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ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙ, Ε. Τριγωνάκη & Τ.Μαντικού 2013-2014


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ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙ, Ε. Τριγωνάκη & Τ.Μαντικού 2013-2014

  2. 2. • STUDENTS: Bozios John • Giasirani Vasoula • Intzas Michael • Minas Nick • • Pagonis Jim • Panic Alex • Papagiannakis Michael • Zarkada Stemi TEACHERS: Trigonaki Eleni Mantikou Tina-Stamatia (School Principal) Artistic club: Emilia Argyriou 2
  3. 3. The feathered daughter Once upon a time…. there was a king who had three sons. When he grew old, he called all three of them and told them: “I am very old and will die soon, so I want you to get married quickly”. The young men thought about it and decided to throw their shuttle and to marry the daughter of the house it would stick to. First, the eldest son got prepared. His shuttle went to a king’s palace so he got married to his daughter. Then, the second son did the same and his shuttle went to a vizier’s house so he took his daughter as a wife. The third son throws his shuttle too, but it went too far and got lost. 3
  4. 4. He was very sad so he left. He started walking towards a village that was further ahead. But while walking, he got lost and found himself in far, far places. There he sees a tall tower that did not have any doors, only windows. As he was looking at the tower, he saw his shuttle on the roof. He was shocked and said: “How did my shuttle come so far?” So he decided to wait and see what was happening in the tower and who lived there. Late at night, a dragon lady comes. She goes under a window and shouts at her daughter: “My white as a paper, my red as a rose, Throw me your hair and lift me up”. 4
  5. 5. The prince was watching but didn’t talk. The girl threw her hair and the dragon mother got up. In a little while, here comes the father dragon, who also started shouting: “My white as a paper, my red as a rose, Throw me your hair and lift me up”. The daughter took him up, too. 5
  6. 6. Then came her brother. He also said the same and the girl lifted him up in the same way. When the next morning came, they got down and left. As soon as they left, the young prince went under the window and shouted what he had heard: “My white as a paper, my red as a rose, Throw me your hair and lift me up”. The daughter threw her hair, lifted him up and told him: “Here, not even a bird comes. How did you manage it?” “My luck brought me here”, said the prince. 6
  7. 7. …she turned him into a rose…. Anyway, he sat there all day with the daughter and the talked. When it started getting dark, she told him: “Now you have to go, because in a while my father and mother are coming and they will eat you because they are dragons”. “Can’t you hide me anywhere?” asked the prince that did not want to leave. The daughter had the gift to do anything she wanted. So she turned him into a rose and put him on her ear. 7
  8. 8. Then her mother came and she lifted her up with her hair. But as soon as she got into the house, the dragon mother shouted: “Hmmm! I smell human meat”. “It’s me and eat me”, said the daughter. “No, I will eat the rose”, said her mother. Then the daughter started crying and yelling: “No, my mother! I had it with me all day and bled myself to cut it from the rose garden”. Soon her father came and he said the same. 8
  9. 9. The daughter started crying again and shouted: “No, no!” “Leave her”, said the mother, “and her time will come”. Then her brother came, the same again. She would no way let them eat the rose. The following day the dragons left, so they were alone all day long. The daughter fell in love with the prince, who was very handsome. At night she told him: “Let’s see how I am going to hide you… I will turn you into a little kitten”. When the dragons returned, they shouted again: “Hmmm! We smell human meat”. And they wanted to eat the kitten. But the daughter begged them: “Let it live, don’t eat it, for my sake”. 9
  10. 10. Next morning, after the dragons left, the daughter said to the prince: “I hid you once, I hid you twice, when they wanted to eat you, but there is nothing more I can do. All we can do is leave”. So they want away and left the tower empty. They daughter had a little dog and took it with her, too. When the dragon mother came back, she went under the window shouting: “My white as a paper, my red as a rose…”, nothing. Then the father and brother came, nothing. So used the stairs to get on, saw that their daughter wasn’t there and started shouting and crying. Then the son said: “Didn’t I tell you that those kittens and roses are not a good sign? Now you are crying and shouting”. “Go, my son”, said the dragon mother, “go find her, because I can’t”. Then she turned him into a white cloud and he ran to find his sister. The daughter felt it and said to the prince: “Go see what kind of cloud comes”. The prince said: “White”. “Oh, it’s my brother. Now I will turn you into a flower pot, I will become basil and our little dog grass”. The white cloud came near, approached the earth, her brother was looking all over but found nothing. He saw the pot, smelt the basil, then became a cloud again and returned to his mother. 10
  11. 11. “Hey, why didn’t you bring our daughter?” “I didn’t find her, mother”. “You didn’t find anything at all?” “Only a pot with basil in it”. “Oooh! The basil was our daughter and you didn’t bring her!” Then she sent her husband. “Go”, she told him, “because I can’t”. She turned him into a red cloud and he left. The daughter soon realized it and said to the prince: “Go and see what kind of cloud comes”. The prince said: “Red”. “Oh, it’s my father. Now I will make you a church, I will become a Virgin Mary image and the dog will become a little man sitting on a pew”. The red cloud arrived, her father got down to earth, saw the church, kowtowed in front of the image and returned to the tower. “You didn’t find anything at all?”, asked the dragon mother. “I only found a church with a Virgin Mary image and a little man”. “The image was our daughter and you didn’t bring her. So, now, I will go”. 11
  12. 12. She became a black cloud, and left crying and shouting: “When I find my daughter, I will eat her!” The daughter sensed that they again chased them and said to the prince: “Go and see what kind of cloud comes”. The prince said: “Black”. “Oh, that’s my mother!” and they heard the black cloud moaning. “Now, I will turn you into a river, I will become a little duck and the dog a little fish and when my mother comes and asks for me, if you see me in her hands, go and drown her, so I can rest”. The dragon mother came and shouted: “Come, my daughter, come at our home. You shouldn’t have left!” But she tortured her all day long. She went near her hands, and when the mother was about to catch her, the river tried to drown her and the little duck left. “At least, my little dog, you come with me”, said the dragon mother. But the dog also went near her hands and then slipped and left away. 12
  13. 13. At last the dragon mother got angry and cursed her daughter: “Because you have worried me so much, become half human, half feathered”. Everything happened as she said. The poor girl was now half a bird with a vulture nose. Then the dragon mother left and returned to the tower. The prince had to go back to his home place but was very sad, because he was thinking how he could present his wife, the bird, but what else could he do? “That was my destiny”, he said and took her with him. He rented a house and lived there with his wife and the dog. There he found his brothers, whom he hadn’t seen for so long, but didn’t tell them anything. The feathered daughter didn’t go out at all. Many days passed, until the neighbors found out what was happening. So the news got around and his brothers were very happy and said: “He wanted to find a wife better than ours and brought the bird!” So, they arranged: “Each of us will build a bath for our father, so that we will please him and get his blessing. Our brother won’t be able to do anything and will be very sad”. 13
  14. 14. On Sunday, the prince decided to go to church, because he hadn’t gone for a long time. After the church, as he was returning home, he was very sad thinking his wife’s condition. His brothers stopped him and told him: “We have decided to build a bath for our father, so as to please him and get his blessing. If you want, make one yourself”. “Ok”, he said, “do what you have to do and don’t worry about me”. But when he went home he started crying. “Why are you crying?” his wife asked him. “My brothers told me that they are going to build a bath for our father, but I don’t have any money and that’s why I am sad and crying”. “Let your brothers build the baths and don’t worry at all. Calm down” 14
  15. 15. But she didn’t want to give it to her. “After all that she did, how can she want the little almond?” “But isn’t it hers?” asked the aunt. “It is, but I won’t give it to her”. So the aunt took it by force, gave it to the dog and the dog took it to the daughter. She gave it to her husband and told him: “Take this little almond to a square, a big empty place, and smash it there”. So the brothers started building the baths and all workers went to work, so the baths were soon ready. The prince learnt it and went to tell to his wife. She, turning to the dog, said: “Go, my little dog, to my aunt, and tell her to go to my mother’s and ask from her the little almond that’s on the door. Cry and bark until she gives it to you”. The dog ran to her aunt and told her what the daughter had ordered. The aunt went to the dragon mother and said: “Give me the little almond because your daughter needs it”. 15
  16. 16. “I am leaving!” he shouted and left quickly. Finally, he went to his youngest son’s bath. He got in and didn’t ever want to leave. They brought him lemonade and other stuff and the king was very pleased. “Get my blessing, my son”. The other two, who heard him, got very jealous. “See, we spent so much money, and he built the bath in one moment and got his blessing…” They talked and decided: “Do you know what we should do now? Ask our father to invite us for dinner with our wives. He doesn’t have a proper wife to present so he will be very sad. What will he do, bring the bird?” So they said to their father and the dinner was arranged for Sunday. They found their brother and told him to come with his wife. He went home and started crying again. “What’s wrong? What did they tell you?” his wife asked him. “My father has invited us for dinner with our wives, they will go but I can’t, that’s why I am crying”. “Don’t be sad and don’t worry at all”, she said. But the week was almost over. So he did and a bath appears, a bath like no other in the state. Instead of water it had rose water! It was shiny and lovely. When his brothers saw it, they were shocked and said: “We spent so much money, how did he make it so fast and so beautiful?” Everyone in the village was surprised. The two brothers left to prepare their baths for their father. The father goes to the first bath to wash, “Oh! The water is too hot”. When they wanted to bathe him he almost got burnt. “What kind of bath is it? I am almost burnt. I came to give you my blessing and now I am about to curse you. What were you thinking?”, said the king to his son and left. “But, my father, we spent so much money to please you…” But the king left and went to his second son’s bath. When he was about to enter, the water was as cold as ice! 16
  17. 17. At that moment, the feathers started falling from the bird. Then the daughter realized that her mother had given her blessing. As soon as the dog returned, all the feathers fell and she became more beautiful than ever. The dog gave her the walnut and the peanut and she kept them. When Sunday came, the brothers went to the prince and told him: “Bring your wife with you”, and they were laughing and saying to each other “Who will he bring, the bird? To make the food dirty?” And the prince told them: “You go first and don’t worry about me. My wife is not used to walking on the soil. If you want us to come, put a carpet from our house up to the king’s”. They answered: “He says these on purpose. He doesn’t have a wife and supposedly asks for a carpet”. But they had nothing to lose so brought the carpet. Then the prince told them: “My wife is not used to walking alone. She needs two servants, one for her clothes and one for her hair”. They didn’t believe him again but said: “He does this on purpose but ok, let’s give him two servants to see what he is going to do”. Then, she said to her dog. “Go my little dog to my aunt’s and tell her to go to my mother’s and ask for my little walnut from the shelf and my little peanut and also for her blessing. If she doesn’t give them to you, don’t come back”. So the dog leaves, goes to the aunt and tells her, crying, what the daughter had ordered. The aunt then went to the dragon mother and informed her. But she didn’t want to hear anything. In the end, the aunt told her: “How could you turn your beautiful daughter into a bird? She went to the state to live as a human and you cursed her? Weren’t these things hers? Do you have any other daughter to give them to?” She talked, she begged and in the end, the dragon mother said angrily: “Oh, take the little walnut and the little peanut and go” “She also wants your blessing”, said the aunt. “Oh, ok, she can have my blessing and become even more beautiful than she was”. 17
  18. 18. So there was a fuss, people gathered curious to see the feathered daughter. When she got out so beautiful, they all admitted: “She was right to ask for a carpet and two servants to escort her”. So she went into the palace and greets the king. Then she went into the hall, smashed the little walnut and golden shirts appeared. She gave them to the king as present. He saw them and said: “Have my blessing!” The other wives also brought him shirts, but they were thick, made of flax. After, they all sat around the table to have dinner. The king asked from his daughter in law to sit next to him. The other two said to each other: “Let’s do exactly what she does”. The daughter went in another room, smashed the peanut and a golden hen with her golden chicks appeared. She hid them in her dress and returned to the table. 18
  19. 19. …. Sothe prince and his beautiful wife went to the palace and they lived happily ever after…. While…she was eating, she took some bread and fed the little chicks. Then she gave them some rice. The others were watching and also took rice and bread and put it in their dresses. When the oldest son’s wife stood up, food was falling all around her. The same with the second wife. Their husbands scolded them: “Why did you do these things?” When the daughter stood up, the chicks got out and started twittering and jumping around the king’s head. He was very happy and laughed. Then, he turned to his youngest son and said: “Have my blessing, my son. You should stay here, in the palace, with your nice and kind wife and you will rule the state because I am too old”. His brothers, although they wanted to make him sad, they got green with envy. 19
  20. 20. “Once upon a time there was a king who had three sons. When he grew old, he called all three of them and told them: “I am very old and will die soon, so I want you to get married quickly”. The young men thought about it and decided to throw their shuttle and to marry the daughter of the house it would stick to……” This is a traditional fairytale from Rhodes, a story that has passed from one generation to the other… The author or authors are not known, nor is its exact dating. However, it is an interesting story with a useful moral. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did… RODOS 2013-2014 20
  21. 21. 21