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Generating Ideas for Content Marketing by @staceycav


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My presentation from Learn Inbound in October 2016 on generating ideas for content marketing projects and campaigns. We've invested a whole lot of time and resource into putting some process into ideation. Here's how we're approaching coming up with ideas for content marketing projects with tactics, tips and tools.

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Generating Ideas for Content Marketing by @staceycav

  1. 1. How to Come up with Cracking Content Ideas Stacey MacNaught Tecmark @staceycav #learninbound
  2. 2. The world is full of products that started with a shit idea. @staceycav #learninbound
  3. 3. @staceycav #learninbound Via h<p://
  4. 4. And the internet is full of content that started the same way… @staceycav #learninbound @staceycav #learninbound
  5. 5. And the internet is full of content that started the same way… @staceycav #learninbound @staceycav #learninbound
  6. 6. And the internet is full of content that started the same way… @staceycav #learninbound @staceycav #learninbound
  7. 7. I’m not saying bad ideas are the only reason that content fails @staceycav #learninbound
  8. 8. @staceycav #learninbound But starOng with a shit idea makes the journey much tougher
  9. 9. And not everyone always agrees on what consOtutes a good idea @staceycav #learninbound
  10. 10. @staceycav #learninbound I’ve got an idea…
  11. 11. @staceycav #learninbound Great! Let’s hear it…
  12. 12. @staceycav #learninbound Flamingos!
  13. 13. @staceycav #learninbound Flamingos?
  14. 14. @staceycav #learninbound Yes, you know those “spot the hidden thing” images?
  15. 15. @staceycav #learninbound Yes… aren’t they a bit done to death?
  16. 16. @staceycav #learninbound Maybe. But right now the media is eaOng them up. Here’s my research.
  17. 17. @staceycav #learninbound InteresOng. And the flamingos?
  18. 18. @staceycav #learninbound A hidden ballerina in a sea of flamingos.
  19. 19. @staceycav #learninbound Ok…. I sOll worry this is a li<le unoriginal, not necessarily worthy of top Oer publicaOon and possibly tough to pitch to the client. Costs?
  20. 20. @staceycav #learninbound Two hours design Ome and half a day in promoOon Ome
  21. 21. @staceycav #learninbound Ok. Let’s go for it.
  22. 22. @staceycav #learninbound 3 days later….
  23. 23. @staceycav #learninbound
  24. 24. @staceycav #learninbound
  25. 25. @staceycav #learninbound
  26. 26. @staceycav #learninbound
  27. 27. @staceycav #learninbound
  28. 28. @staceycav #learninbound Plus 30 other pieces of global coverage/links
  29. 29. @staceycav #learninbound Drinks on you, Stace?
  30. 30. @staceycav #learninbound So, why do we bother with ideaEon process at all if we can just distribute flamingos?
  31. 31. @staceycav #learninbound Because most projects are more costly than this. And for every flamingo there are several failed experiments.
  32. 32. @staceycav #learninbound Failure is devastaEng. And it pisses clients off.
  33. 33. @staceycav #learninbound We’ve invested a heavily into the ideaEon aspect of content markeEng
  34. 34. @staceycav #learninbound
  35. 35. @staceycav #learninbound But it’s perhaps not as simple as that looks….
  36. 36. @staceycav #learninbound IdeaEon is challenging
  37. 37. @staceycav #learninbound Challenge 1: The Brief
  38. 38. @staceycav #learninbound Challenge 2: ParEcipaEon
  39. 39. @staceycav #learninbound Challenge 3: QuanEty
  40. 40. @staceycav #learninbound “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it's the only one we have.” (Émile CharOer)
  41. 41. @staceycav #learninbound Challenge 4: Assessing Quality
  42. 42. 1 WriEng a Solid Brief @staceycav #learninbound
  43. 43. @staceycav #learninbound The brief is all too oTen ignored.
  44. 44. @staceycav #learninbound The brief isn’t that brief!
  45. 45. @staceycav #learninbound It should contain: 1.  ObjecEves 2.  Audience Info 3.  Examples of successful pieces you’d like to emulate 4.  Key limitaEons (compliance, Emescale, budget)
  46. 46. 2 Overcoming ParEcipaEon Issues @staceycav #learninbound
  47. 47. @staceycav #learninbound Not everybody feels comfortable pung their ideas out there for the criEque of colleagues
  48. 48. @staceycav #learninbound How many amazing ideas do you miss because your ideaEon sessions alienate them?
  49. 49. @staceycav #learninbound For quick ideas gathering, we allow people to choose anonymity
  50. 50. @staceycav #learninbound Try
  51. 51. #ttlpresents @staceycav h<ps://
  52. 52. #ttlpresents @staceycav h<ps://
  53. 53. @staceycav #learninbound For tougher verbal brainstorms, we use the ‘Worst Ideas Method’
  54. 54. @staceycav #learninbound “You want my shiest ideas?”
  55. 55. @staceycav #learninbound We give people preparaEon Eme.
  56. 56. 3 Overcoming QuanEty Issues @staceycav #learninbound
  57. 57. @staceycav #learninbound Confession: I hate (most) brainstorms
  58. 58. @staceycav #learninbound How we hope brainstorming will be
  59. 59. @staceycav #learninbound The reality.
  60. 60. h<p:// @staceycav #learninbound 635 Method of BrainwriEng
  61. 61. h<p:// @staceycav #learninbound
  62. 62. 4 Assessing Quality @staceycav #learninbound
  63. 63. @staceycav #learninbound What makes an idea “good?”
  64. 64. @staceycav #learninbound It isn’t simply the fact that you like it.
  65. 65. #learninbound We are oTen not the target audience for our content.
  66. 66. @staceycav #learninbound Instead, the quality of an idea should be determined by the likelihood of it achieving its objecEves.
  67. 67. @staceycav #learninbound NUF TesEng to cut a long list to 10 – 20 ideas h<p://
  68. 68. @staceycav #learninbound Verbal shortlisEng and development sessions to get to a top 5 using “Succes” Principles
  69. 69. @staceycav #learninbound Simple Unexpected Credible Concrete EmoEonal Stories
  70. 70. @staceycav #learninbound For press targeEng content we use our “is it a story?” criteria
  71. 71. @staceycav #learninbound Timely Relevant Unexpected New Close to Home Human Interest
  72. 72. @staceycav #learninbound Before going into producEon…
  73. 73. @staceycav #learninbound Get external opinions
  74. 74. @staceycav #learninbound Ask your key influencers (journalists, bloggers) for their opinion
  75. 75. @staceycav #learninbound
  76. 76. @staceycav #learninbound Warning: It’s tough having everyone in your team believe in an idea for it to be shot down at this stage.
  77. 77. @staceycav #learninbound But it could save you a pricey error
  78. 78. @staceycav #learninbound But what did Google Consumer Surveys think of the Flamingos?
  79. 79. @staceycav
  80. 80. @staceycav #learninbound Why did it work?
  81. 81. @staceycav #learninbound Not parEcularly original. But…
  82. 82. @staceycav #learninbound Simple. Unexpected. Annoying.
  83. 83. @staceycav #learninbound Lesson 1: SomeEmes you should skip process in the name of experimentaEon
  84. 84. @staceycav #learninbound Lesson 2: It doesn’t maler if you believe in an idea as long as the key people in the project do and can back up why.
  85. 85. @staceycav #learninbound Lesson 3: There are excepEons to every rule. SomeEmes, things “just work”.
  86. 86. @staceycav #learninbound Lesson 3: There are excepEons to every rule. SomeEmes, things “just work”.
  87. 87. #ttlpresents