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Marketing and Advertising: Social Media for Law Firms



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Marketing and Advertising: Social Media for Law Firms

  1. 1. STACEY E. BURKE ATTORNEY/OWNER 4615 SOUTHWEST FREEWAY SUITE 850 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77027 MOBILE (713) 225-8621 FAX (877) 314-9990 STACEY@STACEYEBURKE.COM WWW.STACEYEBURKE.COM Marketing and Advertising: Social Media for Law Firms 18th Annual Insurance Law Institute The University of Texas School of Law
 The Insurance Law Section of the State Bar of Texas Nov 7-8, 2013 Royal Sonesta Hotel, Houston, TX
  2. 2. Social Media Channels: Overview • FACEBOOK • – Facebook has over 1 billion users, 42 million pages, and over 15 million business pages. – Facebook is the largest online social network, boasting 1.11 billion users. – Over half of the United States is on Facebook, 52.9% of Americans. GOOGLE PLUS • – G+ is Google’s own social media creation. – While Google Plus has only 343 million users, Google is not going anywhere, and it gives credence to its own content INSTAGRAM – Instagram boasts over 150 million users and counting – An average of 40 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day
  3. 3. Social Media Channels: Overview • LINKEDIN • – Over 238 million users and 40% of them check LinkedIn daily – Maintaining professional relationships, an online resume TWITTER • – Only 7 years old and has 500 million users. – 32% of all Internet users use Twitter, and 175 million tweets were sent from Twitter each day throughout 2012 YOUTUBE – YouTube has over 1 billion total users with 4 billion video views each day – 500 years of YouTube video are watched each day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
  4. 4. Social Media Channels: Facebook • Customize your URL • Make sure your firm has a “Page” not a “Profile” or a “Group” • Share your blog posts, press coverage, videos, and relevant content from related professional associations and other law firms • Facebook advertising • #Hashtags (#law #lawyers #oilgas #hounews) • Tag users and other Pages in your posts for increased exposure
  5. 5. Social Media Channels: Google Plus • Google loves itself • If you are included in a large number of circles on Google+, that will increase your AuthorRank and overall Google Authorship • Google Hangouts • Even more #Hashtags • Tagging or +’ing other users
  6. 6. Social Media Channels: Instagram • Photo sharing social media • You can simultaneously and directly feed out Instagram photos into your other social channels • Image based social sharing gets 94% more total views and 37% more user engagement because users prefer a quick look at something, rather than having to read – “instant gratification” • Yet again use #Hashtags • Tag other users in posts • Facebook acquired Instagram for $1B in 2012.
  7. 7. Social Media Channels: LinkedIn • Online resume – the part of your LinkedIn profile that is most important is your career, jobs, education, and other skills. Build it out with SEO-driven copywriting. • Optimize the 120-character Headline to the right of your profile photo • Customize your URL • Link up your Employment section to the appropriate Company Page(s) • Build out your Company Page
  8. 8. Social Media Channels: Twitter • • • • • • • • Brand your profile, including your handle Link back to your law firm website Follow back Yes, #Hashtags again @’s (mentions) and DM’s (direct messages) Twitter Lists Interacting with the media If you are only self-promoting, you are doing it wrong!
  9. 9. Social Media Channels: YouTube • Google owns YouTube and it is the second most used search engine online • YouTube videos auto-populate your Google+ profile if you set it up correctly • Transcribe the spoken words within your video content for great SEO • YouTube isn’t just for video you make yourself – use your channel to repurpose your television advertisements, speaking engagements, and news coverage • YouTube advertising
  10. 10. Social Media& Your Law Firm Website • Include social sharing functionality on your blog and throughout your website • Include links to all of your social media channels in the footer of your website and/or in another design element such as a right column
  11. 11. Social Media Protocol • Use a professional voice and tone • Always be aware of client confidentiality and inadvertently forming an attorney-client relationship • How to respond to client communications • How to respond to new lead communications • How to respond to external lawyer communications • How to respond to media and press communications
  12. 12. Lawyer Directory Listings: Overview Digital Branding for the Individual Lawyer • • • • • Avvo – PR6 Best Lawyers – PR6 Chambers – PR6 Justia – PR7 Legal 500 – PR6 • • • • Martindale – PR7 RocketLawyer – PR6 State Bar of Texas – PR7 Super Lawyers – PR7
  13. 13. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: Avvo • How do I sign up? • Avvo empowers consumers to rate lawyers • Member lawyers answer questions for free online • Avvo profiles contain helpful information including experience, background, disciplinary history, and reviews from clients and peers. • The Avvo algorithm • Avvo paid advertising
  14. 14. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: Chambers • Chambers is one of the most legitimate ratings and listings systems both on and offline. • They have a team of over 140 full-time researchers who conduct thousands of interviews with lawyers and their clients worldwide. • They publish “guides” internationally. • The value of this listing will depend greatly upon your practice area and how much B2B marketing you do in your practice.
  15. 15. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: Justia • The Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute (LII) is a not-for-profit group that publishes law online for free on a highly-ranked website. Its site is directly associated with the Justia online lawyer directory. • LII and Justia pass along “link juice” to each other. • All searchers on LII’s website looking for legal information and news are offered the chance to find a lawyer for free. If you are not listed, your name isn’t an option for them to find. • Justia and Cornell require a Letter of Good Standing or other applicable item to be listed. • How do I get listed? Visit
  16. 16. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: Martindale-Hubbell • Does the AV rating matter anymore? Do clients know what it means? • The majority of the profiles on their website are not fully built out. • While this was one of the first online lawyer directories, it has become a dinosaur. • More appropriate for B2B than B2C marketing.
  17. 17. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: State Bar of Texas • If you are licensed, you are on their website for free, so build out your profile and keep it current. • You can include your website, the ability to contact you via email, information about your practice, and your social network profiles.
  18. 18. Online Lawyer Directory Listings: Super Lawyers Basic Free Listing • If you win Rising Star or Super Lawyers, you are automatically listed on the website for free, with a basic listing. • Even if you claim and build the listing out behind the scenes, the data does not show up online unless you graduate to a paid listing. Expanded or Premium Listing • Expanded – You should pay for this. Super Lawyers listings show up on page one of organic search results. • Premium – New listing to get lawyers to spend even more money basically on pie charts. For now, go with Expanded.
  19. 19. Super Lawyers Profile (FREE) • Michael Murray, a lawyer from Watts Guerra does not have a paid listing. This is what his unpaid listing looks like.
  20. 20. Super Lawyers Expanded Profile (PAID) • Mikal Watts has paid for his expanded listing
  21. 21. Inbound Traffic and BackLinks from Social Media and Directories • Inbound traffic: – 2013 digital marketing surveys indicate that social media and SEO efforts drive the majority of inbound website traffic. – The top three traffic drivers are Facebook, LinkedIn, and a company blog. • Backlinks: – Backlinks are high-ranking website links “back” to your website – The lawyer directory listings mentioned herein (and Google Places) are a great start.
  22. 22. Stacey E. Burke: Lawyer/Marketer • You can find me on Social Media + Blogging: – – – – 177/posts – –

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  • Super Lawyers – Show online profiles, explain manager function and page views to pick who gets the paid listings, etc
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