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Cloud open unveillithium-odlnewrelease-2-ns


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CloudOpen session on June 3rd, 2015

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Cloud open unveillithium-odlnewrelease-2-ns

  1. 1. Unveil Lithium Upcoming OpenDaylight Release June 3, 2015 Masashi Kudo OpenDaylight Ambassador
  2. 2. 1. OpenDaylight Today 2. OpenDaylight in NFV 3. OpenDaylight Lithium Agenda 2
  3. 3. OpenDaylight Today Page 3
  4. 4.  Vendors, Individuals for community activities  49 sponsors in total (as of May 23, 2015)  User Groups for utilization  Advisory Group for advisory Who are Participating? 4 Platinum Gold Silver ODL Sponsors
  5. 5. OpenDaylight as a Platform 5 Provided by Linux Foundation
  6. 6.  Total 20 user groups (as of May 23, 2015)  Asia 9, Middle East 1, ANZ 1, Europe 3, North America 6 ODL User Group 6 Tronto Delhi Baltimore Montreal Raleigh Silicon Valley Tokyo Brisbane Lisboa London Munchen Islamabad Austin Taipei Shenzhen Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Beijing Bangalore
  7. 7. ODL Tokyo User Group 7 1st Meetup (2015/1/24) 2nd Meetup (2015/6/2) Seminar • Helium projects • MD-SAL • Dell’s activities • Okinawa OpenLab PoC Seminar • Carriers’ expectation to open source (Incl. ODL) and virtualization • BGP-LS/PCEP • Network setting with GBP/OpFlex Hands-On • Helium install • Basic operation • L2Switch • VTN Manager
  8. 8.  Assist and support ODL based on real-world network experiences by providing advice and feedback to the ODL TSC regarding:  ODL priorities  ODL’s strategic roadmap  Typical enterprise or service provider architectures and constraints  SDN and NFV use cases  Current advisors from:  AT&T, Comcast, CableLabs, Telefonica, Orange, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom Technik, Arizona State University  For more details,  ODL Advisory Group 8
  9. 9.  Recommendations made by Orange at the third meeting  Identify key SDN Use Cases such as datacenter interconnection, VPN on demand, and virtual network overlays/tunnels.  Ensure CarrierGrade functionality and performance  Drive for ODL to be a reference architecture for relevant standards bodies such as IETF, ITUT, ETSI, etc. Example of Recommendations 9
  10. 10. ODL User Stories 10 using-opendaylight cablelabs-using-opendaylight using-opendaylight
  11. 11. 11 How AT&T is Using ODL From AT&AT NFV World Congress Keynote, May 6, 2015 Provided by Linux Foundation
  12. 12. “Comcast is motivated to reduce the operational complexity of our networks. We’re working toward creating an architecture where the core of the network is not intimately involved in the operation of virtual networks.” – Chris Luke, senior principal engineer, Comcast Early PoCs with OpenDaylight:  Network intelligence abstraction – allowing apps to query the network without adding complexity to the forwarding plane  Overlay edge services – using IPv6 as an underlay at the network edge How Comcast is Using ODL Provided by Linux Foundation
  13. 13. OpenDaylight in NFV Page 13
  14. 14. Other OSS Controllers OPNFV OpenStack ETSI ISG NFV ONFIETF SFC WG NFV Standardization (partial) 14 OpenFlow SFC GBP VTN Manager NSH GS NFV Refer as VN Neutron Service Module OVSDB OpenDaylight OpenFlow OpenFlow NSHSCH VXLAN, GRE, STT
  15. 15.  IETF scope is with SFC encapsulation  NSH and SCH  ONF discusses OpenFlow-based SFC for L4-L7 with SFC encapsulation IETF-SFC vs OpenFlow Non-Outer Encapsulation Outer Encapsulation Non-SFC Encapsulation SFC Encapsulation Scope of the IETF-SFC architecture Main model (NSH, SCH) draft-ietf-sfc-architecture-07 OpenFlow-based SFC (L4-L7) OpenFlow-based SFC (L2-L4) SFC VTN Manager ODL Project
  16. 16.  Service Function Chaining project   NSH based implementation  OpenDaylight Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) project   The implementation is available  The VTN manager covers L2-L4 service insertion, which is steered with OpenFlow OpenDaylight: SFC, VTN
  17. 17. NFV reference architectural framework Scope of OPNFV 1st Release OpenStack Juno OpenDaylight Helium CentOS7 Key Software Components
  18. 18. OpenDaylight Lithium Page 18
  19. 19. 3rd release from OpenDaylight What is Lithium 19 Hydrogen (2014/02) Helium (2014/09) Lithium (2015/06)
  20. 20. Lithium Schedule 20 Date Milestone November 2014 Start Development June 2015 Lithium Release August 2015 Lithium Stable Release September 2015 Lithium Stable2 Release
  21. 21.  43 Projects Participated  Targeted Core Controller Improvements  AD-SAL Deprecation  Core controller refactoring / restructuring  Significant improvement in integration and testing with OpenStack  Improvements in Monitoring and Debugging  Various MD-SAL and Clustering performance improvements Lithium Features 21
  22. 22.  Now, 41 projects in total are working on Lithium  17 Projects newly joined Lithium Projects 22 new project
  23. 23.  Propose AD-SAL to be deprecated in Lithium, removed in Beryllium Abstraction Layer 23
  24. 24.  Discussion continues on refactoring the controller into smaller pieces.  The logical components  AD-SAL – Proposal to deprecate in Lithium, removed in Beryllium  MD-SAL  Config Subsystem  Network Service Functions  L2 Switch (already decoupled in Helium)  Change the location to store OpenFlow related code  from Controller project to OpenFlow Plugin Refactoring the Core Controller 24
  25. 25.  Improved Integration, Stability, and Scalability  Significant Expansion of CI Testing  Clustering Integration & Scalability Testing  Improved Integration of OVSDB, VTN, GBP, and SFC with Neutron  New and Improved Features  Improved Controller Restart Capabilities  Bi-directional REST Call Support  Improvements in DVR, LBaaS, GBP, and SFC support Lithium/Kilo Wishlist 25
  26. 26. Classification Project name Overview Proposed by Platform enhancements Device Identification and Driver Management Framework to inform the Controller of new (non- Openflow) devices, collect data from the device, update the inventory model, and invoke the appropriate Device Drivers to manage the device HP Internet of Things Data Management Develops a oneM2M compliant IoT Data Broker, middleware and protocol support to enable authorized applications to retrieve IoT data uploaded by any device Cisco Link Aggregation Control Protocol Auto-discover and aggregate multiple links between LACP enabled endpoints or switches DELL Persistence Implements application persistence logic for query-able and nonmodeled data (aka, object store) in ODL HP Time Series Data Repository Maintains a repository and a set of time series data services to collect, store, query and maintain relevant time series data available to ODL DELL Cisco List of new projects (1/3) 26
  27. 27. Classification Project name Overview Proposed by Platform enhancements VPN Service Develops VPN related functions Ericsson Unified Secure Channel Builds a unified secure communication tunnel between network elements and the OpenDaylight controller Huawei Southbound plugin CAPWAP Provides MD-SAL Plugin to support the CAPWAP Protocol library and 802.11 bindings OpFlex Develops functions to support OpFlex Cisco SNMP Plugin Allows applications and controller services to interact with devices using SNMP HP Cisco Source-Group Tag eXchange Protocol Protocol which propagates information about the binding of an IP address to a Source-Group Tag (SGT) between network devices Cisco List of new projects (2/3) 27
  28. 28. Classification Project name Overview Proposed by Network abstraction ALTO Protocol providing abstractions and services for simplified network views and network services ALTO(RFC 7285) Yale University Tongji University Bell Labs Network Intent Composition Enables the controller to manage and direct network services and network resources based on describing the “Intent” for network behaviors and network policies HP NEC Huawei Ciena Topology Processing Framework Creates framework for topology aggregation and filtering that will provide a unified topology view (multi-protocol, Underlay & Overlay) Ericsson Pantheon Release support Release Engineering – Autorelease Builds Opendaylight release artifacts as well as routing test build, e.g. daily, weekly test Huawei Cisco Development support Controller Core Functionality Tutorials Explains the core functionality of the Controller, and creates tutorials to help develop functionalities Cisco List of new projects (3/3) 28
  29. 29.  Network Intent Composition (NIC)  NIC will enable the controller to manage network services and resources based on the “Intent”  NIC will be designed to be protocol agnostic Example of Network Abstractions 29 • Intent: “what”, not “how” • Intent as the “universal language” • Intent is invariant • Intent is portable • Intent is compose-able • Intent is scale-able • Intent Brings Context Provided by Dave Lenrow@HP
  30. 30. Intent versus Prescription 30 Intent  What I want, not how to do it  Portable, independent of protocol, vendor, media, etc.  “I want my headache to stop”  “Bob is allowed to access the internet”  “Please cut my lawn” Prescription  How to do it (Commands, rules, settings)  Non-portable, dependent on protocol, vendor, media, etc.  “Give me two aspirin”  “Send packets matching this 5- tuple out port 11”  “Take mower out of truck, fill gas and oil, pull starter cord, push onto lawn, …” Provided by Dave Lenrow@HP
  31. 31.  Features  Use Cases  Governance  Maturation What’s next? 31
  32. 32.  OpenDaylight Summit  July 27-31 in Santa Clara   OpenDaylight Tokyo User Group  Meetup   Facebook  Info 32
  33. 33. Thank you for your attention. 33