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WOW Full Capabilities


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The secret is out.

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WOW Full Capabilities

  1. 1. Hi, we’d like to introduce ourselves.
  2. 2. We’re WOW We don’t provide solutions. We create outcomes.
  3. 3. Three things you need in a marketing partner IMPACT EASE TRUST
  4. 4. What we do MEETINGS + EVENTS End-to-end. Business-to-business. Face-to-face. Meetings are our business. Event marketing, event management, creative, media, staging, execution. MARKETING + ADVERTISING Building brand experiences. It’s what we do. Brand identity, direct mail, web design, print + web advertising, film + video, sales presentations, PR. CONSULTATIVE SERVICES Sometimes the most important part of what we do doesn’t fall into neat little categories. Program design, content development, and executive speech coaching, ROI analysis.
  5. 5. we're live. The WOW Factory believes in the power of live meetings and events. In fact, we believe no other medium will ever come close to the energetic, multi-sensory experience of live meetings. WOW focuses on the total meeting experience – end-to-end. Meeting + Events. Product Launch Sales Conference Customer Event C-level Conference Road Show Franchise + Dealer Meeting Management Conference Association Conference Gala + Award Program Education Program
  6. 6. building brand experiences. it’s what we do. Brand identity, direct mail, web design, print + web advertising, film + video, sales presentations, PR. Marketing + Advertising.
  7. 7. trusted advisors. 
 There are times that the right solution doesn't fit into a neat little package. Experience, advice and strategy give you the power to do more. Program design
 Content development
 Executive speech coaching
 ROI analysis Consultative Services
  8. 8. The WOW Process Full understanding of messages, audiences, goals, objectives, time-frame and budget IMMERSION The big idea(s) that deliver on objectives INSPIRATION No surprises – firm budgets on a project fee basis for delivering specific creative ideas INNOVATION Production schedules, on-going updates, sign-offs at each point, project tracking IMPLEMENTATION ROI and ROO analysis, resonance, addressing next steps and adjusting for new information 1 2 3 4 5 INTEGRATION
  9. 9. Communication continuum ROI ASSESSMENTS Training, websites, sales tools, videos, incentives, newsletters DRIVE ATTENDANCE, EXCITEMENT E-vites, direct mail, newsletter, trade ads RESONANCE CAMPAIGNS Name entertainment, videos, keynotes, PPT, team building, staging, scenic & FX, special events LOGISTICS, SITE SELECTION Contract negotiation, transportation, registration MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, CELEBRATE
  10. 10. The Price of Admission A full-service b2b marketing agency
  11. 11. Why WOW – IMPACT Emphasis on growing brands Brand experiences to create community and loyalty Depth to knowledge in technology, communications, non-profit, building and franchise markets
  12. 12. Why WOW – EASE Boutique agency approach Diverse and adaptable methodologies Five simple steps to results: immersion | inspiration | innovation implementation | integration
  13. 13. Why WOW – EXPERIENCE
  14. 14. Why WOW – TRUST Longevity of relationships Success and repeatable results Tenure and experience level of staff No surprises policy
  15. 15. The WOW Factory [ p ] 404.874.8522 |