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Comparative E-Government in Indonesia and Malaysia: utilization of government online services


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Preliminary study about Indonesia Malaysia E-Government

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Comparative E-Government in Indonesia and Malaysia: utilization of government online services

  1. 1. By: shahril budiman, junriana, zamzami a.karim & raja abumanshur matridi shahril budiman shahrilPng Comparative E-Government in Indonesia and Malaysia: utilization of government online services INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN SOCIAL HUMANITIES AND GOVERNMENT SCIENCE Palembang, 26-27 January 2017 ST I SI POL RAJA H AJ I TANJUNGPINANG, KEPULAUAN RIAU
  2. 2. Background  Transformation from rule government to good governance is considered as Indonesia government reason to reformulation certain area of public services and policy of e-Government regarding to made better service for citizens.  Implementation e-Government also make restructured to bureaucracy that impact to empowering public servants more civilized to ICT and it does not requires many people to do several works because it need small organization with peoples that expert in technology.  Bringing e-government into various aspects of government service absolutely not easier way there are policy have to conducted, gaining political will from legislative to work together produces certain legal standings, changing of bureaucracy mind and culture set with form of bureaucracy reform, telecommunication and networking infrastructure, public servants and citizen participation, adaptation of new ways of public services and many other factors could be strength, weakness, opportunities and threat to implementing e-government.
  3. 3. e-government No Country 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 1 Indonesia 106 109 97 106 116 2 Singapore 23 11 10 3 4 3 Malaysia 34 32 40 52 60 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 106 109 97 106 116 23 11 10 3 4 34 32 40 52 60 Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Ranking of E-Government Development Index The main reason of this study is resulted from UN E-Gov’t Survey 2016, which is shows that Indonesia rank position drop from previous survey. Moreover, its huge gap compare to another ASEAN neighbourhood countries such Malaysia and Singapore. Background of study
  4. 4. Indonesian E-Government e-government Indonesia e-Government Architecture Frameworks Source: Indonesian Department of Communication and Information 649 LPSE/E-Procurement 34 Priovinsi/Province 369 Kabupaten/Regency 91 Kota/City Government Online Services LAPOR Website can use by society to send their aspiration and report to government. G2G G2B G2C e-planning e-procurement e-ktp e-auditing INA Trade e-immigration e-budgeting National Single Windows Indonesia E-Government Services Source: Indonesia Ministry of communication and information Indonesia National Portal Single Window (NPSW)
  5. 5. Indonesian E-Government e-government Electronic ID Card Orientation of Utilization Indonesia e-ID Source: Indonesia Ministry of Home Affairs, 2011
  6. 6. e-government Milestone of Indonesia E-Government 2005-2019 Source: Ibenk Dwi Anggono, Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology The Republic Of Indonesia, 2015
  7. 7. e-government Example of G2C (Citizen & Non-Citizen) Example of G2B (For Company, Industry, SME and ect) Example of G2G (For Civil Servants, List Public Services) Main Portal of Malaysia Government Linked to Government Services Malaysia E-Government (1)
  8. 8. e-government Malaysia E-Government (2) Malaysia e-Procurement Call as MYPROCUREMENT Total online services in Malaysia are 1432, while Downloadable Forms are 862 applications “
  9. 9. Malaysia E-Government (3) 5 Terrace Strategic T1. Services digital integrated T2. Government driven data T3. Employment services at the optimum and strengthening cyber security T4. Collaborative and dynamic ICT governance T.5 Profession al & capable of human capital 12 Strategy S1 empowerment Services Digital Government S1 utilization Government data S1 Reinforcement ICT Infrastructure Sector Common S1 Reinforcement Strategic leadership Digital Government S1 Reinforceme nt Personnel managemen t Public Sector ICT S2 Increasing use of digital services S2 Management & coordination common data Sector S2 Enhancement capabilities Digital communication S2 Reinforcement ICT organization Digital Government S2 Developmen t and Talent retention of ICT Public sectorS3 Reinforcement Cyber Security Public sector S3 strengthening Governance Public Sector ICT Governance 30 Program 6 Program 5 Program 8 Program 6 Program 5 Program Source: Adapted from Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan 2016-2020, Malaysian administrative modernization and management planning unit (MAMMPU),2016 Malaysia Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan 2016-2020 The 2020 Malaysia 10 ICT Strategic Targets Source: Adapted from Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan 2016-2020, Malaysian administrative modernization and management planning unit (MAMMPU),2016
  10. 10. SUGGESTION By adopting Triple Helix Model, present and future development of e-government must involving government as regulatory (executive and legislative) supporting citizens, SME’s in ICT sector. Meanwhile for private or business sectors take a roles as contributors for applications also “inventors” this is very important in order to support and delivering idea for government to be more innovate whether for G2G, G2B and G2C. In this part, the role of citizens are necessary paticularly for assesment of application created by government and/or business company. Public assesment is measurement to future development of e-government system.  as part of that iHigher Education Institution as innovator whether in science and practioners also play an important role to develop e-government. The Role of Actors Network in developing e-government utilization
  11. 11. Source: Booz&Co. E-Governance Structure and Processes, 2010 e-government “ “ SUGGESTION • Development action plan from national broadband e-government must follow and adopted at local government level. • Both National and Local government build roadmap for infratructure (electricity, telecomunications, signal and etc) as main componen to support government online services. • Disssemination of any electronic applications from government to government it self, private/business sector and also society/citizens. • Indonesia and Malaysia might working together with others ASEAN countries to improve their e- government system.
  12. 12. Source: Noted Innovation of public services Innovation of work Innovation of bureaucracy Innovation of mind set
  13. 13. With the use of this material you accept the following use and terms conditions. Not allowed to copy and paste without citation E-Mail : Contact : +6285274060744 Thanks for your attention Or Question GOVERNMENTAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT shahril budiman shahrilPng Program Studi Ilmu Pemerintahan | Copyright 2017