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Securing Your Links Before Producing Your Content - Stacey MacNaught -BrightonSEO September 2018

  1. Stacey MacNaught @staceycav MacNaught Digital Securing Links BEFORE You Produce Your Content
  2. Me when I’m launching a new content project. @staceycav
  3. Me when it doesn’t get the traction I expected. @staceycav
  4. For almost ¾ of people in outreach, hitting targets is “hit or miss” at best. #brightonseo
  5. Failure can happen anywhere in the process @staceycav #brightonseo
  6. I’m going to focus here today. @staceycav #brightonseo
  7. 300+ linking domains at its peak 4 key nationals “secured” before we commissioned the survey @staceycav
  8. 89% of its links secured after active promotion ended and based on research done before the survey was even commissioned. @staceycav #brightonseo
  9. @staceycav #brightonseo
  10. Producing content can be expensive. So by the time you go into production, you ideally should have… @staceycav #brightonseo
  11. 1Validated your idea @staceycav #brightonseo
  12. 2Devised a well researched media list based @staceycav #brightonseo
  13. 3Journalists already interested in your story @staceycav #brightonseo
  14. Understanding audience is everything. @staceycav #brightonseo
  15. I asked 1,000 people to complete the sentence @staceycav #brightonseo
  16. I asked 1,000 people to complete the sentence Daily Mail readers are….. @staceycav #brightonseo
  17. @staceycav #brightonseo
  18. @staceycav #brightonseo
  19. Other common answers “Tories” “Bigots” “Right wing” “Gullible” “Awesome” @staceycav #brightonseo
  20. And a special mention for… “People who enjoy crosswords and puzzles” @staceycav #brightonseo
  21. So, what exactly does this have to do with link building? @staceycav #brightonseo
  22. @staceycav #brightonseo
  23. @staceycav #brightonseo
  24. @staceycav #brightonseo
  25. @staceycav #brightonseo
  26. Misunderstanding the audience of your target publications is a common reason your content doesn’t get published. @staceycav #brightonseo
  27. (I’m not suggesting we all assume Daily Mail readers are idiots and bigots – extreme example!) @staceycav #brightonseo
  28. But humans make assumptions and have subconscious biases. @staceycav #brightonseo
  29. @staceycav #brightonseo
  30. Daily mail readers are millennials.
  31. Daily mail readers are Mums.
  32. Daily mail readers are foodies.
  33. Study media kits. @staceycav #brightonseo
  34. This will confirm some things you already know… @staceycav #brightonseo
  35. Pack-2015.pdf
  36. But equally it can turn up findings about their audience you might not have considered before. @staceycav #brightonseo
  37. Use your findings in your pitch emails…. @staceycav
  38. Study them for each campaign…. @staceycav #brightonseo
  39. But if you’re in the content marketing game, just study them anyway. Become familiar with them. @staceycav #brightonseo
  40. Here’s a list of some of them I compiled: @staceycav #brightonseo
  41. (They also sometimes tell you the best topics to be pitching at certain times) @staceycav #brightonseo
  42. It’s also important to understand the different desks within any publication @staceycav #brightonseo
  43. Pitch the most relevant one.
  44. Know your snowball sources @staceycav #brightonseo
  45. Mail Online never links these days. But I go after it every single time. @staceycav #brightonseo
  46. Because, not only do a load of smaller regional and local papers run their stories, but so too do other Nationals. @staceycav #brightonseo
  47. Sun did not respond to emails about a recent piece, then… @staceycav #brightonseo
  48. I find the Mail lands other Nationals regularly. So too does the Sun and the Standard. But do your research around your niche. @staceycav #brightonseo
  49. That will give you great insight about which publications should be top priority. @staceycav #brightonseo
  50. I contact 3 to 5 journalists before producing any content or commissioning any research because I want to… @staceycav #brightonseo
  51. 1Validate my idea @staceycav #brightonseo
  52. 3Get journalists interested in my story @staceycav #brightonseo
  53. This helps to improve your ideas and secure interest. @staceycav #brightonseo
  54. @staceycav #brightonseo
  55. @staceycav #brightonseo
  56. @staceycav #brightonseo
  57. @staceycav #brightonseo
  58. @staceycav #brightonseo
  59. And can also save you some expensive mistakes. @staceycav #brightonseo
  60. @staceycav #brightonseo
  61. So how do we make that approach? @staceycav #brightonseo
  62. The practicalities & contact details: @staceycav #brightonseo
  63. The practicalities & contact details: @staceycav #brightonseo
  64. The practicalities & contact details: @staceycav #brightonseo
  65. The practicalities & contact details: @staceycav #brightonseo
  66. How do you ask a stranger for a favour? @staceycav #brightonseo
  67. You don’t have to. There should be mutual benefits. @staceycav #brightonseo
  68. My Bible. (Or 400 pages on getting your own way) @staceycav
  69. “Reciprocity” Humans naturally return favours. @staceycav
  70. ”I’ve a couple of questions still to add. Is there anything you’d want me to ask for you?” @staceycav #brightonseo
  71. “Commitment and Consistency” Contact journalists whose work suggests an alignment with your planned content.
  72. Is there demand for what you want to produce? (Not essential, but definitely useful!) @staceycav #brightonseo
  73. Remember this…. @staceycav #brightonseo
  74. 89% of its links secured after active promotion ended and based on research done before the survey was even commissioned. @staceycav #brightonseo
  75. @staceycav #brightonseo
  76. Idea was finalised based on this… @staceycav #brightonseo
  77. This is why it builds links passively. @staceycav #brightonseo
  78. And it’s not just stats queries people search to find content of the sort we often produce… @staceycav #brightonseo
  79. So, you’ve got demand. You’ve got journalists interested. Your idea is awesome (and validated).
  80. Do you need to produce content to land the links and coverage you want? @staceycav
  81. IMHO: Often, but not always. @staceycav #brightonseo
  82. Little “stuff” without a big asset at the centre of it can also land links from top tier sites. @staceycav #brightonseo
  83. Daft little puzzles STILL work:
  84. Circa 15 inbound links…. @staceycav #brightonseo
  85. Distributing images under Creative Commons still works…
  86. Founder Interview Pitches and Profiles work… @staceycav #brightonseo
  87. Side note: Here’s a list of publications that regularly run founder interviews #brightonseo
  88. And here’s a book by Paddy Moogan packed full of ways to build links. #brightonseo
  89. @staceycav #brightonseo
  90. Just don’t make content marketing the only way you build links. @staceycav #brightonseo
  91. And before you produce a thing, make sure it’s the right thing and the best way to achieve your objectives. @staceycav #brightonseo