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The price of rebuilding torn town


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The price of rebuilding torn town

  1. 1. From the bookGlobal Public Management Case and Comments Comments: The Price STISIPOL RAJA HAJI- TANJUNGPINANG of Rebuilding a War-Torn Town What Is Wrong and What Should Be Done?Prepared By : By : Eve AnneckeSHAHRIL BUDIMAN Phil Morgan Lyuba Palyvoda
  2. 2. In the small town after inter-ethnics war, Maria’s Non-Governmental Organization works with her colleagues in fewyears. Maria has been the director of the organization andaims to recover and maintenance victims of civil war.They have several goals to help the ethnics communityduring the war, it was to provide emergency medical aida, food and another program was successfully iselectricity and running the water for this community.After the war, Maria NGO had another program todevelop war-torn town and makes several social activityto rebuild community life in the post-war
  3. 3. Condition after war A major source of employment in the town, a furniture factory, was completely destroyed during the war. People become poverty and unemployment. Afraid to face condition in the future, The feeling of “Helplessness”. Reconciliation of the refugees. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) indicated there was a large number of refugees and displaced ethnic minorities who wished to return to their homes in this town
  4. 4. During the inter-etchnics war• Assisted the local people and shared their struggle to survive in the midst of constant fighting, shelling, hunger, and despair• Provide emergency medical aid and food• Another results, electricity and running waterPost-War• Providing economic assistance (rebuild furniture factory), create jobs• Promoting inter-ethnic reconciliation through refugee returns
  5. 5. Problems Acceptance of ethnic minority (the refugee) returning to their homes Local politicians have done everything in their power to prevent ethnic minorities from returning to he town Refusal from the mayor about reconciliation for allowing the ethnic minority refugees
  6. 6. What Is Wrong and What Should Be Done? Eve AnneckeMaria needs to rapidly meet with other stakeholders, organizations,and more moderate politicians, keeping the project of rebuilding thefactory foremost in peoples’ mindsNo quick fix to her previously simplistic, rational, deal-making approach andthat she needs his help to strategically attempt to slowly and painfullyreintegrate the town through the rebuilding of the factoryThe point is for Maria to fine-tune her focus on the process andto trust this process. Through dialogue, creating space for peoples’ stories,and keeping focused on the possibility of rebuilding their town as a beaconof hope in war-torn times
  7. 7. The main point divide in two-track Phil Morganstrategy : Economic Assistance andConflict ResolutionThe NGO needs to be sure that the furniture factory representsa robust and enduring economic entityThat option will also require strategic assessment and should be linked withthe region beyond the town itself (Marked Based)Another source like “Bank” dedicated to very small loans to support both“sure-thing” and more entrepreneurial ventures (Micro Financing Institution) The NGO will need to foster a broadcommunity consultative process relating to (Conflict Management)What Is Wrong and What Should Be Done?
  8. 8. Lyuba Palyvoda Maria’s NGO lacks a clear strategy Communication between Maria’s group and the local politicians and governmental officials was woefully inadequate Maria and her organization STRATEGY to conduct organizational strategic planning Work directly with the community Maria’s NGO needs to establish a new priority list Community support and ownership of the new organizational priorities are developed CompromisesWhat Is Wrong and What Should Be Done?
  9. 9. Assesment The three advisors have a good suggestion but probably to mix their comments will be good solution. Several idea necessary to considering for solved the reconciliation and economic assistance. The keyword from advisors is Consensus. And Maria NGO must doing step by step and doing difference approach after they failed ensure the mayor
  10. 10. Solution Maria NGO should take reconciliation, communication with the community, another stakeholder, local politicians and apologize about her mistake to the mayor. Evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) this about strategic planning for the Maria NGO in the future Rational – Comprehensive Decision Making
  11. 11. References : Callahan, Olshfski, & Schwella (Eds). (2005). Global public management: Cases and comments. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Rosenbloom, D. H., Kravchuk, R.S. & Clerkin, R. M. (2009). Public administration: Understanding management, politics and law in the public sector. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. refugees refugees-return-israel