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Smart home


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Home IoT

Published in: Technology
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Smart home

  1. 1. Database For Smart House 박성우 김영민 이승화 정우혁 신동호 - Gathering meaningful big data
  2. 2. Concept Mind map Database for Smart Home According to the movement route appliances use patterns Before and after falling asleep user’s condition Indoor environmental control with the temperature and humidity Appliance On/Off User’s Location User’s condition Indoor environment
  3. 3. Air condition On/Off LED On/Off TV On/Off <Raspberry Pi> Desktop On/Off MySQL DataBase Tables.. : Appliance, Environment, User status Location, <node.js Server> <Arduino for sensors> <Arduino for heart rate, body heat> Temp, HumidIllumination <Beacon for Location Data> H/W Implement
  4. 4. Data format Header Time E Measure time Temp Humid Illum1 … … … U . Heart rate Body heat A . TV Computer Air condition LED1 … … L . Living room Dining room Bath room Work room Outside Ex) Environment data e/20140707232323/36.5/27.2/40.1/40.1/39.5/0 Ex) Location data l/20140707232323/living_room/1 Ex) Appliance data a/20140707232323/TV/1
  5. 5. Arduino Raspberry Pi For Sensing - ADC / Illumination value - UART / Temperature, Humidity For Transfer Data to Server -UART Network -Socket Network
  6. 6. Data Visualization 58%23% 10% 9% Location Work Room Living Room Dining Room Bath Room 39% 5%28% 28% Appliance On/Off Computer TV 에어컨 LED 25 24 23 23 44.7 43.6 41.2 40.5 1시 2시 3시 4시 Temp / Humid 온도 습도