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Career day university of economics hcmc


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Career day university of economics hcmc

  2. 2. Dear Future Partners, “Tự Tin Vào Đời” program, which is held annually by Faculty of Commerce-Tourism-Marketing, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, honor to be the most perfect program equipping for college seniors bare essentials before entering working environment. Throughout past four years, the program has brought about a great deal of value for students, especially seniors from many colleges in Ho Chi Minh City. With the spirit of helping college seniors to be brave and more confident, “Tự Tin Vào Đời 2013” has the concept of “Job Hunting in Competitive Age”. This includes series of Events supporting students in Ho Chi Minh City to eliminate panics, fears of unemployment and competition in nowadays harsh market. Besides, it also helps them build up playground and master the games on their own ways, then improve themselves to become more powerful and suitable with business requirements. Cooperating with “Tự Tin Vào Đời” is one of the most efficient ways for your partnership to approach talented students from top universities in HCM City. Also, this is an opportunity to promote your brand as the leading company in caring young workforce. Moreover, your products and services will come closer to potential customers; you would meet and network with many successful entrepreneurs, as well as companies from various areas. We intend to promote our program widely through mass media like VTV, HTV, Tuoi Tre Newspaper, Thanh Nien Newspaper, Saigon Entrepreneur Newspaper, and Muc Tim Newspaper. In addition, we associate with many Universities and communicate to its seniors directly. Also, we share knowledge with the community through brilliant video lectures, “Tự Tin Vào Đời” magazine. In conclusion, we believe that “Tự Tin Vào Đời 2013” will be successful. We also hope that, with such noble purposes, your company will collaborate and accompany with us in these Events.
  3. 3. 1 TU TIN VAO ĐOI ABOUT TU TIN VAO ĐOI “Tự Tin Vào Đời” is an annual program of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, organized by students under the consultancy of experienced lecturer and successful entrepreneurs. We believe our program will create opportunities for young generations to have careful preparations before graduation and beginning a new career. WHY DO WE ORGANIZE “TỰ TIN VÀO ĐỜI”: We fully understand that the seniors soon face with their milestone and worry about independent life with pressure on shoulders. Finding for suitable career, anxiety about income and responsibility for family and society... are the considerable concerns of many students coming out of school. In addition, businesses requirements about qualified human resources are increasing in most of economic sectors. Therefore, we look forward to become a solid bridge for the seniors and enterprises. Furthermore, we will also establish activities in order for students to improve skills, knowledge and become more confident with any change in new environment. OUR ACTIVITIES -Organize activities to bring practical benefits for students. -Organize career day for students to interact with businesses. -Organize reality workshop with business to prove “competitive advantages” of Vietnamese students. -Develop “Tự Tin Vào Đời” Community to connect entrepreneurs and support students.
  4. 4. 2 ACCOMPLISHMENT OF TU TIN VAO ĐOI OUTCOME “Tự Tin Vào Đời” has organized annually since 2009. At the 4th time in 2012, the program has attained the following successes: - 4 typical Events: uShare seminar, Coffee talk, uDo Festival, uFeel Night. - Participation of 40.000 students, 30 enterprises and 100 ambassadors throughout the program. - More than 20.000 students known the program. - Nearly 30 articles and reports about the program. In particular, there are 2 reports on HTV channel, 2 articles on Thanh Nien and Tuoi Tre Newspaper, and 2 threads on Bussiness Association. - Raise 200 million in cash and 150 million in kind for the program and attending students.
  5. 5. The Universities have large numbers of students attending throughout program: -University of Economics HCMC -Foreign Trade University (Saigon Campus) -Banking University HCMC -The Open University -Ton Duc Thang University -University of Economics and Law HCMC -Hong Bang University -International University -University of Finance and Marketing -Van Lang University -Hoa Sen University -Saigon University -RMIT University -College of Foreign Economic Relations HCM The popular speakers participating in program: Ô. CHRIS HARVEY Ô. NGUYỄN MINH TRIẾT Former CEO of VietnamWorks Director of Strategy Asia Group Ô. ĐỖ THÀNH NĂM Ô. ĐẶNG LÊ NGUYÊN VŨ CEO of Win Win CEO of Trung Nguyen Corporation Ô. LÊ TẤN BỬU Ô. TRẦN VĂN LIÊNG Professor at University of Economics HCMC CEO of Vinacacao
  7. 7. 3 TU TIN VAO ĐOI 2013 According to the report of the labor market, the Vietnam economy is in the post-crisis period and in danger of surplus labors; graduates face more and more difficulties in finding a job. Also, as the survey of seniors in HCM City, the junior-senior students in economic sectors are worrying about their career and future when they leave school. As the consequences, “Tự Tin Vào Đời 2013” with concept of “Job Hunting in Competitive Age” offers students accurate view of competition issue and encourages them more confident to enter real life.
  8. 8. ACTIVITIES OF PRE-ACTIVITIES Pre-event: “ LOOK AT ME” (Sep, 17th, 2013) Meeting: ”Kết nối doanh nhân - Nâng tầm thế hệ” (Sep, 21st, 2013) KEY ACTIVITIES Panel Discussion: “Góc Quay Thời Cuộc” (Sep, 29th, 2013) Specialized workshop series (Oct, 12nd,2013) The competition: 3, 2, 1…Action (Oct, 13rd,2013- Nov, 23rd, 2013) Career Fair: CLOSING ACTIVITIES Night Gala (Nov, 30th,2013) ”Một điểm đến - Triệu cơ hội” (Nov,23rd, 2013)
  9. 9. 4 CAREER FAIR
  10. 10. 1. MAIN ACTIVITIES IN CAREER DAY COMPANY BOOTH 30 booths for companies to share your business value, promote recruiting programs, give leaflets/researching forms, and receive CV from students. 3000 final-year students and job seekers WORKSHOP 2 workshops, 500 attendants Provide necessary skills for final-year student TALK SHOW 2 talk shows, 600 attendants Career orientate and provide crucial information for students so that each student can choose his/her own career patch THE FINALE OF “3, 2, 1... ACTION” CONTEST: PRESENTATION ROUND NETWORKING AND ART PERFORMANCES INTERVIEW ROOM Throughout the whole event 2. CAREER DAY SCHEDULE FROM 08 am TỪ 04 pm. November, 23rd, 2013.
  11. 11. 3. PlACE Venue: FIRST HOTEL Address: 18 Hoang Viet Street, Tan Binh District, HCMC Site Map: THERE ARE 3 AREAS REGION 1: Booth and Main Stage REGION 2: Workshops, Talkshows REGION 3: Interview Room
  12. 12. PROMTION PLAN Online and Offline channels We plan to promote this event to over 20 well-reputation Universities and College in HCMC. We will have a close contact to all students by using class talk, leaflets, posters, banners... in schools. Furthermore, we also have partnership with the Youth Communities from each school, with other student clubs/groups to promote our event. We will utilize every channel included forums, student magazines... to promote. Besides that, we have our own well-developed channels and materials to promote, such as our website, Facebook fan page, student database, and many LCDs in each of our school campuses to reach to targeted students. Media Partners
  15. 15. OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME “TU TIN VAO DOI” PARTNER OPTION 1 (800$) Career Day booth Booth quantity 2 Booth position 1st pick Workshop 1 workshop for free * Activities in Career Day Company speech 15 mins 1 promoting stand at the entrance for free * Repeating promoting video clip on main stage * Information Display Brochure on check-in desk * 1 standee at the entrance * Include company information package in TU TIN VAO * DOI information package for every attendant 1 banner * Offline Promoting Materials Logo on all promoting material (leaflets, posters, standees, Large banner...) before event Logo on stage background and on photo-wall Large Online Promoting Materials Logo in Video clips about Career Day (Tease before Large event, student interviews, and break-time clips) Logo on banners, posters on forums Large Press release PARTNER OPTION OPTION 2 OPTION 3 (500$) (300$) 1 2nd pick 1 assigned 10 mins * * * * * Medium Small Medium Small Medium Small Medium Small Introducing in press releases * * Logo on pictures for press release * * *
  16. 16. “TU TIN VAO DOI magazine” in information package for students ½ page, ¼ page, ¼ page, in Company promoting post inside inside side Logo on every other promoting material * * Logo on the magazine * EMAILS Logo on emails sent to students Large Medium Promoting on website, fapage of TU TIN VAO DOI Logo on website Large Medium Recruiting info post and logo on fanpage * * 200 words to promote company in “Partners” section * * Link to company website * * Benefits after event Attendants’ database 3 000 2 000 Attendants’ CV 600 450 Promoting post in TU TIN VAO DOI 2013 Report * * Logo on 2013 Report and in Summary video clip * * * Small Small * * 1 500 300 * Be our guests in Gala Dinner of TU TIN VAO DOI 2013 * * * To be honored by University of Economics HCMC by our school representative and receive our commemorative cup * * *
  17. 17. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME CONTACT INFO LÊ TRƯỜNG SƠN (+84) 949 345 019 TỐNG KHÁNH HIÊN (+84) 937 833 858