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Link building in 2021 (when you're a bit crap at PR) #brightonseo

You do not have to be a PR expert to build links and be successful in SEO. Here's my #brightonseo Spring 2021 deck on building links in 2021 without cold emailing journalists.

I'm sharing a few practical ways we're acquiring links without cold emailing journos. Some of this may lack a bit of context without the talk recording... but, as ever, feel free to get in touch with questions!

Link building in 2021 (when you're a bit crap at PR) #brightonseo

  1. 1. Link Building in 2021 When you’re a bit crap at PR @staceycav #brightonseo
  3. 3. Mum. Binge Watcher. SEO. Content marketing consultant. Bad runner. Excellent gin tester. @staceycav #brightonseo
  4. 4. PR Pro @staceycav #brightonseo
  5. 5. I do SEO. @staceycav #brightonseo
  6. 6. I love SEO. @staceycav #brightonseo
  7. 7. It often involves landing links on sites like these.
  8. 8. PR Pro @staceycav @staceycav #brightonseo
  9. 9. @staceycav @staceycav #brightonseo
  10. 10. I produce content and promote it to journalists and other writers and it achieves a combination of things… @staceycav #brightonseo
  11. 11. But I’d generally just consider it one tiny branch of content marketing. @staceycav #brightonseo
  12. 12. Outreach skills and the creativity side of digital PR/link bait are useful in link building, for sure. @staceycav #brightonseo
  13. 13. But you do not have to be comfortable emailing journalists to achieve links. @staceycav #brightonseo
  14. 14. Problem solving is the most valuable link building skill I think I possess. @staceycav #brightonseo
  15. 15. “ I don’t enjoy outreach. What can I do to achieve the same or better quality and quantity of links while doing less outreach? @staceycav #brightonseo
  16. 16. It came down to a mindset shift. @staceycav #brightonseo
  17. 17. Instead of my content always being the story, my content can build as many links by supporting someone else’s story. @staceycav #brightonseo
  18. 18. Digital PR activity results in links/coverage where you’re the story. @staceycav #brightonseo
  19. 19. And that’s great. @staceycav #brightonseo
  20. 20. But you don’t have to be the story to build links. @staceycav #brightonseo
  21. 21. @staceycav #brightonseo
  22. 22. We can look to editorial-led sites to see this at play @staceycav #brightonseo
  23. 23. @staceycav #brightonseo
  24. 24. @staceycav #brightonseo
  25. 25. @staceycav #brightonseo But somebody high profile slating it is news.
  26. 26. @staceycav #brightonseo
  27. 27. @staceycav #brightonseo An income tax calculator in itself isn’t news.
  28. 28. @staceycav #brightonseo But tax increases are news.
  29. 29. Link Building WHEN YOU’RE CRAP AT PR (OR JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT) @staceycav #brightonseo Practical
  30. 30. Reactive PR-ey Stuff It’s a LOT less outreachy. 1 @staceycav #brightonseo
  31. 31. This is about answering requests from journalists. NOT cold emailing. Or “inbound PR” as I prefer to call it. @staceycav #brightonseo
  32. 32. Securing links this way often involves being a part of a larger feature and generally isn’t about you being centre stage. @staceycav #brightonseo
  33. 33. Placing Product: @staceycav #brightonseo
  34. 34. Placing Expertise: @staceycav #brightonseo
  35. 35. Lots of journalists are actively seeking help with articles. @staceycav #brightonseo
  36. 36. On Twitter with #journorequest @staceycav #brightonseo
  37. 37. @staceycav #brightonseo
  38. 38. @staceycav #brightonseo
  39. 39. @staceycav #brightonseo
  40. 40. @staceycav #brightonseo
  41. 41. @staceycav #brightonseo
  42. 42. @staceycav #brightonseo
  43. 43. Anyone can build links this way. @staceycav #brightonseo
  44. 44. @staceycav #brightonseo
  45. 45. Tips: @staceycav #brightonseo Respond fast and selectively.
  46. 46. Tips: @staceycav #brightonseo Have a bio and headshots prepared.
  47. 47. Tips: @staceycav #brightonseo Have a Dropbox or Google Drive folder full of supplementary images or info all ready to go.
  48. 48. Tips: @staceycav #brightonseo Check these constantly. Often being an hour late to the party means someone took your spot already.
  49. 49. Self Generating Content Links from journalists. Without contacting journalists. At all. 2 @staceycav #brightonseo
  50. 50. See also: Link bait. Link magnets. Or just useful stuff people cite as a source. @staceycav #brightonseo
  51. 51. @staceycav #brightonseo
  52. 52. @staceycav #brightonseo
  53. 53. @staceycav #brightonseo
  54. 54. @staceycav #brightonseo
  55. 55. @staceycav #brightonseo
  56. 56. @staceycav #brightonseo
  57. 57. It works because journalists, bloggers and content writers within businesses research like most of us do. @staceycav #brightonseo
  58. 58. @staceycav #brightonseo
  59. 59. @staceycav #brightonseo
  60. 60. Works for “statistics”, “trends”, “downloads,” “calculators” and “templates” amongst other searches. @staceycav #brightonseo
  61. 61. Mind map your topics @staceycav #brightonseo
  62. 62. Good old keyword research: @staceycav #brightonseo
  63. 63. Analyse what’s already ranking: @staceycav #brightonseo
  64. 64. Does it have links? @staceycav #brightonseo
  65. 65. Do they appear to be naturally acquired over time? @staceycav #brightonseo
  66. 66. Can you improve on what ranks? Better data? More up to date? Better imagery? More geographically relevant? @staceycav #brightonseo
  67. 67. Can you rank it? @staceycav #brightonseo
  68. 68. Ads? @staceycav #brightonseo Outreach? Just wait?
  69. 69. “Stealable” Assets Links from people who use things you’re giving away for free 3 @staceycav #brightonseo
  70. 70. Creative Commons Licensing of assets like imagery, video and sound lets people use those assets with appropriate attribution. @staceycav #brightonseo
  71. 71. @staceycav #brightonseo
  72. 72. @staceycav #brightonseo
  73. 73. @staceycav #brightonseo
  74. 74. @staceycav #brightonseo pueden-reemplazar-a-los-conservantes-quimicos-en-la-carne/
  75. 75. @staceycav #brightonseo season-2016_40250.html
  76. 76. @staceycav #brightonseo problematisk-hjemmeskole/
  77. 77. @staceycav #brightonseo fragilise-par-le-coronavirus-184349
  78. 78. @staceycav #brightonseo its-85-market-share-dominance/
  79. 79. @staceycav #brightonseo what-is-it-really-like/
  80. 80. @staceycav #brightonseo Tested with Royalty Free sites like Unsplash. But it felt a bit like “tricking” people and positive responses were lower.
  81. 81. @staceycav #brightonseo
  82. 82. This is won and lost at the planning stage. @staceycav #brightonseo
  83. 83. What’s your topic? @staceycav #brightonseo
  84. 84. What already exists? @staceycav #brightonseo
  85. 85. What already exists free to use? @staceycav #brightonseo
  86. 86. Are they being used? @staceycav #brightonseo
  87. 87. Inspiration @staceycav #brightonseo
  88. 88. Production @staceycav #brightonseo
  89. 89. Distribution @staceycav #brightonseo
  90. 90. Self Host @staceycav #brightonseo
  91. 91. Tracking @staceycav #brightonseo
  92. 92. Tracking @staceycav #brightonseo
  93. 93. Chase Attribution @staceycav #brightonseo
  94. 94. 90 minutes later… @staceycav #brightonseo
  95. 95. @staceycav #brightonseo But before you create any new assets…
  96. 96. Start by looking at what you’ve already got. @staceycav #brightonseo
  97. 97. @staceycav #brightonseo
  98. 98. @staceycav #brightonseo Original research from an industry authority.
  99. 99. @staceycav #brightonseo
  100. 100. @staceycav #brightonseo
  101. 101. @staceycav #brightonseo A collection of other people’s statistics
  102. 102. @staceycav #brightonseo
  103. 103. @staceycav #brightonseo This is why.
  104. 104. @staceycav #brightonseo Have you any previous assets that made the news and should have the potential to continue to grow passively?
  105. 105. @staceycav #brightonseo Has anyone stolen your existing original imagery?
  106. 106. @staceycav #brightonseo “So are you saying I never have to do PR work to build links??”
  107. 107.