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  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. To make the combination of an artists music video, digi pack, and website effective there needsto be a connection through brand identity. I researched brand identity and received knowledgeon how it can be portrayed. I found that Coldplay’s brand identity is the use of bold colours inevery media product.Coldplay’s music video Coldplay’s digi pack Coldplay’s websiteColdplay is a good example of brand identity as we can see they all link together through boldcolours and abstract images. The brand identity helps the audience understand what the band isabout and they will notice their brand straight away through the connection.
  3. 3. My media products were created through using brand identity combined with something newfor each product to keep the audience interested. The slight difference between the threeproducts show the variation of the artist so he appeals to a wider audience.The main product I created first had the initial thought of alternative rock behind it. By creatingthe music video the way I did, I had to use the motif’s and develop on them to create theancillary texts.I didn’t realise the brand identity until I got the majority of the music video completed. As Istarted the digi pack planning before I finished the music video to save time I realised how muchfootage from the forest I actually used within the music video.I therefore decided to take images in the same location to create a brand identity.
  4. 4. When editing the images I found that black and white would look effective on the digi pack, thisis when I tried including black and white in the brand identity also. As I use a lot of black andwhite footage within the music video, I was able to use the same effects on the digi pack tocreate a connection.I used an image of the flowers as the inside pages of the digi pack in black and whitewith the one flower in the original colour (green) which connects with the music video asit is set in the natural location using black and white with natural colours.
  5. 5. The front cover is set in the location of the music videowith natural leaves behind as the background of the closeup image. I edited the image so it links with the two waysof brand identity through natural, and black and white.The location is natural whilst I edited the image in blackand white with the artist in original colour to stand out.The back cover of the digi pack is a very interesting imagewhich I personally find a really nice image. The imageconnects with the rest of the digi pack and the music videowith the darkness yet holding its own through the orangelighting from the flame.Although I haven’t used any orange so far, I found that thecolouring gave the media products something new yetkeeping connection with the other texts.
  6. 6. When it came to constructing the website I found it easy to decide on a colour scheme from thebrand identity which flowed throughout the other two texts. I used black and white as aconnection between the three texts, with using images taken in the location of the music video.Also I used the back cover image from the digi pack as an image on the website but edited it toblack and white so everything connects together. I used a close up image of the orange tutunetting and edited it so I carried the connection between the digi pack and website through theorange colour.
  7. 7. The colouration connection is a strong linkbetween the three media products and iseasily noticeable by the audience. These media products are all unique in their own way yet are connected through little details that your eye will pick up on and realise the connection between the three texts.I am happy for them to stand as threeindependent texts yet the links are what makethem connect and become a set of mediaproducts representing the artist Alex Steel.