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TMA Portfolio


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building a brand 2004-2008

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TMA Portfolio

  1. 1. building a brand a visual portfolio by the Thornburg Mortgage marketing team
  2. 2. about this portfolio Building a brand requires equal elements of inspiration, creativity, discipline and innovation. From 2004 through 2008, a small group of marketing professionals took a local unknown organization into national prominence using dedication, teamwork, efficiency and talent. This portfolio reflects some of the work produced by this team. NOTE: Unfortunately, this format cannot reflect the impressive utilization of dollars, research, information, analytics, technology and systems that made the Thornburg Mortgage marketing team one of the most efficient and effective in the industry.
  3. 3. sections: brand foundation borrowers website lending partners events public relations internal marketing intelligence
  4. 4. brand foundation
  5. 5. borrowers
  6. 6. website: There were two major redesigns of the website between 2004 and 2008. Website 2.0 (because it was the second version of the site) was launched in January 2006. The primary objectives of this project were to improve the design, navigation, usability and content. Development on Website 3.0 began in January 2007, and the site was launched in January 2008. The Website 3.0 initiative focused on improving the customer experience through single sign-on functionality, online bill pay options, multiple account management and more. The strategic objectives for the project were to facilitate retention, integrate the online experience with the brand, and create an online platform to prepare for market trends like second home growth and a refinance boom. The budget for the Website 3.0 initiative was $1.2 million and required a coordinated effort between multiple internal departments and external vendors. A three person marketing team led this initiative from beginning to end, resulting in a successful launch which was both on time and on budget - a corporate example of excellent project management.
  7. 7. lending partners correspondent lenders and wholesale lenders
  8. 8. The Community Bank program was designed to broaden Thornburg Mortgage's appeal to local banking institutions who could use the unique products and options Thornburg Mortgage offered to expand their share of the market. Standard collateral materials were re-configured to appeal specifically to community banks.
  9. 9. events At the peak of Thornburg Mortgage originations, the marketing team supported over 30 annual lending partner events at national, regional and local venues. Event support included, but was not limited to: * event budgets and logistics * event presence (decor, materials, technology, catering, etc.) * direct mail and e-mail correspondence * advertising & PR * individual sales person support (meeting calendars, appreciation events, follow up correspondence, etc.) * executive overview materials for key relationship building * logistics (meeting space, lodging, transportation, facilities, etc.)
  10. 10. public relations public relations was used to augment paid advertising and establish the company as a thought leader within the industry
  11. 11. internal The Simply Exceptional brand platform was launched internally to Thornburg Mortgage employees in December 2005 by senior management. The objective was to educate employees on the brand components and begin the process of having each employee live the brand while extending the brand experience to the organization's various constituent audiences.
  12. 12. marketing intelligence The Thornburg Mortgage marketing team adhered to high standards of planning, accountability, documentation and results measurement. Utilizing technology, research and information the team was able to: * develop, report and adhere to a strict budget aligned with an annual marketing plan * achieve cost efficiencies across multiple expense areas * deliver real-time updates to marketing materials * create a central repository of all materials through an online portal to facilitate remote access * provide overnight access to hard copy materials to a widely distributed sales force * allow lending partners to brand company content with their logo, image and call to action * allow anyone to access branded specialty items through an e-store * develop a flexible marketing database (CLIX) - which interfaced with customer web portals for a personalized experience - which managed all e-mail and direct mail campaigns * continually research the market, the industry and the customer
  13. 13. the building of a brand 2004-2008
  14. 14. the building of a brand 2004 - 2008