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  1. 1. In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  2. 2. The typical forms and conventions of the genre of alternative rock music videos isnarrative and live performances. To challenge these forms and conventions to makemy music video stand out I decided to base it on a narrative rather than performance.However, I have used miming in the music video so there is an element ofperformance to contrast with the narrative which also makes the video interesting towatch.By challenging forms and conventions I believe I have created something new which israre to see. This will get more attention from the audience than the typical music videowhich stick to forms and conventionsAt the beginning of the year we researched Goodwin’s theory of six, and withoutrealising I have discovered that my music video fits into 5 out of the 6 points Goodwinmakes about what every music video seems to include.
  3. 3. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics.The genre characteristics that Goodwin is meaning for example, pop music include danceroutines, and heavy metal bands include live performances. My music video does demonstrategenre characteristics as the genre alternative rock is shown through performance and narrativeaspects of the video.There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals.The lyrics and visuals are usually demonstrated in a narrative music video which my music videois, therefore my music video demonstrates a relationship between lyrics and visuals. This givesthe audience a meaning to watch the music video from start to finish to understand thenarrative.There is a relationship between music and visuals.For example, the cuts between shots are on the beats of the music. My music videodemonstrates the relationship between music and visuals as I continuously cut the shots on thebeats. In the middle of the music, there is a fast paced beat, therefore I found it necessary to cutthe shot on the beat so it made an interesting section whilst demonstrating the relationshipbetween music and visuals.The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist andthe artist may develop motifs which recur across their work.I have definitely used a lot of close ups of the artist to show a connection between the artist andthe audience and especially when I’ve used a close up with eye contact.
  4. 4. There is frequently reference to notion of looking and particularly voyeuristic treatment ofthe female body.I have used reference to looking through the continuity editing, as I used many panning shotsand cut it so the shot stutters therefore creates a reference to movement. The female I put in adress and therefore looked ‘sexy’ like Laura Mulvey’s theory of seen through the malesprospective.There is often intertextual reference.This is the only one of Goodwin’s theory of six I didn’t not use. I gathered inspiration from othermusic videos, however, more editing and camera shots than what it features therefore it wasn’tintertexuality I used.
  5. 5. With the music video I have used a lot of fades which contrast with the music. Althoughthe song has a fast tempo at times I still use fades to create an interesting video which isstill easy to watch. The faded editing is challenging the forms and conventions of realmusic videos so my music video stands out from the rest.However, after watching OneDirection’s ‘That’s what makes youbeautiful’ I saw a lot of edited fadeswhich contrast with the fast tempomusic. This makes the video stand outand I believe it looks effective andnew. There is a difference between themusic video I created and OneDirection’s video as mine is the rockgenre whilst theirs is pop.My music video uses lots of fades likethis video and it still looks effective andlinks in with the narrative. I believe thefades help towards the story telling.
  6. 6. With costuming, I decided I will stick to the forms and conventions of real media products bychoosing costumes which are the genre of alternative rock so the audience can relate to thecharacters more. The costumes where also chosen b the audience so the had a sa in whatalternative rock was to them. I used dark clothing for the male which is using the forms and conventions of real alternative rock media products. This draws the attention of the alternative rock audience as it is what they are used to seeing from an alternative rock artist. The female costumes stick to the forms and conventions of real alternative rock media products. As Laura Mulvey’s theory proves that the forms and conventions of female costumes is very little and sexy as “everyone is viewed through a male perspective”. Therefore, a short dress would please male and female viewers and the fact a female is featured in the video sticks to the forms and conventions of real music videos, again, because of Laura Mulvey’s theory.
  7. 7. My digi pack does challenge forms and conventions in the images. I used close ups oneach the front and back cover of the digi pack which does challenge the forms andconventions of digi packs as the typical digi pack has a close up to mid-shot on the frontand a long shot or design on the back.This digi pack of MGMT has a mid shot of the artists onthe front and a long shot on the back which is a typicaldigi pack. However, using the images I have usedcreates interest and with the lighting I used for theback cover it stands out as different.The inside of the digi pack definitely challenge formsand conventions of real digi packs as the images I havechose are busy and bold. In the image to the right ofreal digi packs we see the inside is simple and not asbold as the image is used.
  8. 8. I used forms and conventions when creating my website. I stuck with the layout where thereare columns to layout the home page with a banner at the top of the home page to state theartist himself.When I researched ‘The Script’s’ website and ‘Coldplay’s’ website I saw the forms andconventions and tried to stick with them to create a website the audience will know how touse easy, using columns, links, pages and images to feature on the website. The website Icreated does not challenge the forms and conventions of real media websites therefore theaudience will understand it easier.
  9. 9. In some ways I have used forms and conventions of real media products and in otherways I haven’t used forms and conventions of real media products. However, the way Ihave used and challenged forms and conventions of real media products keeps mproduct original but still focusing on some forms and conventions for the audience tonotice what the product is. If I challenged all or the majority of forms and conventionsof real media products then the audience would not recognise m media products aseasy. The forms and conventions distinguish the media products as there own.