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OMSC. 2014-15 brochure

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OSMC 2014 2015-brochure

  1. 1. Seminars for International Church Leaders, Missionaries, Mission Executives, Pastors, Educators, Students, and Lay Leaders For over ninety years, missionaries and international church leaders have been finding renewal at the Overseas Ministries Study Center.Thatrenewalcomesthroughparticipatinginourinternationalandinterdenominationalcommunity.Itcomesaswellthrough scholarly research, writing, and lectures.The seminars described in this brochure make up OMSC’s graduate-level, noncredit study program. Residents stay in OMSC’s fully furnished apartments and guest rooms for a week or two, a few months, or an entire pro- gram year. For however long they are here, we at OMSC welcome new and ongoing friends with Christian hospitality that enables the kind of encouragement and deepened insight that active servants need. Details: www.omsc.org/about 2014–2015 OMSC STUDY AND RESIDENCE PROGRAM Overseas Ministries Study Center • 490 Prospect Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, U.S.A. (203) 624­-6672, ext. 315 • study@OMSC.org • www.OMSC.org Serving God’s Servants from around the World
  2. 2. Fall 2014 September 3, 2014 (Wednesday) Apublic reception to welcome the 2014–2015 OMSC international community of residents will be held at 4:00 p.m. All are invited. September 11–12, 2014 (Thursday–Friday) U.S. Churches Today. Rev. GeoffreyA. Little,All Nations Christian Church (New Haven), provides an overview with a guided tour of New Haven and area churches. $95. September 15–17, 2014 (Monday–Wednesday) Spirituality and Leadership. Dr. Tow Yow Chew, Malaysia Theo- logical Seminary, Seremban, urges Christian leaders from Ephesians 4 and Romans 12 not to overlook their own personal transformation as they disciple others toward Christlikeness. Cosponsored by Taman Ujong Methodist Church, Malaysia. $95. September 18–19 (Thursday–Friday) Leadership, Fund-Raising, and Donor Development for Missions. Mr. Rob Martin, First Fruit Institute, Newport Beach, California, outlines steps for building the support base, including foundation funding, for mission. Cospon- sored by Moravian Board of World Mission. $95. September 23–24, 2014 (Tuesday–Wednesday) Stress and the Missionary: Seeking a Healthy Response. Ms. Barbara Hüfner-Kemper, psychotherapist and United Methodist missionary, White Plains, New York, helps participants walk through common ex- periences of stress. She asks, “What does stress do to the brain and the body and how can we find a healthy response? Cosponsored by United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries. $95. September 29–October 2: (Monday–Thursday) How to Develop Mission and Church Archives. Ms. Martha Lund Smalley, Yale Divinity School Li- brary, helps missionaries and church leaders identify, organize, and preserve essential records. $175. October 6–9, 2014 (Monday–Thursday) The Internet and Mission: Getting Started. Mr. Wilson Thomas, Wilson Thomas Systems, Bedford, N.H., and Dr. Dwight P. Baker, Overseas Ministries Study Center, in a hands-on workshop, show how to get the most out of the World Wide Web for mission research. $175. October 20–23, 2014 (Monday–Thursday) Nurturing and Educating Transcultural Kids. Ms. Janet Blomberg, Interaction Inter- national, and Ms. Elizabeth Stephens, of Libby Stephens: Humanizing the Transition Experience, help you help your children meet the challenges they face as third culture persons. $175. October 27–30, 2014 (Monday–Thursday) Building Bridges with Hindus in Diaspora. Dr.Atul Y.Aghamkar, OMSC senior mission scholar, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, India, will discuss Hindu migrants’beliefs, practices, and perceptions about Christianity, and suggest ways Christians might relate with Hindus. Co- sponsored by Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, Fairfield, Connecticut. $175. November 10–14, 2014 (Monday–Friday) Revival in Christendom and the (Re-)Emergence of World Christianity. Professor Andrew F. Walls, University of Edin- burgh, Liverpool Hope University, and Akrofi- Christaller Institute, explores the relation of the Pietist and early Evangelical movements to the missionary movement from the West, and how activities originally directed to Christian societ- ies in the West had abiding effects far beyond those societies. He delivers OMSC’s tenth Distinguished Mission Lectureship series—five lectures with discussions. Cosponsored by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and The Mission Society. $175. November 17–20, 2014 (Monday–Thursday) Healing the Wounds of Trauma: Help for Ourselves and Others. Dr. Harriet Hill, Trauma Healing Institute of theAmer- ican Bible Society, helps participants use Scripture and basic mental health principles to find healing of emotional pain and equips them to help others. $175. December 1–4, 2014 (Monday–Thursday) The Gospel of Peace in Dynamic Engagement with the Peace of Islam. Dr. David W. Shenk, Eastern Mennonite Missions, explores the church’s calling to bear witness to the Gospel of peace in its engagement with Muslims, whether in contexts of militancy or in settings of mod- eration. Cosponsored by Eastern Mennonite Mission and Mennonite Central Committee. $175. September–December 2014 (Select Friday Mornings) Panel Discussion Series. Five Friday mornings, OMSC residents and other interested partici- pants will attend and then debrief public “Hot Coffee, Hot Issues” panel discussions led byYale World Fellows. On two Friday mornings OMSC residents will hold public community forums on topics about which they have special concern, experience, and expertise. The 2014–2015 OMSC Study Program Register for a seminar at www.omsc.org/seminars. For details on OMSC programs, publications, resources, and seminars, go to www.omsc.org.
  3. 3. January Student Seminars on World Mission “Developing Your Christian Worldview” January 6–9, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Caribbean Encounters with Protestant Missions. Dr. Elmer LavastidaAlfonso, Second Baptist Church, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, considers how, since 1900, Cuba, Jamaica, and other nearby islands have encoun- tered Protestant missions. $175. January 13–16, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) The Holy Spirit and Korea, North and South. Rev. Ben Torrey, The Fourth River Project and Jesus Abbey, Taebaek, Kangwon Do, South Korea, examines the impact of four generations of his family in Korea, beginning with evangelist R. A. Torrey’s sowing of seeds for revival. Cosponsored by United Church of Westville, New Haven, Connecticut. $175. January 20–23, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Culture, Values, and Worldview: Anthropology for Mission Practice. Dr. Darrell Whiteman, The Mission Society, shows how one’s worldview and theology of culture affect cross-cultural mission. $175. January 26–30, 2015 (Monday–Friday) Missionaries in the Movies. Dr. Dwight P. Baker, Overseas Ministries Study Center, utilizes both video clips and full-length feature films to examine the way missionaries have been represented in the movies over the past century. Cosponsored by The Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, Ilinois. $175. Spring 2015 February 24–27, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) For the City Yet to Come: An Introduction to Ministry in an Urban World. Dr. Mark. R. Gornik, representing the City Seminary of New York faculty team, asks, “What is taking place in the urban church? Are there particular patterns and practices? What direction does the Bible pro- vide?” This course provides an intro- duction to theology, mission, and ecclesiology in a world of cities. $175. March 3–6, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Theological Formation for Integral Mission. Ms. Ruth Padilla DeBorst,OMSCse- nior mission schol- ar, International Fellowship for Mis- sion as Transfor- mation, San José, Costa Rica, examines the missional value of contextual theological practice that integrates faith with all of life. Cospon- sored by Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. $175. March 10–13, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Christianity in America. Dr. Edith L. Blumhofer, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, introduces participants to the formative role Christianity has played throughout U.S. history. $175. March 17–18, 2015 (Tuesday–Wednesday) OMSC Resident-Led Seminar Sessions. OMSC residents, who are experienced missionaries, church leaders, and scholars from around the world, will lead morning and afternoon seminars on topics about which they have special concern, experi- ence, and expertise. Check www.omsc.org/seminars for details. $95. March 24–27, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Servant Mission in a Troubled World. Dr. Jonathan J. Bonk, OMSC executive director emeri- tus, examines theological, ethical, and missiological implications of political violence, human dislocation, economic inequity, and religious ideology as contexts for Christian life and witness. Cosponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Church, New Haven, Connecticut. $175. April 7–10, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Ethnicity as Gift and Barrier: Human Identity and Christian Mission. Dr. Tite Tiénou, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, works from first-hand experience in Africa to identify the “tribal” issues faced by the global church in mission. Cosponsored by Trinity Baptist Church, New Haven, Connecticut. $175. April 14–17, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Doing Oral History: Helping Christians Tell Their Own Story. Dr. Jean-Paul Wiest, Jesuit Beijing Center, Beijing, China, and Ms. Michèle Sigg, Dictionary of African Christian Biography, share skills and techniques for documenting mission and church history. Cosponsored by the U.S. Center for World Mission. $175. April 21–24, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Culture, Interpersonal Conflict, and Christian Mission. Dr. Duane H. Elmer, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, helps Christian workers strengthen interpersonal skills, resolve conflicts, and minimize cultural misunderstanding. Cosponsored by SIM USA. $175. May 5–8, 2015 (Tuesday–Friday) Spiritual Renewal in the Missionary Community. Rev. Stanley W. Green, Mennonite Mission Network, and Dr. Christine Sine, Mustard Seed Associates, blend classroom instruction and one-on-one sessions to offer counsel and spiritual direction for Christian workers. Cosponsored by Mennonite Mission Network. $175. City Seminary of New York faculty lead OMSC residents on a mis- sion tour near Ground Zero.
  4. 4. OMSC, IBMR, E-mail Notices, and Facebook Updates from the Overseas Ministries Study Center and the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, including public lecture announcements and the semiannual Hearth newsletter, may be read online. Please sign up to receive them by e-mail. To receive an e-mail message from time to time, sign up at www.omsc.org/notices. We also invite you to find out the latest from OMSC and the IBMR via Facebook. Details: www.omsc.org/fb and www.internationalbulletin.org/fb International Bulletin of Missionary Research With in-depth analyses of worldwide Christianity and mission-focused book reviews, the International Bulletin of Missionary Research—fully searchable online—is a premier source of information on the world church in mission. The IBMR includes feature articles and book reviews written by worldwide specialists on Christian mission, the “Legacy” series with engaging accounts of pivotal mission leaders of the last two centuries, the equally engaging “My Pilgrimage in Mission” series that provides insight into the lives of some of today’s most distinguished mission scholars and practitioners, regional surveys, and analyses of important mission documents and consultations. Maintaining high academic editorial standards, the IBMR providesaneditorialvoicethat is dispassionate, analytical, fair-minded, and nonpartisan. The IBMR is available online as a free e-journal (PDF and HTML) or in print (four issues for $23 a year). Details: www.internationalbulletin.org Senior Mission Scholars in Residence Each program year the Overseas Ministries Study Center welcomes senior mis- sion scholars, who provide leadership in the study program and are available to OMSC residents. FALL 2014: DR. ATUL Y. AGHAMKAR, who researches in the area of Hindus in the Diaspora, is professor and head of the Department of Missiology at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, India. Previ- ously, he taught and directed the Department of Missiology at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, Maharashtra. Dr. Aghamkar is coauthor of Christian Missions in Maharashtra: Retrospect and Prospect (2010). SPRING 2015: RUTH PADILLA DeBORST has been involved in leadership development and theological education in Latin America for several decades. As a board member of the Latin American Theological Fellowship she serves on the networking team of INFEMIT, The International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (http://infemit.org). She and her husband, James, live in Costa Rica and are members of the Casa Adobe community (www.casaadobe.org). Details: www.omsc.org/scholars Scholarship Options and Support Each academic year OMSC invites international Christian workers—especially those engaged in cross-cultural ministries—to apply for scholarships for residency and study. If accepted, they receive furnished accommodations and modest living stipends. Scholarships are granted on a competitive basis. Competition for the available scholarships is keen, and each year many deserving applicants must be turned down due to a lack of resources. To enable broader participation by international mission and church leaders, OMSC is working to increase its present level of scholarship fund- ing. Individuals, churches, mission agencies, and foundations are invited to support this ministry. Details: www.omsc.org/scholarships and www.omsc.org/donations Academic Options and Certificate OMSC offers a certificate in mission studies to those who participate in 240 or more seminar hours during the program year and submit a final paper (details are online). Work done at OMSC may qualify for credit toward a graduate degree at other institutions. OMSC has affiliate status in the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Continuing Education for Ministry. CEUs are available to those participating in the Study Program. Because the number of guest rooms available at OMSC is limited, please register and reserve a guest room early. A nearby hotel offers OMSC guests a discount. Details: www.omsc.org/study Board of Trustees (As of April 2014) Rev. Dr. David Johnson Rowe, President Mr. Matthew K. McCreight, Vice President James C. Whitney, Esq., Secretary Mr. Edward P. Seibert, Treasurer Mr. William E. Barker Dr. Edith L. Blumhofer Keun Sam Chung, M.D. Rev. Dr. Casely B. Essamuah Rev. Larry Fullerton Rev. Dr. J. Nelson Jennings Rev. Sun Man Kim John Nwangwu, M.D. Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh Dr. Lamin Sanneh Dr. Tite Tiénou Fr. Luke N. Veronis Dr. Darrell L. Whiteman www.omsc.org With appreciation: The large-group cover photo is courtesy of Michael Marsland, Yale University. OMSC Senior Staff Director of International Church Relations Rev. Jin Bong Kim Former missionary and church planter with WEC International in Guinea among the Fulani. Director of Finance and Housing Mrs. Judy C. Stebbins Former director of administration and finance for Yale University Divinity School. Director of Communications, Publications, and Church Relations Rev. Daniel J. Nicholas Former pastor in Vermont and man- aging editor for the Baptist Conven- tion of New England. Director of Property and Facilities Mr. Raymond W. Sola, Jr. Owner of a residential painting company and a member of the Painting and Decorating Contrac- tors of America. Executive Director Rev. J. Nelson Jennings, Ph.D. Former missionary in Japan and professorofworldmission,Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis. The Overseas Ministries Study Center seeks to strengthen the Christian world mission by providing residential programs for the renewal of missionaries and international church leaders, advancement of mission scholarship through research and publication, and continuing education in cross-cultural Christian ministries.