Music,music,music музыка англии. pptx


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Презентация портала Классная оценка

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Music,music,music музыка англии. pptx

  1. 1. Music Music Music
  2. 2. Music is the wine, thatfills the cup ofsilence. RobertFripp
  3. 3. If music be the foodof love, play on. WilliamShakespeare
  4. 4. Music is the universal language of the world. H. Longfellow
  5. 5. Match the musicians with the instruments. 1) Ringo Star a) guitar 2) Vanessa M ae b) harmonica 3) B Dylan ob c) trumpet 4) Louis Armstrong d) drums 5) J imi H endrix e) violin
  6. 6. TheBeatles1950-1980
  7. 7. This group has formed at the end of the 50 th . John, Paul, George, Ringo were amazing and talented boys who made a unique contribution to music and it made a revolution in pop history.The boys composed songs for the youth. Their songsseemed more musical and more exciting then others. The Beatles showed professionalism and made impressive figures on the stage. Their songs andunusual sense of humor drew the peoples’ attention. Girls loved The Beatles and the young men tried to look like them. Newspapers, televisions focused on the group and made it famous. A hysteria that was called “Beatlomania” swept Britain and soon afterwards, America. The group broke up more than 30 years ago. But their songs will live forever.
  8. 8. John Lennon Singer and songwriter John Lennon was one ofthe leaders of the British rock group the Beatles. He is pictured here with his wife, Yoko Ono.
  9. 9. Paul McCartney Paul McCartney teamed with John Lennon to write many of the hit songs recorded by the Beatles in the 1960s.After the Beatles broke up, he enjoyed a successful solo career.
  10. 10. George HarrisonGeorge Harrison was lead guitarist for the Beatles. Like the rest of the band ’ s members, he enjoyeda successful solo career after the Beatles broke up in 1970.
  11. 11. Ringo StarrDrummer Richard Starkey adopted the stage name Ringo Starr early in his career. He kept the name after joining the Beatles in 1962. He continued to perform after the Beatles broke up in 1970.
  12. 12. ELVISPRESLEY(1935-1977)
  13. 13. Elvis Presley was known as "The King" of rock n roll. He was born in Mississippi in 1935. At the age of 13, Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.
  14. 14. .. There Elvis recorded his first song in 1954. He sold millions of records, moved to Hollywood and appeared in 33 films.
  15. 15. Афиша фильма с участиемЭлвиса Пресли «Тюремный рок» 1957 год
  16. 16. ELVIS PRESLEY ,1970 Elvis brought together the musical sounds of the blacks in America and of the country people. His songs started a new period in American music.
  17. 17. ELVIS PRESLEY’S HOUSE (MEMPHIS) Elvis was the most popular performer ofhis day. At the news of his death in 1977,thousands of people gathered outside his home Memphis.
  18. 18. ELVIS PRESLEY’S TOMB Elvis songs are still popular today. People love to imitatehim. There is even an Elvis Presley impersonation Society.Elvis impersonators dress up like Elvis and sing on stage. Some of them actually wish they were Elvis!
  19. 19. LOVE ME TENDER Love me tender Love me sweet Never let me go You have made My life complete And I love you so Love me tender Love me true All my dreams fulfill For my darling I love you And I always will Love me tender Love me long Take me to year heart For its there that I belong And well never part Love me tender Love me true All my dreams fulfill For my darling I love you And I always will Love me tender Love me dear Tell my love Are mine Ill be yours Trough all the years Till the end of time