27. Embedded Librarianship27“The embedded librarian was absolutelywonderful! She got right back to me morethan once with very useful information, andshe was incredibly friendly.”- ENG 101 Online StudentResults: Student Feedback
  28. 28. Embedded Librarianship28“Before completing the online activity, I was a bitworried because I wasnt sure how easy it wouldbe to find library resources to use for my project.As the video [tutorial] progressed, many of myquestions were answered and those worriesfaded away. I was pleased to see that the librariannot only provided three great online libraryresources, but also went into detail and explainedhow to use each one.”Results: Student Feedback- COL 101 Online Student
  29. 29. Embedded Librarianship2932446Results
  30. 30. Embedded LibrarianshipChallenges301. Marketing2. Building Trust3. Scalability
  31. 31. Embedded LibrarianshipRewards311. CultivatingRelationships2. Collaborating3. Reaching MoreStudents4. Experimenting
  32. 32. LibraryH3lpQuestions?32
  33. 33. LibraryH3lpStacey ShahDistance Learning LibrarianElgin Community College Librarysshah@elgin.edu847.214.769333Contact Info
  34. 34. 34