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Effortless Teamwork: Using Evernote for Seamless Workflows - Stacey Harmon's EC4 Presentation


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Stacey Harmon's presentation from the 2014 Evernote Conference. An experienced consultant, she shows use cases and best practices for using Evernote to collaborate and get work done. Stacey is also an Evernote Business Certified Consultant, Evernote Ambassador, and co-author of Untethered with Evernote.

Access the handout that Stacey refers to in the presentation here:

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Effortless Teamwork: Using Evernote for Seamless Workflows - Stacey Harmon's EC4 Presentation

  1. 1. Stacey Harmon H A R M O N E N T E R P R I S E S | C O - A U T H O R U N T E T H E R E D W I T H E V E R N OT E E V E R N O T E B U S I N E S S C E R T I F I E D C O N S U LTA N T, E V E R N O T E A M B A S S A D O R @staceyharmon Effortless Teamwork: Using Evernote for Seamless Workflows
  2. 2. Handout:
  3. 3. Factors That Impact Workflow Design
  4. 4. Your Evernote Skills Evernote skills & features you need to know to maximize team collaboration
  5. 5. Evernote Features Supporting Teamwork • Checklist • Tables • Copy to notebook • Reminders • Note linking • Activity feed • Attaching vs. downloading documents • Presentation mode • Table of contents • Note history • Share • Stacks are user specific • Get Tutorials for these skills at
  6. 6. Evernote Sync • Sync Is Save!
  7. 7. Note & Notebook Sharing Behavior You can share any note or notebook, but in order for the other person to be able to edit the notes, you must both have Evernote Premium or Business accounts. Notebook Sharing: Evernote Premium Notebook Sharing: 
 Evernote Business Note Sharing
  8. 8. Collaborative workflows for different business needs: 1. Meeting Agendas 2. Internal Project Management 3. Client/Vendor Work
  9. 9. Option 1: Agendas Notebook
  10. 10. Option 2: Meeting Notebook - Small Team
  11. 11. Option 3: Meeting Notebook - Big Team Workflow
  12. 12. Workflow A: Project Notebooks Workflow B: Inbox/Outbox Internal Project Management Workflow C: Process Notebooks TIP: Mix and match these in your Evernote Account
  13. 13. Workflow A: Project Notebooks Sample Use Cases Redesign the website Hiring an employee ! Structure Single - or set of - notebook[s] for the project A: B: C: Notebook Tips Naming Conventions Stacks
  14. 14. Workflow A: Note Tips • Summary note pinned to top • Use note links • Use note naming conventions • Develop templates •View Attachment (vs download)
  15. 15. Essential Document Collaboration Skill
  16. 16. Workflow B: InBox/Outbox Sample Use Cases Structure Non-Techy Users Admin Support Field Team Inbox/Outbox notebooks to manage flow/track status Sort Reminders ! Notebook Tips
  17. 17. Workflow C: Process Notebooks Sample Use Cases Lead Management Incoming Orders Templates Tags Document the process Structure Notebook per status Naming convention Stacks Notebook Tips Note Tips
  18. 18. Collaborating with Clients/Vendors Structure | Tips | Collaboration Tools
  19. 19. Typical Notebook Structure • Personal Workspace • Shared internal workspace • Client visible workspace
  20. 20. Tips For Seamless Workflows • Create structure with: Table of Contents Note Links to supporting notes Pinned Notes • Use templates • Document management Link to supporting documents Work with attached vs downloaded document
  21. 21. Evernote App Center Solutions
  22. 22. How To Keep Up Keeping up with tasks and project plans.
  23. 23. Strategy 1: Organize with Stacks • Do what works for you • Stacks are user specific • Key Questions: What is your role? How does your mind work? Do you follow a productivity system? Do you follow a functional flow? How do you keep track of your tasks? How do you need to keep up with projects? How do you need to find things? !
  24. 24. 2 options: GTD Productivity Organization Functional Organization
  25. 25. Strategy 2: Visual Indicators Activity Feed Note Counts
  26. 26. Settings Check: Note Count Visible? vs:
  27. 27. Strategy 3: Reminders
  28. 28. Evernote App Center: Sunrise
  29. 29. Strategy 4: Email Notes
  30. 30. Strategy 5: Templates
  31. 31. Strategy 6: Evernote App Center Solutions
  32. 32. Questions? Available in the Evernote Market @staceyharmon ! Handout: !
  33. 33. #ec2014 To learn more about working with an Evernote Business Certified Consultant, stop by the Evernote Business booth, join our EBCC lunch on Friday, or talk to one of the EBCCs wearing a green button.