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Name: Stacey Cost
Born: Milford, Connecticut
Residence: Santa ...
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Shout Outs
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Name: Wendy Clark
Current Position: CEO
Organization: DDB Worl...
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Name: Steve Kuegler
Current Position: Senior Vice President
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Name: Justina Sutphin
Current Position: Senior Marketing and
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Stacey Cost Portfolio
Stacey Cost Portfolio
Stacey Cost Portfolio
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Stacey Cost Portfolio


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Career Highlights

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Stacey Cost Portfolio

  1. 1. Career Portfolio
  2. 2. (505) 603-2930 - -
  3. 3. (505) 603-2930 - - Name: Stacey Cost Born: Milford, Connecticut Residence: Santa Fe, New Mexico Summary: Accomplished Marketing Professional. Experience in Fortune 100 business environments as well as, small and mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations. Proven track record in leadership, financial management, organization creation and personnel development across 6 industries. Noted for innovative branding, marketing/advertising excellence and efficiency, investment return and motivating people to deliver superior results. Areas of Expertise: Managing people • Optimizing internal and external resources and skill sets • Cultivating a fun collegial atmosphere • Developing talent and building strong teams • Selecting and managing agency partners • Creating reward and recognition programs and events Getting Results • Using research to identify opportunities and measure results • Streamlining processes to create time and cost efficiencies • Developing and implementing strategic plans with quantifiable milestones • Delivering topline growth and bottom line profitability • Propelling organizations to national prominence Imagining the new • Out-thinking vs. out-spending the competition • Adapting technology to accomplish objectives • Sharpening the brand story to create a distinctive message in a cluttered category • Launching new channels and new products • Utilizing curiosity, tenacity and creativity to build effective business solutions Reaching out • Establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with peers, mentors, vendors, clients, direct reports and people who have made a difference along the way • Enhancing community relations • Giving back Favorite Things: Innovation, challenge, brainstorming, laughing so hard I cry, warm weather, a great book, carbs, being comfortable in silence with someone else, new ideas, learning new software, authenticity, kayaking, loyalty, the smell of citrus, making jewelry, integrity, honest conversations, a nice smile, good manners, quick thinking, team players, swimming, dogs and dry humor. Education: I hold an MBA from the University of Georgia with a concentration in Finance, which I felt was necessary to augment my BBA degree in Marketing from the same institution. I realized that executives, in general, believe marketing professionals do not understand numbers. By focusing on Finance in graduate school, I thought I could develop skills to overcome that perception. It was a good call.
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  11. 11. Shout Outs
  12. 12. (505) 603-2930 - - Name: Wendy Clark Current Position: CEO Organization: DDB Worldwide North America Stacey demonstrates the "genius of the and" by being both operational and inspirational in her work approach. Stacey masters the details, sets a plan, works the plan and delivers results. At the same time, she leads with vision, inspires teams (both direct and indirect) and plays to win the war (not the battle). The highest compliment I can pay Stacey is that during my time working for her I learned constantly -- about marketing, about business, about human interactions, about leadership and about integrity. Name: Valerie Vargas Current Position: Vice President: Advertising & Marketing Communications Organization: AT&T I have had the incredible opportunity to work for Stacey not only once but twice - at BellSouth Cellular and then at HomeBanc Mortgage. If you are looking for an individual who drives strategy, creativity, analytical decision-making and all while inspiring her team - she's your kind of leader. Stacey is incredibly insightful. She utilizes this strength in making strategic decisions to take a product, brand or service to market. Additionally, she is highly analytic using results-driven analysis to improve performance of that execution in the market. As a leader, she coaches the best from her team empowering and bringing out the special skill sets and abilities of each member. An inspirational leader, she is the type of manager who leaves raving fans within any company she touches.
  13. 13. (505) 603-2930 - - Name: Steve Kuegler Current Position: Senior Vice President Client Engagement & Analytics Organization: Bernstein-Rein Advertising I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stacey on many challenging projects throughout the years. Some of my best work has been on projects with her. Stacey has vast knowledge within her industry and is very creative and willing to experiment with new ideas and solutions. Stacey has a unique way to motivate people to deliver the very best. She diplomatically expresses her objectives and what is necessary to achieve superior results from the very beginning of a project until the desired deliverables are complete. It’s very rare that I get to work with someone that has advertising/marketing expertise coupled with data analytics comprehension and is able to marry the two disciplines together. By far, Stacey is one of my favorite clients to work with - because she is fair, honest, creative and intelligent. Definitely a professional and a true joy to work with! Name: Tom Beck Current Position: Executive Director Organization: SoDA::The Digital Society I’ve collaborated with Stacey for almost 10 years and worked very closely with her to transform the digital customer experience in segments as diverse as financial services, healthcare and niche retail. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, the nature of the target consumer, the scale of available marketing resources or the complexity of the growth strategy, Stacey has always found a way to help the business take a big step forward. From what I’ve experienced, her equation is simple: Strategic vision + An uncanny ability to get things done = Impact. Stacey is an exceptional leader… a big picture seer, creative brand story teller, customer experience maven, digital marketing master and fearless choreographer of the delicate dance between strategy, marketing, sales and technology. Management teams love working with her because she is pragmatic and always delivers. Marketing teams love working for her because she leads with vision, spirit, humor and compassion. And agency partners love working alongside her because she’s smart, honest and bold.
  14. 14. (505) 603-2930 - - Name: Justina Sutphin Current Position: Senior Marketing and Public Relations Team Lead Current Organization: UVA Health System Stacey is the colleague you always wish for and the colleague you'll always miss. She is the consummate Chief Marketing Officer and was a mentor and teacher to me in the three years we worked together at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Stacey leads by example and to this day, I often ask myself what Stacey would do when I'm facing tough decisions. She encourages, recognizes and rewards staff curiosity, creativity and risk-taking. She's a huge proponent of continuous learning and always gives credit where credit is due. Name: Joseph H. Badal Current Position: Consultant, Author Previous Position: Chief Executive Officer Previous Company: Thornburg Mortgage Home Loans Stacey brought new skills and experience to our company and shepherded the creation of a professional marketing department. In the process, she helped to develop several of her subordinates into significant contributors to our organization. But her contributions went well beyond just the marketing arena. Her creativity expressed itself in a variety of ways, including the preparation of the company’s strategic plan, construction of corporate presentations, developing a PR function and interacting with our sales department. I was able to count on her in a myriad of ways. I owe much of my success at Thornburg Mortgage to her support and advice. I found her to be a partner in whom I have great confidence. She proved herself to be a kind-hearted, generous person who is always ready to assist another department or co-worker in any way possible. After my retirement, Stacey has continued to be a source of marketing advice and has assisted me with the creation of my digital and social presence and has advised on other areas pertaining to my marketing platform.
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