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German Telecoms Market Q4-2014


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English version
In Q4-2015 the mobile market was dominated by customer number adjustments by Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone due to removing inactive subscribers. All operators were holding to their position in the rank-tables of fixnet and mobile. In fixnet, cable is now accounting for approximately 20% of all broadband internet-connections.

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Deutsche Version
Das vierte Quartal 2014 im Mobilfunk war bestimmt durch Adjustierungen im Kundenbestand bei der Deutschen Telekom und bei Vodafone, die inaktive SIM-Karten ausbuchten. Die Marktpositionen der Anbieter veränderten sich gegenüber dem Vorquartal nicht. Im Breitband-Festnetz nutzen c. 80% der Kunden DSL und 20% der Kunden Kabelanschlüsse.

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German Telecoms Market Q4-2014

  1. 1. Update on Germany‘s Telecoms-Market Q4-2014 DSP-Partners I Darmstadt I April 2015
  2. 2. Mobile  In Q4-2014, none of the mobile players gained net new customers  Deutsche Telekom stated it booked out inactive customer from one of their MVNO-clients  Vodafone also restated their customer base downwards in Q4-2014 Fixed-line Broadband  Deutsche Telekom still clear market-leader with 12,4m DSL-lines  Kabel Deutschland/Vodafone is #2 with 5,4m broadband subs,  United Internet on position 3 with 4,1m DSL-lines  The six major broadband players hold c. 27m lines – thereof 21,5m (c. 80%) are DSL, c. 20% are cable (5,4m lines) Summary: Telecoms Market Update Q4-2014 at a Glance
  3. 3. Germany: Number of Mobile Customers [Q4-2014 in 1,000] Source: Company Reports, DSP-Partners Market Model 31.515 38.989 42.125
  4. 4. Germany: Number of Mobile Customers [Q4-2014 vs Q3-2014 in 1,000] Source: Company Reports, DSP-Partners Market Model -196 -664 -76
  5. 5. Germany: Number of Fixnet Broadband Customers [Q4/2014 in 1,000] Source: Company Reports, DSP-Partners Market Model, Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland + DSL DSL DSL Cable DSL Cable 2.144 2.505 2.852 2.896 4.190 5.357 12.361
  6. 6. Germany: Broadband Customers with DSL vs. Cable [Q4/2014 in 1,000] Source: Company Reports, DSP-Partners Market Model 5.401 21.547 Cable DSL
  7. 7. Contact Stefan Behrendt Founder I Managing Partner DSP-Partners