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Alibaba CSR Presentation


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Corporate Social Responsibility Theory and Practice of Alibaba with some cases in support.

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Alibaba CSR Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Social Responsibility Report Presentation for Class INTAF 597 Miaoqiang Dai MIA ’19 Candidate PSU SIA September 27, 2017
  2. 2. Contents • Our CSR Theory • Our CSR Practice Internal & External • Cases
  3. 3. 1 Figures • 4.7 Billion people participated Public Welfare activities through Alibaba platforms (15 times of U.S. population) • ¥ 5.7 Hundred Million from 3.1 Hundred Million Users donated to 2 Million people in need • 1.4 Hundred Thousand hours of Public Welfare works from Alibaba employees * Figures from 2016/2017 Alibaba Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  4. 4. Our CSR Theory 2 • CSR Rooted in our Business Model Driven by Our Mission Make it easy to do business anywhere Led by Culture Open, Share, Transparent, Responsibility Practiced Under Strategy Globalization, Rural E-commerce, Big Data
  5. 5. Our CSR Practice Internal Layer 3 • For Customers Crackdown on Credit-Fraudulence and Fake Goods, Business Infrastructures (Domestic & Int’l) Business Training • For Employees Basic Rights and Interests, Training and Development, Improvement of Work Environment, Employee Care • For Shareholders Sound and Trasparant Internal Control System
  6. 6. Our CSR Practice External Layer 4 • The Market Level Responsible Supply Chain, Promoting Industry Development (Ali Institute, Taobao U) Boosting Economic Development Increasing Domestic Demand; Internet Economy; Sharing Economy, Economy of Rural Areas • The Government Level Application of Big Data & Cloud Tech. (Typhoon Path) Judicial Auction
  7. 7. Taobao Village 5 • 1311 Taobao E- commerce Villages • Sold more than 1 hundred million items last year • Directly created 8.5 hundred thousand jobs • More than 11,000 rural e-commerce shops sales more than 1 million per year China’s No.1 E-commerce Village *Picture from *data from Ali Institute
  8. 8. Our CSR Practice External Layer 6 • The Society Level Prompting Employment Encouraging Enterprises, Creating Jobs Public Welfare (Employee and Platform) Alibaba Foundation (0.3% of Revenue each yr & raise) • The Environment Level Green Office (Buildings, Industrial Parks); Big Data Supports for Environmental Protection Enveronmental Protection Programs
  9. 9. TuanYuan System 7 • Missing Children Information Posting Sytem • 1274 missing children are found over 1317 cases reported to the system in 1 year Mom and Dad, where are you? *Picture from *data from
  10. 10. Ant Forest Program 8 • 2.2 Hundred Million People Participated • Carbon Accounts helped reduce 6.7 Hundred Thousand Tons of Carbon Emision • Planted 8.45 Million Suosuo Trees in desert *Picture from Ant Financial Website *data from Figures from 2016/2017 Alibaba Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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