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  1. 1. What have you learnt fromyour audience feedback?
  2. 2. Throughout the planning and creation of all three texts I have always madesure my audience is involved in every step possible. I decided to go with analternative rock genre of song as I have not watched many alternative rockmusic videos so I thought I could use this to my advantage. I had ideas in myhead for the genre but I made sure my audience swayed me towards the rightdirections in decision making whilst trying to bring my own interpretation ofalternative rock through. Throughout the process I have discovered that usingyour audience is key to create products which they would want to buy out inthe public. If I did not use the audience to help my decision making, all threetexts would have solely been my ideas which may not have been what analternative rock audience want.
  3. 3. The first bit of research I decided to do was back in September 2011, which was a lyricsquestionnaire. I had chosen the song and wanted to know what the audience thought about thelyrics without hearing the song.Hear is the lyric questionnaire I made and Igot them to write down what they thought astick boxes made have influence their decision.This helped me a lot on the mood the lyricswere creating in the song so I could relate myideas to the audiences ideas.The audiences responses from thisquestionnaire were some responses I didn’tthink about before so if I didn’t do thequestionnaire I wouldn’t have thought aboutall the possibilities of the music video that theaudience had thought of.
  4. 4. These answers I put in red was to makeit easy for me to see what the audiencesideas were about the lyrics. Theaudiences ideas gave me ideas I didntoriginally think up myself as thealternative rock audience will have amore genre related imagination onmusic videos, which I discovered washighly useful for me to generate finaldecisions.
  5. 5. Another source of research I did in September 2011 was the spider diagram I created with all myideas for the audience to chose from. I decided to list ideas of my own instead of getting theaudience to chose off the top of their heads for a more stable and secure decision. This spiderdiagram had the audience circling their preferred thoughts from this to generate my final ideasand decisions.Using the audiences feedback I wasable to make the final decisions fromall my ideas I had. Not knowingmuch about alternative rock, theaudience was very useful ininfluencing the final decisions
  6. 6. The results from the spider diagram circling was set up as so on a PowerPoint slide show so iteasily showed the preferred options in various forms, including, number ofanswers, percentage, and rank which gave me a better prospective on what the audiencedecisions were.Using the audiences feedback fromthe location/s I should use in themusic video, I decided to go aheadwith what the audience decided tocreate a video which the alternativerock audience would enjoy watching. The props feedback wasn’t used in the end as I decided that props weren’t necessary in the narrative music video I was creating. However the feedback gave me a prospective of what the alternative rock audience like to use as props for that genre of music videos.
  7. 7. The costume decision making from the audience was very useful to me. As I don’t know whattype of clothes the alternative rock genre of audience wear I needed the audience to help mechoose outfits for the male and female character within my music video.I went with the audiences decisions of casual and stylish for the male and Floaty and light forthe female. As I personally do not wear the rock style of clothing it would have been very hardfor me alone to pick out a rock outfit. With my style being fashion girly, I would have probablyapplied some of my own fashion knowledge to the dress style for the rock outfits. This wouldhave created more of a popgenre so the audiencefeedback for costuming wasessential to give thealternative rock genre theirstyle and what they want tosee.
  8. 8. The next step in planning for my music video was to get the audience to fill in a questionnaireabout what the typical forms and conventions of alternative roc music video was to them. Thefeedback I got from the questions made many decisions for me to make sure the styles I wasincluding in the music video were keeping with the genre. 1. Would you expect a rock/pop music video to be performance, abstract or narrative? 2. Should the lyrics and visuals hold a relationship? 3. Should the music and visuals hold a relationship? 4. Would you like to see a message in the music video? 5. What would you expect a rock/pop artist to be dressed in? 6. What would you expect a female character that has a sweet nature to her be dressed in? 7. What colours would you expect in a rock/pop music video? 8. Is there anything that you would like to see in a rock/pop music video? 9. Would you like the music video to include elements that are not expected? 10. What genre of dance would you expect to see in a rock/pop music video? 11. Would you like to see dancing in a rock/pop music video? 12. Would you like to see flash backs in the music video? 13. Do you think a rock/pop music video should include slow motion?The answers I got from this questionnaire is on the blog and definitely made some decisions forme. With the audience feedback stating that a narrative music video will be more interesting towatch made my final decision to create a mainly narrative music video. The audience wanted aninteresting setting so I thought the location I would definitely use is the forest which waspreferred in a previous questionnaire also. With the rock genre audience like to see flash backsand slow motion I decided to include them slightly within the music video. All ideas I finallygenerated from this questionnaire and is happy with the results it made me think of. Thefeedback was very successful to keep the music video in the rock genre.
  9. 9. Another form of audience research I used was mood boards. I found this useful to create threevaried mood boards, each with their own connection to alternative rock style. The third mood board is what the audience chose and their feedback gave me much inspiration from the images which they liked within it. I used the majority of styles the images portray and I kept to what the audience wanted. This made sure I created a music video which was worth the rock genre audience to watch.
  10. 10. With the audience wanting a narrative alternative rock music video which I agreed with I got theaudience to listen to the song and give me an narrative I can base the music video I create on.The audience gave me feedback listed below: - Lost a loved one. - Natural disaster. - Living in his head. - He can see dead people. - Chasing. - Scary. - Ere atmosphere. - Dark. - Though someone had died but they didnt.This feedback from the audience gave me many ideas to choose from and after deciding on‘love’ to be the narrative of the music video, I was glad the audience gave me other options aswell to chose from. Without the audiences feedback I wouldn’t have generated all those ideasmyself and wouldn’t have had many to chose from as the ideas would be mine alone which maynot appeal to the alternative rock genre audience.
  11. 11. To create a name for the alternative male solo artist I decided to ask the audience as they wouldknow what names they would like and fit into that genre. I set the names out as so: First Name: - Vince - David - Oscar - Alex - Eddie - Craig Alex Steel Last name: - Rock - Cooper - Steel - Manson - LeeThe audience feedback helped me create the perfect name for my artist and I am very happywith it. For the audience to chose the name themselves will make a better relationship andconnection between the artist and the audience, also it is a name that the audience are happywith listening to as an alternative rock genre.
  12. 12. The last bit of feedback I got was for the watching of my finished music video. I gave 7 people aquestionnaire to fill in after they watched the music video.The audiences feedback from thisquestionnaire came back very positive andhelped me understand the positivefeatures of my video that the audiencesaw. It gave me great confidence that I cancreate professional media products to agood quality standard as I didn’t get below4 out 5 in the feedback.I have learnt from this particular audiencefeedback what I could improve on and Inow understand what the audience sees inmy music video. The feedback helped mefind parts of the video which they thoughtwas a slight downfall. However, for futurereferences I will be able to create othermedia products keep in mind the feedbackI got from this questionnaire.
  13. 13. Did the narrative fit with the song choice? The score I got for this overall is 32/35 which is a veryhigh score and I am very pleased with the feedback. With including the audience in thenarrative decisions I think this helped towards giving the audience the narrative they wantedand resulted in excellent ratings.How original is the music video compared to other rock music videos? Overall I got a score of30/35 which I am very pleased with as creating something new is hard to do as most ideas havebeen done. I tried my best to be original with my ideas but the audience helped me with themajority of decisions so I tried to include elements with what they want to see whilst developingmy own ideas.How would you rate my editing skills? I am very pleased with 32/35 for the editing skills as Ifound the editing one of the hardest parts. I discovered some ideas and decisions would notwork when it came to editing but I tried my best to work around it. When trying to add fadesinto the music video it created some problems which I had to find a way to work them out tomake the editing continuity editing throughout.How easy was the music video to watch? With a rating of 35/35 and 100% of the audienceasked gave me 5/5 for this rating I am extremely happy. For the music video to be easy to watchI had to create story boards which flowed and the narrative make sense, also making sure I usecontinuity editing effectively using clips which are at the best of quality.
  14. 14. How would you rate the lighting? I got an overall score of 31/35 for this rating and I am happywith this as I only used natural lighting but I I had to manipulate it by placing the characters ingood and interesting lighting making sure it isn’t too dark or too bright on the days we filmedon.How would you rate the camera techniques? Receiving a score of 32/35 has gave me greatconfidence in my media skills as I found that the tripod I used was not very tall so I had to have asteady hand to film higher up shots by hand without the tripod. Also by making the shot list Iwas able to know what camera angles I wanted to use and use to make a dynamic music video. 1 2 3 4 5Did the narrative fit with the song choice? Ill lIllHow original is the music video compared to other rock Illll lImusic videos?How would you rate my editing skills? Ill IlllHow easy was the music video to watch? 0 lllIl llHow would you rate the lighting? Illll IlHow would you rate the camera techniques? Ill lIllTotal 0 0 0 19 23
  15. 15. Overall the feedback was a major influence on ideas and decision making within the planningand creation of all the media texts and I doubt I would have had such high marks from thefeedback sheet if I hadn’t involved the audience in the decision making.With me attempting this project with very little knowledge of alternative rock I wouldn’t havebeen able to make true alternative rock genre products. It has helped me understand thedifferent ideas myself and the audience have as I came into this project with a very open mindabout alternative rock and thought I’d be able to make decisions myself, however after receivingfeedback I discovered the difference in imagination and I now understand how different genresare so different from one another. The feedback helped me understand what alternative rock isand what makes alternative rock.The audience decided on the details such as costume, setting, names, layouts etc, and all ofthese decisions created the products with the other elements of each text fitting into placenicely.If I didn’t do or take on board audience feedback then my end products would have beensomething which the target audience would not want to watch as they wouldn’t have elementsthey want to see in them.