India on crossroads of globalisation


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2. MNC Corpocracy and Geo-Politics: Detailed study of MNC corporations with their origin country politics, ways and means of their business and impact on third world resources are studied. Also the ways and means MNCs encourage corruption in third world and the techniques used in manipulating local, central, state governments to push their products/process/ideas and the impact of such on native population is studied. Medical MNCs, Agri MNCs, Oil MNCs, Banking Insurance MNCs, Gold, Diamond and Metals MNCs, Defense MNCs contractors, their exploitative manipulative practices in extraction of natural resources for their benefit and the losses to the concerned nations is studied. The FIIs, FDIs and how they are manipulated to skim wealth from susceptible unsuspecting stock markets via policies of kiting, skimming and inside trading which is the cause of current economic debacles.

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India on crossroads of globalisation

  1. 1. Independence: Where we started
  2. 2. Globalisation of Indian Social Psychology Chronology of the references of Psychological Intervention
  3. 3. Vision 2022• As seen in the above slides the situation in India in terms of education is as bad as it can get.• Research at under graduate to graduate levels is appalling and pathetic. The effect of that is clear If we see the destruction of small and medium scale industries.• The only exception is the premiere Institutions. we have one choice. Reform education.• This presentation will focus on the effects of globalisation on the sovereign India• Once Vision 2022 is achieved and fusion synergy is created then rest of the subsystems follow a common goal.• The ideal situation should be-• Common Goal dictates National Security dictates• the Doctrine of War dictates• Natural Resources Needed and Governs Industrial Policy and Research which guides• Educational Policy, University course structure –both academic and research which gives birth to Post secondary and secondary education system development.• In the above process senior civil & military personnel either during service or after retirement integrate them selves seamlessly with the entire society to ensure the continuation of such system Perpetually so that the Nation State
  4. 4. Why education reform needed• The above is true in all GPP countries as to become GPP one has to be• 1.Self Sufficient in Food• 2.Self Sufficient in Energy• 3.Self sufficient in Arms• If a nation lacks these, their supply should be assured via trade and• the only way to enforce Favorable Trade is via direct war or by threat of war.• Colonial rule was followed by national independence and it became imperative for GPP to keep the resource supply un-hindered even after their independence.• This necessitated the continued remote control of colonies, preventing them becoming Self Sufficient and forcing them to become dependent.• India is no exception to this. We tried to become self sufficient --but were scuttled at every level.
  5. 5. Educational Variance and Development
  6. 6. How the course structure decided
  7. 7. India : A tale of Terrorism and Extremism
  8. 8. • Liberalization Privatization• SEZ and Economic Development• Need for Sustainable Economic Studies
  9. 9. SEZ :Indian Scenario -1995-2009• Natural Resources -S E Z –Minerals, Critical Strategic Resources, Diamonds, Gold, Thorium• Investment Resources –Insurance Cos Sell off –Billions of dollars of reserve funds Moving in to private hands for peanuts LIC• Monetary Resources –Banks sell off –Billions of dollars deposits funneled to stock markets –Reduce Interest rates, manipulate inflation, loans of billions to MNC and their Indian counterparts• Medical/Bio Resources –GMOs, Bio Tech Manipulation, destruction of native bio diversity, destruction of native (Environmental Resources) medicinal plants, pushing Pharma giants unwanted, useless medicines and rip
  10. 10. SEZ : Indian Scenario• Health Resources-Govt Pharma Vaccine cos sell off, MNC pharma giants field day in diagnosis and cure of diseases• Human Resources –Displacement of Owners/farmers of land small business to make them coolies pushing urbanization• Intellectual Resources-Highly skilled workers working under constant threat of produce more for little above average wages in fields which are of no use or consequence for nation/majority people.• Security Resources –Billions are siphoned off in various security deals with US/Israeli counterparts in which lesser generation substandard weapons are bought including the bullet proof jackets issued to defenders of Mumbai
  11. 11. SEZ : India- China Comparison
  12. 12. SEZ : Why the difference ?• Chinese Market economy is based on two premises which is based on local needs.2. Empowerment of people.2. Protecting workers lively hoods.The philosophy adapted was SEZs to the worker Areas. Where labor and workers are available there the SEZ are set up. Chinese adapted French Model of development of 1960s.• Indian Privatization is absolute throw away of national resources at discount prices as in Case of Initial Russian liberalization years following Harvard /World bank model. Worker to the SEZs. Workers will be transported to SEZ areas.• *In 1998, a waiver of $1.67 billion on customs duties was given to earn $1.04 billion in foreign exchange)
  13. 13. SEZ and water sources
  14. 14. OIL TO WARS & TO AGRIC U & RIV RR F&A How 150 Years of Greed, War, Bad Science (Dams, fertilizers & arrogance destroying the Human Civilization in world and in India.
  15. 15. SEZ and Mineral Resources
  16. 16. SEZ : defence and research establishments
  17. 17. India under British occupation 59% of land mass and rest under Kingdoms Dalhousie Era Around 1850
  18. 18. SEZ coming in India
  19. 19. SEZ, BritishIndia and IndianKingdomsComparison
  20. 20. SEZ : Industrial Growth a comparison• HEAVY INDUSTRIES• Industrial Growth 1960-1990 36.53%• Industrial Growth 1991-2000 14.94% Post Liberalization• Industrial Growth 2000-2004 13.87% Post Liberalization• SMALL INDUSTRIES• Industrial Growth 1960-1975 15.39%• Industrial Growth 1976-2000 1.07%Pre/Post Liberalization• Industrial Growth 2000-2004 -5.67% Post Liberalization
  21. 21. Real Estate Buying in IndiaReal Estate Bonanza –Foreign and Indian MNCsIt is reported recently in AP that EMMAR Properties and shallow companies which were created after Dubai flu have siphoned billions of dollar from India to Dubai by investment and price manipulations of property business
  22. 22. Dubai Companies building ship yards• Nizampatnam SEZ• Midway between Visakhapatnam and Chennai and Andaman• Along with the port the SEZ company from Ral Al Kheima wants 25 000 acres of land• Uprooting 13 Villages. Each acre is given a compensation of Rs 100 000.• According to NRSA underneath the land there are diamonds, quartz, uranium.• Once handed over the Matrix group will build an Private Airport, and Sea port in which either State or Central Govt have no authority. They take the mined stuff out of India and bring bulk pharma supplies to the SEZ so that generic medicines are manufactured and exported. To make even a pin or ride camels Indians go there to work. The only engineering colleges there are the one started by BITS etc last year. Yet they come to build the ports. Matrix subcontracts this to Taiwanese company which employees Chinese labor as done in case of GMR HYD airport. Also this emirate is a hub of ISI CIA and Mosaad and has a intel listening post for US and Israelis over Iran. 26000 acres in foreign hands if turn hostile ?
  23. 23. SCAMS: Threats to National Security• CIVILIAN SCAMS (Post Liberalization)• Stamp Scam 2005• 1.Hassan Ali Khan Rs 35 000 Crores (7 Swiss Accounts)• 2.Abdul Karim Telgi• 3.Ramalinga Raju Satyam Rs 34 000 Crores City Bank accounts routed in to Dubai.• RAJASTHAN LAND SCAM 2007 -08• (Central Government Notification in 1996 does not allow any land deals by outsiders in border States like Rajasthan)• Border State Involved Rajasthan• Border Districts involved Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Barmer• Total Land involved 190 000 Bhigas 4000 Deals all done by local BJP leader with from residents of England Dubai and IsraelGPA Transaction Cost Rs. 380 CroresCommission Paid 19 Crores
  24. 24. SCAMS: Threats to National Security• DEFENSE SCAMS Rs. Crores• 1.Barak Missle Scam 1115• 2.AK 47 Scam 1600• 3.Casket Scam 2000 (Approximately)
  25. 25. Where the money is now ?Inequality is on the increase. In 1976 Switzerland was 52 times richer thanMozambique; in 1997, it was 508 times richer.Two hundred and fifty years ago, the richest countries were only fivetimes richer than the poorest, and Europe only twice as rich as China orIndia.
  26. 26. The Geopolitics of Natural Resources• India regarded as “Ratnagarbha vasundhara” from ancient times.• Natural Resources are regarded As the basis of Global Economics and development.• Here We are examining about the present trends.
  27. 27. Resource dependency of Major powers eg. USA
  28. 28. Resource dependency of Major powers eg. USA
  29. 29. Resource dependency of Major powers eg. USA
  30. 30. Resource dependency of Major powers eg. USA
  31. 31. Resource dependency of Major powers eg. USA
  32. 32. GOLD AVAILABILITY IN INDIA• 1997-2005 Survey of Geological Survey of India-Ministry of Mining conducted in India• Answer to a question in Rajya Sabha by the Minister of Mines Mr. D. Narayana Rao• Asked on Monday 12 Dec 2005. The mining is given to African Gold Mines or Consolidated Gold Fields or their front companies. Owners Openheimer Family. One of the Families owned EIC.• In ANANTAPUR DISTRICT a crop less draught ridden semi dessert non farming area and in One Survey block of such district At ounce of 24 carats per 5 Tons extraction rate the gold available in one district is 5,939,393 Million tons Valued at current $ 540 per ounce a ton is valued at US $ 17,139,600 or US $ 101,798,820,262,800 -29 Trillion US Dollars Rs 1 Crore Crores (approximately) This is in one district of AP. What is the data on others ?
  33. 33. How much we have ?
  34. 34. Uranium & Union Carbide• Pulivendula SEZ• Vemula Mandal, Tummalapalle Uranium Project• Atomic Mineral Development Corporation of India collecting Samples• World Class best Uranium unlimited deposits• But this is not extracted by NFL.• It is done by UCIL (Union Carbide India Limited)• Rs 1106.27 Crores investment, 1700 acres of land• The one responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy.• Till now after 35 years after tragedy there is no end for Bhopal’s Victims compensation nor the address of MD Anderson.• This uranium may have made us not dependent on US 123. But ……
  35. 35. Imaging Technologies Resource MappingIn Third World Such equipment is loaded into passenger planes and statedthey lost signal and stray over and take the imaging.
  36. 36. Imaging Technologies Resource MappingThe radar is powerful enough to penetrate dense jungles to reveal the riches under the dense jungles even innight. Most third world countries are forced to open their international routes in night only.
  37. 37. Imaging Technologies Resource MappingGround Penetration Radar (GPR) Images can take up to 1000 MetersOne Advancement is Laser Mapping this is done in 1999 from thenWe have liberalization. Exactly what we have is known to All except US.To have more clarity Megha Mathanam is done by small Planes withSophisticated photography equipment
  38. 38. Imaging Technologies Resource MappingAirplanes Like this in the name of cloud seeding fitted withAdvanced censors used to get the data from ground
  39. 39. Agriculture, Food Security and Public Health• Here we’ll examine about food sufficiency of India
  40. 40. Liberalization and Agriculture• Towards Agriculture Dependency Agriculture 123• 2005 Green Revolution ideology• KIA 2006Indo US Knowledge Initiative on Agricultural Education Research Service and Commercial Linkages• a. Reinforces Private Researchers in Agriculture b. US private interests in Driver seat of our Agriculture• These two will decide the future priorities of Central ICAR (Indian Council on Agricultural Research)and State run Agricultural Universities Indian agriculture should move towards business orientation increased US penetration• To get this happen Scientists in Agricultural research should re construct their orientation towards US business model Farmers should lend their fields for experimentation• 1.Internships in areas of bio technology through collaboration like Bharti-Wal Mart• 2.April 2008 -Pigeon Pea Genomics Initiative -internships Collaboration on drought resistant Rice and Wheat.• 3.Research around Casava, Potato, banana, papaya.• 4.Contract Farming and Bio fuels.• 5.De institutionalization of Research• 6.Farmer led scientist assisting Research –to private interest led corporate sponsored farmer participating Kanchi Kohli, Kalpavriksh, Environmental Action Group, Shalini Bhutani, GRAIN, NGO As reported in 2008 Sep 18. HTI.
  41. 41. Tragedy in Agriculture• Total Number of Farmers suicides since Liberalization 1995-2005 250,000• States where they did• 1. Maharashtra• 2. Tamil Nadu• 3. Karnataka• 4. Orissa• 5. Andhra Pradesh• All these states are where the Bt Cotton was introduced by Agri MNCs like Monsanto at very high prices.• But Bt is the naturally occuring biological material taken from India and Monsanto never said that until they are fined in 2008 by Courts in India.• Where upon they claim they only copied the process not the biological material.• Monsanto raked billions on this Bt including from India with not a single rupee paid to Any one in India. After court fine they said they will build a community center in the Area from where this material is taken than accepting for the court ordered settlement
  42. 42. Food Security Situation• FOOD AVAILABILITY• 1998-2002 More Than Required• 2007-2008 Per Capita Availability equaled only 1970 Mark• 2011-2012 20 Million Tons need to be imported 1970- 2007• Per Capita Production 200 kgs 295 kgs• Loss in Government Warehouses• 2005 0.92 Lac Tons• 2006 0.30 Lac Tons• 2007 0.34 Lac Tons
  43. 43. Food Security-Edible oils• 1973 Self Sufficiency Policy Implemented (Oil Technology Mission)• 1993 Self Sufficiency achieved• Post Liberalization• 2008 Import of Edible oils• EXIM Bank Loans Rs 200 Crores for cultivation of edible oils inUruguay Paraguay at a cost of US $ 3000 per hectare for the following Gujarat Ambuja, Liberty Oil, Keroil, Pranab Agro, Vitul Oil or a consortium of These
  44. 44. Food Security Biodiversity small scale industry data• National Bio Diversity Authority annual Report2008• Total Medicinal Plants 15 000• Near Extinction in Villages of India 429• 6.5 Lac Tons of Cashew Seeds Imported• Small Scale Industries closed Down 40 000• Lost employment 13, 00, 000• Entered BPL (Below Poverty Line) 65, 00, 000
  45. 45. Drug Abuse-Repeat of drugging of China by East India Companies Drug Confiscation in last 5 years(2001/2002 there is a drop because of US war on Afghanistan)
  46. 46. Public Health in Private Hands Case Study• SWINE FLU :Historical Back Ground• In February 1976, an outbreak of swine flu struck Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey, killing a 19-year-old private and infecting hundreds of soldiers. Concerned that the U.S. was on the verge of a devastating epidemic, President Gerald Ford ordered a nationwide vaccination program at a cost of $135 million (some $500 million in todays money). Within weeks, reports surfaced of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease that can be caused by the vaccine. By April, more than 30 people had died of the condition. Facing protests, federal officials abruptly canceled the program on Dec. 16. The epidemic failed to materialize.• Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the vaccine. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths. However, several hundred people developed crippling Guillain-Barré Syndrome after they were injected with the swine flu vaccine. Even healthy 20-year-olds ended up as paraplegics. And for the swine flu pandemic itself? It never materialized.• In 1976, President Ford offered indemnity to the vaccine manufacturers
  47. 47. Swine Flu -Contd• There is a tendency in India among many medical professionals that if it comes form FDA and WHO then it is infallible and word of God. This belief is not shared within USA by many medical professionals or among world communities. They believe that these agencies are fallible, susceptible for political pressure, guard medical pharma interests over health and their policies are always not helpful to third world.• In this connection it is prudent to remember the Indonesian Health Minister has said the United States and the World Health Organization are part of a global conspiracy to profit from the spread of bird flu and the US may use samples to produce biological weapons.• In the book, Dr Supari writes that WHO laboratories forwarded influenza viruses to Western companies so they could profit by selling vaccines back to developing countries: "The system of world health management has been very exploitative. It has been controlled by inhumanly desires, based on the greediness to raise capital and to control the world.“• Some Indonesian samples had been sent to a US Defense Department laboratory, Dr Supari says, adding that "some of our seed viruses had been in a laboratory known as a facility developing biological weapons in a superpower country". The WHO declined to comment and no US officials were available.• And Now it is WHO that raised the level of Swine Flu to a pandemic of 5. Who benefits ?• Is it a get back WHO giving for falling US economy by boosting vaccine sales to third World ?
  48. 48. Integrated Medicine Why ?• TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Ayurveda• Western Approach and Integration• Historical Evolution and Integration of TCM and Ayurveda• in to Western Diagnostic Approach• 3000 BC to 2009 AD
  49. 49. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Ayurveda Western Approach and Integration• 2596 B. C. Emperor Huang Ti asked to translate Ayurveda in to Chinese• 2697 B.C. ‘Nei Ching’ or Yellow Emperor’s Classic if Internal Medicine was written• 1800 AD Jesuit Missionaries started bringing most of the manuscripts in to Europe• 1884 AD Under the influence of ‘western modernization’ Emperor Tao-kuang banned TCM in Royal Palace.• 1934 AD Chairman Mao tse Tung introduced TCM to keep the health of vast legions. TCM helped soldiers to keep health, get away with pandemics, even under worst enduring conditions between 1934-49.• 1949 AD TCM is declared as integral part of New China under Chairman Mao.• 1969 AD TCM became the main stream medicine in China replacing western medicine• 1972 AD President Nixon ordered a serious research in to TCM in USA.• 2000 AD Validation Confirmation of Chinese (Ayurveda) TCM in west as their own discoveries under names Chrono biology etc.• 2009 AD China exports most of western medicine while they continue to use internally for their population TCM remedies only including for Swine Flu.
  50. 50. Ayurveda(TCM)and WEST• 2596 B. C. Ayurveda was practiced all over India• 2697 B.C. ‘Hundreds of Samhitas on Ayurveda’existed in India• 1800 AD Jesuit Missionaries started bringing most of the manuscripts in to Europe• 1857 AD Under the influence of ‘western modernization’ East India Company and British Government banned Ayurveda from public domain• 1947 AD Indian leaders wanted only western medicine under surrender slave mentality• 1949 AD Western Medicine was declared as integral part of New India under Indian Leaders.• 1969 AD Western Medicine became the main stream medicine in India replacing Ayurveda• 1972 AD West started collecting Ayurvedic manuscripts in India with full force• 2000 AD Validation Confirmation of Ayurveda and TCM in west as their own discoveries like Chronobiology etc.. While forcing all major research in to Ayurveda in India to close down including colleges• 2009 AD Exports majority of all Ayurvedic medicines herbs for west and import western medicine for our population including for Swine Flu.
  51. 51. 1990 –2005 A(yur)Veda & Estee Lauder• The company’s name “Aveda” stands for A(yur)Veda.• Started by an American devotee of Hindu gurus, when he lived in India• Goal was to bring Ayurveda to the West Later, he sold it to Estee Lauder for a huge sum• Today, Aveda is the world leader in the packaging and distribution of Ayurveda products, often not publicly recognizable as being Ayurvedic.• Estee Lauder sources herbs from countries other than India• This technology transfer went largely unnoticed and without royalties• Nor has Estee Lauder reinvested in India’s tradition in the form of education or further R & D.• Many Indian Ayurvedic clinics promote Aveda products and get free samples.• Kerala’s herbal exports suffer as Indian herbs are transplanted to large-scale farms in California• This technology transfer program was presented to the Indians at University of California, Santa Barbara, as an example of their great respect for Indian traditions.
  52. 52. Energy Security and National Sovereignity• Energy Security is considered as a measure of National Sovereignity in the modern world so it is essential to evaluate its trends in Indian Republic.
  53. 53. Auto erotica Vs Energy Security• Transport is the fastest-growing area of oil use.• The global car fleet now numbers more than 500 million and that is expected to increase five-fold –to 3 billion vehicles –by 2020.• Vehicle traffic consumes an estimated 60% of global oil production.• In the US between 1969 and 1995 the number of vehicles increased at six times the rate of the population while in Western Europe passenger car traffic doubled from 1970 to 1995.• Industrial nations have 19% of the world population but use nearly 69% of all energy that goes to transport. The US use more than a third of the world‘s transport energy.• Worldwide the share of carbon dioxide from transport rose from 17% in 1971 to 23% in 1997.• There are already more than 500 million cars on the world’s roads, all pumping out smog-generating toxic fumes and deadly carbon dioxide
  54. 54. WIND ENERGY• The world‘s biggest installation opened in 1999 in Storm Lake, Iowa: 257 turbines sprinkled across more than 100 farms with each farmer earning about $2,000 a year.• Denmark, a pioneer in the field, currently gets 8 per cent of its electricity from wind while Germany gets 10 per cent and Spain gets 25 per cent of their electricity in the same way.• In the Third World, India is the wind-power leader but Worldwatch notes that China could easily double its total electricity generation from this source.
  55. 55. ENERGY TRENDS DEVELOPMENTAL ECONOMICS WHAT WE SHOULD STUDY Basic concepts (I) How do you define energy?Keep on the sunny sideOil may be number one. But renewable alternativesare on the rise. And 14% of the world’s energy still comes from biomass –wood, animal dung and crop waste.• Each day’s sunshine contains more energy than the planet’s 5.9 billion inhabitantswould consume in 27 years.3• It would take an investment of about $660 million to make solar electricitycompetitive, about half of one per cent of the $89 billion spent by oil companies onexploration and production in 1998 alone.4