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Ansible deploys Istio on kubenetes environment


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Ansible Night in Tokyo

Published in: Technology
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Ansible deploys Istio on kubenetes environment

  1. 1. Ansible deploys Istio 
 on kubenetes environment Ansible Night in Tokyo 2018.09 #ansiblejp 21.Sep.2018 - Ikki Shoka @ichigo_abc
  2. 2. Who am I? 生賀一輝 (しょうかいっき) Ikki Shoka <> New Grad Infrastructure Engineer Twitter/Github @ichigo_abc
  3. 3. What’s Istio? • for Microservices • Service Mesh • On Kubenetes / OpenShift • Release 1.0 in Oct.2018 Reference: Ansible Night 2018.09
  4. 4. Deploy Bookinfo Application Reference: Ansible Night 2018.09 Product Page Details RatingsReviews-v2 Reviews-v3 Reviews-v1 Request Supervise Playbook
  5. 5. Show roles tree Ansible Night 2018.09 istio-1.0.1/install/kubernetes/ansible/istio/ ・config defaluts/main.yml ・bag fixs ・read Manifest in the parent directory
  6. 6. Deploy kubenetes services Ansible Night 2018.09 ・
  7. 7. Conflict Orchestration Ansible Night 2018.09 Configuration Orchestration Ansible Kubenetes Istio ・Not use k8s, k8s_scale (Clustering Modules) ・Use Kubenetes Configuration (.yaml) ・A Meaning to use Ansible 🤔🤔🤔
  8. 8. Pros Cons • Put all of the Manifest under management • Can use a multiple namespace • Most of yaml files is that of kubenetes • Multistage configuration Ansible Night 2018.09 Pros Cons