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Official websites


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Official websites

  1. 1. Official websites
  2. 2. Here at the very top of the front page there is a large band showing images of the band,along with the bands logo in the corner. This encourages the audience to watch thisslideshow and as they are live performance images the audience will feel connected tothe band.The pages on the website are towards the top of the front page so the audience can findthem easily and they stand out. There is a lot of pages to choose from and I like the ideaof the music page. I would like to try and incorporate the artists music onto the websiteto link them together.
  3. 3. On the front page of ‘The Script’s’ official website I noticed that there is sectionswhich show different things. There is Media, Images, Twitter photos, Twitter,New music and News. I like these headings and would like to use some for mywebsite front page. The layout is in three columns but has scattered rows. I likethe scattered effect and I will try something like this layout for my website. I reallylike the idea of the media section showing the bands album track list which theaudience can listen to whilst on the website.
  4. 4. Coldplays official website. This is the official Coldplay website and as you can see it is all quite free hand and colourful. The colour is quite neon so it stands out on the black background. The cartoon like icons on the top of the page which are links to different pages on the website. As you hover the mouse over each one it startsI really like the icons at the top of the page and the animating and contributes tolinks they go to such as news, so the audience can the cartoon nature of thesee what the band is up to and future tours etc. I like website.the timeline link as well because this shows whatthey have done in the past so it becomes memorable The multiple links will keepfor the audience. the audience on the website for some time to look aroundThe layout is interesting and stick to forms and it. The many features of thisconventions of artist websites. I like the way it is website keep the audiencemade their own with a small column at either side of interested and gives themthe larger column in the middle which features the much to do and learn aboutmain stories. Coldplay.