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Stacey Cost's Career story


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A narrative of my career escapades.

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Stacey Cost's Career story

  1. 1. BELLSOUTH STACEY COST MARKETING EXECUTIVE PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I’m driven by the desire to produce meaningful results using research, technology, collaboration, mentoring, creativity and lucky breaks – although they are elusive. From building a wireless customer base to selling live plants online I have generated success for organizations, teams and individuals. My favorite things include brainstorming, curiosity, reading, quick thinking, authenticity, dry humor, team players, integrity, dogs and laughing so hard I cry. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA with a concentration in finance. I have worked in retail, consumer packaged goods, mobile phones, dot com, financial services and healthcare. The mistakes I make are generally new ones. CAREER EXPERIENCES THE LOST YEARS 1984-1985 The idea of being a retail buyer seemed like it would be interesting, as I do like to shop. It wasn’t, and you had to become quite mean to negotiate well. It’s hard to leave mean at the office. 1985-1986 Being a product manager for pencils and pens sold through third party office supply organizations seemed like a soft landing after the retail stint. Instead it was stultifying. GOT IN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY 1986 - 2000 Before smart phones and data plans, people just talked and they worried about how much they’d have to pay for that. I worked domestically and internationally and loved it. In 2000 BellSouth Cellular and Southwestern Bell Mobility merged to create Cingular Wireless, now known as ATT. The merger seemed like it would require me to step backwards so I moved on. 505.603.2930 STACEY@STACEY COST.COM 1 MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • Started out doing competitive analysis and consumer pricing for the deployment of wireless service across the Southeast United States. BONUS: free phone installed in car in 1986! • I developed a price demand forecasting model that ingested primary research data and predicted the trajectory of wireless demand in foreign markets. • Provided marketing and consumer adoption content for wireless spectrum proposals in 8 countries. • My team created the first comprehensive retail merchandising plan for all locations in our expanding service footprint in the United States. • By 2000 my team and I were managing a $125M budget, 55 headquarters personnel, 200 regional marketing staff, 350 retail locations and 400 kiosk venues. 
  2. 2. HOMEBANC SWAN MEDIA CREATED AND SOLD AN INTERNET COMPANY IN THE 90’S 1991 - 1997 I met a guy at work and we were both fascinated by the internet we could access on our dial up modems. So, we assembled a group of programmers and built a company. MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • It became one of the Southeast’s leading internet services firms. • Swan Media was acquired by iXL in 1997. BUILT A RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE BRAND PEOPLE WANTED TO WORK FOR AND BUY FROM 2000 - 2004 This organization was compelling, as it helped people afford homes, helped associates build careers and gave back to the community. My team created the submission that landed them on Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Places to Work and we crafted our IPO presence at the NYSE in 2004. MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • Because our corporate mission was to assist communities across the Southeast by building Habitat for Humanity homes and donating to the American Cancer Society, I created a 503-C foundation to accomplish this in the most efficient way. • My team created an innovative co-marketing program with real estate agents and home builders where our loan officers had branded offices in partner locations. • I created a formal PR capability that lead to a favorable balance of earned and paid media locally and nationally. • We drove all market launch activities for expansion of services across Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. 2
  3. 3. PROPELLED A MORTGAGE REIT INTO THE STRATOSPHERE 2004 - 2009 My husband and I wanted to move to New Mexico, so I found a small publicly traded company with a big asset portfolio in need of a brand overhaul. They specialized in financing large loans to affluent individuals with complicated investment portfolios. The marketing team delivered channel expansion plans that launched them into the Fortune 1000. ALIGNED THE BRANDS OF A PURVEYOR OF LOCALLY GROWN WATERWISE PLANTS 2009 - 2010 When times are troubling, and the country is in a recession, flowers help. A well-loved local greenhouse was also selling live plants online and via catalog to a national audience. The greenhouse had one brand, the online store and catalog had another. The product was the same in both. I took their fragmented brands and got them “ship” shape. fee underwriting program OUR FEE UNDERWRITING PROGRAM offers a select group of lending partners access to our exceptional group of underwriters and makes their service available to you. Benefit from our knowhow and expand your business by offering flexible prime mortgage solutions to your affluent clientele. HOW THIS PROGRAM WORKS The Fee Underwriting Program is a manual underwriting service. Thornburg Mortgage underwriters review the application file and determine if this file complies with Thornburg Mortgage underwriting guidelines. Thornburg Mortgage provides a warranted underwriting decision without the aid of an automated underwriting recommendation. • $375 fee applies for underwrite of an application file* • $100 fee applies for each file resubmission after a previous denial • Maximum loan limit of $10,000,000 applies under this program HOW THE PROCESSING WORKS Each complete application file needs to be delivered with an application file cover sheet and a check in the amount of the applicable underwriting review fee to the following address: Adfitech Attn: Team Thornburg - Fee Underwriting 3101 Technology Drive Edmond, OK 73013 The reviewed application files may be classified as one of the following three categories: • “Approved” - The file has been determined to be conforming to our underwriting guidelines. An approved application file will have conditions added to it, which the Correspondent or borrower must satisfy prior to or upon the closing of the loan. • “Denied” - The file has been determined not to be conforming to our underwriting guidelines. • “Suspended” The file has been determined to be incomplete according to our underwriting guidelines. Missing or additional documentation can be provided within ten (10) business days of the suspense date. Visit us at or call 888.898.9698 for more information on our unique mortgage products and programs. ComBankFeeUnderwritingFlyer -TMA-COBR-10712R-408 * TMHL reserves the right to change the Underwriting Review Fees upon ten (10) days prior written notice. MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • We created a compelling and differentiated visual identity that resonated with the target audience. • We developed the business case that lead to the creation of new broker and community bank channels. • I created a PR function that showcased our executive experts via national print and broadcast media. • The marketing team built an online portal supporting our national salesforce with personalized product materials. • The reason the company was obliterated by the 2009 financial crisis had nothing to do with the quality of the marketing or loan portfolio 6921Pan American Fwy Through December 24, while supplies last. 0 45 40 0 24 56 0 0 79 66 0 0 45 29 0 0 25 0 80 30 0 15 40 4 10 49 100 35 32 0 59 0 0 10 50 0 0 16 100 0 0 36 79 9 0 100 63 12 0 30 100 0 51 100 0 25 CMYK 100 0 85 24 100 0 85 50 Waterwise Plants, Locally Grown biggestselectionof perennialsinnewmexico 6921Pan American Fwy Through December 24, while supplies last. 0 45 40 0 24 56 0 0 79 66 0 0 45 29 0 0 25 0 80 30 0 15 40 4 10 49 100 35 32 0 59 0 0 10 50 0 0 16 100 0 0 36 79 9 0 100 63 12 0 30 100 0 51 100 0 25 CMYK 100 0 85 24 100 0 85 50 Waterwise Plants, Locally Grown lavender–for everygarden THORNBURG MORTGAGE 3
  4. 4. MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • I created and deployed evidence-based marketing. Customer insights drive message and creative executions. • Our marketing campaigns have helped in exceeding health plan new member goals for eight years straight. • We deployed marketing automation that democratized self-service for the workforce. • We built the brand, built an intranet serving 18,000, built an enterprise website serving 1 in 3 New Mexicans and built two provider directories (health plan and medical group). • My organization’s brand preference scores are double the scores of the next highest competitor. PRESBYTERIAN DEPLOYED EVIDENCE-BASED MARKETING IN HEALTHCARE 2011 - Present Doing good, feels good. Eighty percent of people are healthy, and healthy people don’t think about healthcare. However, that same 80% want convenient options if they fall ill. My team has leveraged research and best practices to deliver growth to the state’s most preferred healthcare organization and health plan. MEANINGFUL RESULTS: • Sales jumped a modest 1%, but up is better than down. • I quickly learned a lot about attractive xeric plants with complicated names. • A family run business with few staff and high expectations honed my organization and detail management skills. • My brand work was kept by the organization that acquired the online store and catalog business in 2013. 4