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Ar is coming

  1. 1. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 For more PPT templates,visit : 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 AR Is Coming Chen Liting Tan Sida She Wangjing
  2. 2. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 AR Application
  3. 3. What is AR? VS AR • image a new world e.g. play video games • simulate the real world e.g. watch sports live VR • bring out the components of the digital world into a person's perceived real world e.g. HoloLens (微軟) google glasses
  4. 4. Games AR has been increasingly applied in game industry. Application 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100  Snow  Spot message
  5. 5. 101101100010101110001011101001110001101 Applications 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 • In July this year, Tencent launched a large-scale event with AR technology, attracting 1,211,425 scans of an AR identity map within 24 hours. Users could scan the map and get involved in the torch relay of coming Rio Olympic Games. Social Interaction • Black Mirror
  6. 6. Application AR has potential application in at least two circumstances. • help doctors perform everyday tasks • made full use of in medical education Healthcare
  7. 7. Application Automobile industry Volvo Jaguar
  8. 8. Military Retail Engineering 100% 100% 100% Application Other industries
  9. 9. 101101100010101110001011101001110001101 Core Technology 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 Object Recognition Face Recognition Area Recognition ComputerVision
  10. 10. Market Expectation According to a report by Goldmansachs,the market size of VR and AR will reach up to 80 billion dollars in 2025, including software and hardware, covering video game, live events, healthcare and other industries. 60% 80billion 25%
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  12. 12. Photograph: Piroschka van de Wouw/EPA Photograph: Action Press/Rex/Shutterstock The streets are suddenly full of people ignoring obvious obstacles and dangers because they are playing a collective game on their smartphones.
  13. 13. AR game: Pokémon Go This summer’s hit mobile game Made by San Francisco- based Niantic, spurred renewed interest in augmented reality, the technology that lets virtual objects appear as though they’re in the real world. In the case of Pokémon Go, players have to travel — including to places they may never have visited before — to find and catch all the Pokémon in
  14. 14. AR game: Pokémon Go 58% Dangerous Teenagers caught playing game while driving near pedestrians. “Pokemon is dangerous,” police wrote on Twitter. “We just about hit a girl who almost walked in front of us.” Walk more Pokémon Go made you walk 25% more than you used to—— “Influence of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity” Great experience “not a good game, but a great experience.”
  15. 15. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 Pokémon Go----adopting AR 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 Add, enhance reality “I think it will be a real driver for people to adopt and bring people into the field to use AR.” —Taylor Freeman “looking for Pokemon”
  16. 16. AR game: Pokémon Go “I don’t really believe that AR has proved anything. I believe that it proved that it applies very well to Pokémon.” ----A games developer Pokémon Go has opened the doors for a new wave of AR games. Apple plans to invest in augmented reality following success of Pokémon Go. Influence
  17. 17. 101101100010101110001011101001110001101 AR game: Pokémon Go 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 More social interaction Pokémon Go Plus Put little accessories on pets Future Now: a wearable accessory(Bluetooth-connected device) that vibrates to alert players when they can take some action in the game More: AR glasses! "Maybe at some point in the future there will be augmented reality glasses which overlay Pokémon and other things seamlessly into our environment." Being able to put accessories on your Pokémon. And then just more of the Pokémon breeding, kind of Tamagotchi aspect. Having more opportunities for social interaction within the game. Some way of being able to team up with your friends in the game would be pretty cool – bringing some of the real-world richness of social interactions into the game somehow.
  18. 18. 101101100010101110001011101001110001101 Future of AR 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 Apple is working on a set of smart glasses. Apple's glasses sound similar to Google Glass. " The glasses may be Apple's first hardware product targeted directly at AR." It is not clear how Apple would overcome the issues that Google faced, nor if the project will progress, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed Apple‘s deep interest in augmented reality multiple times, suggesting something big is in the works. Apple plans to invest in AR
  19. 19. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 ----Kevin Anderton reality-the-future-and-pokemon-go-infographic/#3be3a5aa4e66
  20. 20. Problems Google Glass Sucks! com/watch?v=4_X6EyqX a2s Privacy? Safety?
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  22. 22. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 How Journalism use AR 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 scan some triggered thing like photo or QR code to get more lively information(mostly moving animation with sound) that attracts you easily. Living magazine Live events ARNews
  23. 23. However the territory of AR journalism is still mostly unexploded and not popular enough, even from a technological perspective, the use of AR in journalism is still in its embryonic phase.
  24. 24. 10110110001010111000101110100111000110100 VR Journalism 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 compared with AR, VR + Journalism has been more popular and taken into practice more often as well as more investment in. such as NTY, ABC NEWS, BBC NESW, and the Guardian.
  25. 25. VR + journalsim VR news Here we need to answer a key question : why are we using VR in your storytelling in the first place? narrative & ethical problems, new set of guidlines
  26. 26. 1 when to use(standford VR journalism guidelines) Places that are hard to get to or where people are unlikely to go. 2 Where being in the actual space deepens one’s understanding of a story beyond a written narrative, photos or regular video. (NYT VR) 3 And most crucially, where turning your head side-to-side is essential. If all the action is front and centre— say at a political debate — you don’t need spherical video. majority of news are not suited for VR, and most of the VR pieces may only complement other forms of reporting rather than replace them.
  27. 27. 1 rules of narrative They should last no longer than four or five minutes. 2 Virtual reality does not always work as a stand-alone journalism project. Better to think of it as an add-on that brings added value to other forms of reporting.
  28. 28. ethical delimma How do you balance the needs of journalists to create a narrative and at the same time allow viewers to explore the VR space? Framing is no longer the most relevant part of filmmaking in this medium. Instead, it is placement of the camera rig. Should the video journalist be in the shot? Should the journalist appear and narrate? Question? Question?
  29. 29. ethical dilemma How do we as journalists reconcile empathy with objectivity and other traditional standards? Will it make viewers feel like there is an agenda? Is that OK?
  30. 30. 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 Technology barries 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 1011011000101011100010111010011100011 0100 360-degree with &withous a headset camera challenges the post-production pain high-cost, less investment
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