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Low Budget Link Building Tactics - Stacey MacNaught - Digital Olympus


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Here's the deck for a talk I gave at Digital Olympus in June 2018 about building links when you're not in the fortunate position of having the time or budget needed for a big bang content project. I covered 3 tactics plus some tools and services to help acquire links when you don't have the luxury of building big content assets to support you.

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Low Budget Link Building Tactics - Stacey MacNaught - Digital Olympus

  1. 1. Link Acquisition without BIG Content Budgets @staceycavStacey MacNaught
  2. 2. @staceycav #digitalolympus My favourite marketing stunt of the past decade…
  3. 3. @staceycav #digitalolympus 843 Miles per hour - Felix Baumgartner’s top speed during the jump
  4. 4. @staceycav #digitalolympus 3 million Tweets about the jump during the event itself.
  5. 5. @staceycav #digitalolympus 8 million simultaneous live viewers on Youtube.
  6. 6. @staceycav #digitalolympus 43 million Views on the 90 second highlights video Redbull released later.
  7. 7. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  8. 8. @staceycav #digitalolympus And the stat I was particularly interested in as an SEO…
  9. 9. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  10. 10. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  11. 11. @staceycav #digitalolympus So, if we all want top tier links from thousands of publications, we just need to get someone to jump out of a balloon from space.
  12. 12. @staceycav #digitalolympus All you’ll need…
  13. 13. @staceycav #digitalolympus 50 million Euros.
  14. 14. @staceycav #digitalolympus Was it worth it?
  15. 15. @staceycav #digitalolympus I have no idea.
  16. 16. @staceycav #digitalolympus Did it have a lasting impact on brand recall and engagement?
  17. 17. @staceycav #digitalolympus On a more “real world,” scale, you’d be hard pressed to find better big content examples than those from Verve Search.
  18. 18. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  19. 19. @staceycav #digitalolympus 143 Referring domains so far.
  20. 20. @staceycav #digitalolympus 143 Referring domains so far.
  21. 21. @staceycav #digitalolympus But that still needs a good budget and requires a notable time investment.
  22. 22. @staceycav #digitalolympus If budget or time is tight, or you’re dealing with nervous clients/stakeholders, BIG content might not be the best approach to link building.
  23. 23. So, what do you do to build links when time and/or budget is restricted?
  24. 24. Simple People Stories or Case Studies
  25. 25. @staceycav #digitalolympus We know that journalists cover stories.
  26. 26. @staceycav #digitalolympus Every single business has people at its core and people have plenty of stories.
  27. 27. @staceycav #digitalolympus Starting a company is a story interesting enough to win coverage and links
  28. 28. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  29. 29. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  30. 30. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  31. 31. @staceycav #digitalolympus Get together with the founders and most senior people within the company
  32. 32. @staceycav #digitalolympus Find their stories.
  33. 33. @staceycav #digitalolympus are they in this business? What inspired them? Why
  34. 34. @staceycav #digitalolympus they have overcome to achieve what they’ve achieved so far Challenges
  35. 35. @staceycav #digitalolympus were they brought up and educated? Where
  36. 36. @staceycav #digitalolympus Get Googling and find the press outlets that are frequently running these stories.
  37. 37. @staceycav #digitalolympus Go to local and regional press
  38. 38. @staceycav #digitalolympus If it feels more like “traditional PR,” that’s because it is. But we have no need to shy away from that as SEOs.
  39. 39. Press Features
  40. 40. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  41. 41. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  42. 42. @staceycav #digitalolympus Top tier publications publish features day in, day out
  43. 43. @staceycav #digitalolympus Find features calendars and Media Kits
  44. 44. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  45. 45. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  46. 46. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  47. 47. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  48. 48. @staceycav #digitalolympus Many media kits are set up to sell ads, but can still be very useful in pitching features.
  49. 49. @staceycav #digitalolympus They tell you…
  50. 50. @staceycav #digitalolympus What a publication is writing about & when
  51. 51. @staceycav #digitalolympus Who they’re writing for
  52. 52. @staceycav #digitalolympus Don’t contact media kit sales email addresses. Instead, look for a features desk/editor or the writer(s) of similar features
  53. 53. @staceycav #digitalolympus Many editorial calendars are not available online. ASK for them.
  54. 54. @staceycav #digitalolympus It’s a much easier “in,” than a cold pitch.
  55. 55. @staceycav #digitalolympus Pitch relevant feature ideas in keeping with planned topics, tying in how they’ll appeal to the audience and what expertise you can supply.
  56. 56. Creative Commons Image Distribution
  57. 57. @staceycav #digitalolympus This is plain and simply about creating and distributing visuals that people need or want to use in their content.
  58. 58. @staceycav #digitalolympus It’s an age old approach and very simple. But so cost effective and can work in even the toughest spaces.
  59. 59. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  60. 60. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  61. 61. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  62. 62. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  63. 63. @staceycav #digitalolympus In brief, you need to identify potential images people need and want, relevant to your website/niche
  64. 64. @staceycav #digitalolympus Is there demand for images of that type? Check how frequently similar ones have been used.
  65. 65. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  66. 66. @staceycav #digitalolympus
  67. 67. @staceycav #digitalolympus Found 20+ instances of this in use
  68. 68. @staceycav #digitalolympus It told me there is demand and I felt able to create better images.
  69. 69. @staceycav #digitalolympus Once you’ve produced the images, move into distribution
  70. 70. @staceycav #digitalolympus Flickr makes this very easy.
  71. 71. @staceycav #digitalolympus Track usage and Chase Attribution.
  72. 72. @staceycav #digitalolympus Full guide on the process I use:
  73. 73. Tools and Services to Cut Content Production Costs
  74. 74. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost survey data:
  75. 75. @staceycav #digitalolympus Freedom of Information
  76. 76. @staceycav #digitalolympus Freedom of Information
  77. 77. @staceycav #digitalolympus Existing Data Sources
  78. 78. @staceycav #digitalolympus Focus on the story first. The presentation or format should be led by the story.
  79. 79. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost content production:
  80. 80. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost content production:
  81. 81. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost content production:
  82. 82. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost content production:
  83. 83. @staceycav #digitalolympus Low cost content production:
  84. 84. Be prepared to invest time in promotion
  85. 85. @staceycav #digitalolympus But you CAN achieve top tier links without massive budgets.
  86. 86. @staceycav