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Facebook Community Page Issue - Please HELP!


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Any Facebook savvy marketers have an explanation for this case study? Never seen a "community page" that has the ability to set a default landing tab, but the branded company page gets reclassified as a "community page" and they loose default landing tab control? Any suggestions for a resolution or a way to get this corrected with Facebook? (the community page petition process has resulted in zero response from Facebook)

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Facebook Community Page Issue - Please HELP!

  1. 1. Why does this page (Big Island –Hawaii) that is category“Community” have the ability to seta default landing tab?Screen capture taken 8.2.11
  2. 2. Why did this page (Big IslandReal Estate-MacArthur &Company | Sotheby’sInternational Realty) that iscategory Local Business &Places, get reclassified as acommunity page and have theability to set a default landingtab taken away?Screen capture taken 8.2.11