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How to publish bangla book online for Free


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This slide describe how one can publish their book written in bangla for free in online platform Green Net Publishers.

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How to publish bangla book online for Free

  1. 1. First, Find Green Net Publishers in google You can directly type the address
  2. 2. This should be their home page
  3. 3. Now, Go to the Online Book Submission Section You should first read the authors instruction always
  4. 4. This is how the Authors Instruction Page look like
  5. 5. Click on the Submit Book
  6. 6. One you finished and clicked on the submit button of the form You are done
  7. 7. After the publisher confirm your submission with an Manuscript ID Check your Book processing status
  8. 8. You will find the book processing status under the menu Authors Area as “Submitted Book Status”
  9. 9. Thank You Happy Publishing