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Advertising, Online Reviews, and Managing Your Reputation


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Much of a lawyer’s value is his or her reputation in the legal community. About one-third of all legal consumers first turn to the Internet to find out information about attorneys. Learn how to show up and get clients.

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Advertising, Online Reviews, and Managing Your Reputation

  1. 1. + Advertising, Online Reviews, & Managing Your Reputation Stacey E. Burke
  2. 2. + Introduction
  3. 3. + Social Media: By The Numbers Number of active social media users: 3.4 Billion Number of Internet users: 4.2 Billion Total worldwide population: 7.7 Billion Average time spent on social media: 116 minutes per day Average number of social media accounts per person: 5.54 Social media users grew by 320 million between September 2017 and October 2018 That equates to one new social media user every 10 seconds
  4. 4. + Number of Users by Social Media Channel 2.271 billion users 1.5 billion users 1 billion users 900 million users 562 million users 326 million users 186 million users
  5. 5. + You Are Your Reputation
  6. 6. + Reputation  Much of a lawyer’s value is his or her reputation in the legal community.  Even before you’ve begun working, your positive reputation can start building loyalty with a potential client. As he or she learns more about you online, it can start to feel like the solution to the problem at- hand is just a call or click away.
  7. 7. + Value of Reputation “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet
  8. 8. + Social Proof Social proof has always existed in the form of word-of-mouth referrals. The distinction today is that consumers across the board are willing to put their faith in the word of complete strangers. The legal industry has the second-highest rated average star rating.
  9. 9. + How Digital Consumers Shop
  10. 10. + Needing Something More  Finding an attorney with a good reputation reassures legal consumers that they’re heading down the right path.  Legal consumers are feeling intense emotions, many of which aren’t positive. Connecting with them requires more than a dispassionate list of academic credentials and career milestones.  You need the social proof of other people sending a positive message about your firm and its lawyers.
  11. 11. + Why Reviews Are Important  About one-third of all legal consumers first turn to the Internet to find out information about attorneys.  This further emphasizes the fact that law firms and individual attorneys need to have an online listing presence and favorable customer reviews to attract more clients.  In online searches, attorneys with client reviews get 14x more queries than those with no reviews — both search engines and clients trust reviews.
  12. 12. + Have Review, Will Travel 75% of adults who looked to hire an attorney in the past year went online at some point in the process. Additionally, potential clients are willing to travel further to meet with an attorney at his or her office if his or her reviews are higher than other attorneys located closer.
  13. 13. + The Proof is in the Numbers 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 58% of consumers say the star rating of a business is most important.
  14. 14. + Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  15. 15. + What is ORM? Online reputation management (ORM) is best described as a means of controlling the conversation surrounding your brand on the Internet.
  16. 16. + But even more than that… It is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.
  17. 17. + And Why is ORM Important?  Your clients will be looking for an attorney worthy of their trust, time, and money.  For this reason, online reputation management (ORM) is an especially important part of business strategy for today’s attorneys.  You can’t prevent people from rating and reviewing your firm. But you can and should monitor and manage your online reputation.
  18. 18. + Managing Your Online Reputation
  19. 19. + Do This First:  Claim your profiles  Ensure you own all relevant domain names and if not purchase them  Set up alert notifications  Conduct an online audit  Clean up profiles with outdated or incorrect information  Respond to any existing reviews, good or bad  Create a dedicated lawyer reviews page on law firm website  Ask your clients for reviews  Share good reviews on social media
  20. 20. + Consistency is Key 68% of customers said they would not use a business with the wrong information displayed online.
  21. 21. + Alert! Alert!  Setting up alerts allows you to know immediately when information is made public on the internet about your firm and/or your employees.  It provides you with the opportunity to act quickly if necessary.  Ahrefs Alerts   Brand24  Google Alerts Why? Good Sites to Use Set up alerts for your firm name AND the names of your lawyers.
  22. 22. + Five Major Sites To Monitor
  23. 23. + These are the Big Guns: Google Yelp Bing Facebook Avvo (Lawyer Directories)
  24. 24. + Google My Business Listing  An iLawyerMarketing study found over 60% of participants deemed Google reviews to be the most important source of third-party reviews.  Your goal should be to populate the top 20 reviews on Google with positive content about your firm, which in turn may help to keep negative content out.
  25. 25. + Yelp  By having a Yelp listing in place, you make it easier for those who are already using the app or site to find your law firm when searching for a service provider to fit their needs.  At one point, Yelp was the most trusted website for lawyer reviews.
  26. 26. + Bing Places  The Bing-powered listing helps local businesses attract new clients by easily and conveniently displaying their information when a potential customer searches online for any goods or services the business provides.
  27. 27. + Facebook In recent years, Facebook became the second-most popular review site, which is all the evidence you need to create a Facebook Page for a firm or individual attorney.
  28. 28. + Avvo (Lawyer Directories) There are also several lawyer-specific sites that are worth your time. Avvo is an obvious choice because 97% of all lawyers in the U.S. are listed on the site.
  29. 29. + Dealing with Negative Reviews and Ratings
  30. 30. + Turn Clients into Advocates If you avoid asking your best customers for reviews, you may end up with more negative reviews than you would have wanted.
  31. 31. + Don’t Feed the Trolls  Research suggests a single negative review may cost you as many as 30 customers. They say the client is always right. I know that sometimes they are not, but consider whether arguing with your customer is worth your reputation.  Some negative reviews are more of a problem than others. It all depends on if and where they rank, and if they receive a lot of traffic.  To push a bad review down, point one or two good links to a good review, which will push that negative review down.
  32. 32. + Connect with Stacey:  Facebook: @MarketingLawyers  Twitter: @staceyeburke  Instagram: @MarketingLawyers  LinkedIn: /company/stacey-e-burke-p-c  Website:  My e-newsletter: