Atlassian jira как полностью раскрыть возможности


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Atlassian jira как полностью раскрыть возможности. Jira в базовой поставке не реализует огромное количество заложенных в нее возможностей. Возникает вопрос, прав ли был Гартнер так высоко ставя её в своих "магических квадратах". Гартнер как всегда прав, но для раскрытия потенциала Jira необходимо значительное кол-во внешних плагинов. Удобно это или нет - решать Вам.

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  • by InTENSO for JIRA Server 6.2 - 6.3.1
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    by Innovalog for JIRA Server 5.0 - 6.3.1 and JIRA Cloud
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    The JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions plugin provides an assortment of workflow conditions, validators and post-functions that you can use to implement custom workflows in JIRA.
    Previous Status
    Separation of Duties
    Hide Transition
    Field has been modified
    Comment required
    Field is required
    Field has single value
    Previous status
    Parent status
    Assign to role member
    Assign to last role member
    Set Field Value to constant or Groovy expression
    Increase value of field
    Set field to user property value
    Copy field value to parent
    Copy Value from Field to Field
    Add field value to parent
    Set field value from parent
    Copy Field Value to Linked Issues
    Set Field Value From Linked Issue Function
    Set Field Value Of Linked Issues
    Set Issue security from user role
    Transition Parent Issue
    Transition Linked Issues
    Comment Issue
  • Script Runner
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    JIRA Suite Utilities
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    Workflow Enhancer for JIRA
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  • Redmine Default Workflow (F)
    by Atlassian Labs for JIRA Server 6.0 - 6.0.8

    FogBugz Default Workflow
    by Atlassian Labs for JIRA Server 6.0 - 6.0.8

    Mantis Default Workflow
    Pivotal Tracker Default Workflow

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    Multi-language user interface
    Copy from Word and Outlook (IE 11 required for full support)
    Prepopulate fields
    Code highlight
    HTML emails import
    Custom templates
    Search and replace
    Agile for JIRA compatibility
    Paste screenshots with Ctrl-V
    User Mentions (Ctrl-M)
    Lotus Notes NDL links support
    Images Uploader
    Source mode
    One-click styles
    Form tools
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    by Gliffy for JIRA Server 6.0 - 6.3.1 and JIRA Cloud

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    Поюзерное лицензирование с сайта производителя
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    Supported vendor, Atlassian veryfied
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  • JIRA Watcher Field
    by Ray Barham for JIRA Server 6.3.1
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    Behaviours Plugin
    by Jamie Echlin for JIRA Server 6.3 - 6.3.1
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  • JQL Tricks Plugin
    100+ Users $400 100 Users $200 50 Users $110 25 Users $60 5 Users $5 Search Linked Issues for JIRA

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  • Не поддержкивает Jira 6.2 (июнь 2014)
    by ActivityTimeline for JIRA Server 4.0 - 6.3.1
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    Download license is an one-time payment for a lifetime key. Purchase ActivityTimeline Download (25 users) license: One-time Payment: $300.00
    Purchase ActivityTimeline Download (50 users) license: One-time Payment: $700.00
    Purchase ActivityTimeline Download (100 users) license: One-time Payment: $1000.00
    Purchase ActivityTimeline Download (250 users) license: One-time Payment: $1400.00
    Purchase ActivityTimeline Download (500 users) license: One-time Payment: $1800.00
    by Kinto Soft for JIRA Server 5.2 - 6.3.1
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    by Interconcept GmbH for JIRA Server 6.0 - 6.3.1
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    by Andriy Zhdanov for JIRA Server 5.0 - 6.3.1 and JIRA Cloud
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  • Не поддерживает JIRA 6.x
  • Не поддерживает JIRA 6.2 (июнь 2014)
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  • Не поддерживает JIRA 6.2 (июнь 2014). Документация отсутствует.
  • The Connector - Microsoft Project

    The Connector / Single User (Includes 1 year free upgrades)CONN-1 $499.00 USD
    The Connector / 3 User (Includes 1 year free upgrades)CONN-3 $1299.00 USD
    The Connector / 5 User (Includes 1 year free upgrades)CONN-5 $1999.00 USD
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    The Connector / Site License (Includes 1 year free upgrades)CONN-SITE $3500.00 USD
    The Connector / Enterprise License (Includes 1 year free upgrades)CONN-ENT $5000.00 USD
    Site License Allows for unlimited users at a single physical location. Enterprise License Allows for unlimited users located at multiple physical locations.
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  • Go2Group synapseRT
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    RMsis 100 User Plan Perpetual Licence upto 100 users 8000.00 (USD)
  • SU for Jira
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  • Field Security Plugin for JIRA
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  • Atlassian Bot Killer
    by Atlassian for JIRA Server 6.0.4 - 6.2.7 and JIRA Cloud
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    Configuration Manager for JIRA
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  • Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA (JEMH)
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    by META-INF KFT for JIRA Server 6.1 - 6.3.1
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    by The Plugin People for JIRA Server 6.1 - 6.2.7
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  • Atlassian jira как полностью раскрыть возможности

    1. 1. Андрей Фадеев, менеджер по развитию продаж ООО «Кварта Технологии» т. (495) 234-40-18 Atlassian Confluence & Jira как полностью раскрыть потенциал продуктов Часть 2 Jira
    2. 2. Семейство продуктов Atlassian • Confluence – портал на основе Wiki • Jira – менеджер задач и баг-трекер • Crowd – SSO identity management • Инструменты для разработчиков – Stash - Git repository management – Bitbucket - Git and Mercurial code hosting – FishEye - search, monitor and track Subversion repositories – Crucible - peer code review – Bamboo - continuous integration, deployment, and release management – Clover – test optimization for java code coverage
    3. 3. Confluence, сценарии использования • Коллективная работа с документами и информацией на страницах • Информационный портал (отчеты, документы, публикации, блоги) • База знаний • Работа совместно с Jira при Agile – процессах и процессах управления заданиями. • Хранилище файлов
    4. 4. Jira, сценарии использования • Менеджер заданий (поддержка разных методик управления) – Поддержка процессов WorkFlow с формами и документами – Планирование и отчетность по заданиям – Интеграция с MS Project – Коллективная работа над заданиями – Работа по методикам Scrum & Kanban – Sevice Desk с поддержкой SLA • Интеграция с: – Bamboo (continuous integration, deployment, and release management) – Confluence – база знаний и документы – Bitbucket и Stash (Git and Mercurial code hosting & management), FishEye (search, monitor and track Subversion repositories) – Clover (test optimization for java code coverage) – HP Quality center – MS Project – другими продуктами
    5. 5. Модульный подход к функционалу (1) Jira Системное администрирование Календари и учет рабочего времени Фильтры и построители отчетов WorkFlow Confluence Построители отчетов из внешних источников Crowd Расширение UI Интеграция с другими продуктами Графический дизайн Простейшие задания и DocFlow Системное администрирование Интеграция с другими продуктами
    6. 6. • Базовые продукты с минимальным функционалом: JIRA, Confluence – Платные модули от Atlassian, расширяющие базовый функционал – Бесплатные модули от Atlassian Labs, расширяющие базовый функционал – Платные и бесплатные модули партнеров Atlassian, расширяющие функционал • Модули и продукт (Crowd) для системного администрирования и интеграции (API, CLI) • Продукты и модули линейки DevTools (инструменты разработчика) • Платные и бесплатные модули распространяются только через Atlassian marketplace и проверяются на совместимость с установленными версиями продуктов • Платные модули имеют статусы: Supported, Atlassian Verifyed, все бесплатные модули также поддерживаются либо производителем напрямую, либо сообществом Atlassian Модульный подход к функционалу (2)
    7. 7. • Базовые продукты с минимальным функционалом: JIRA, Confluence – Платные модули от Atlassian, расширяющие базовый функционал – Бесплатные модули от Atlassian Labs, расширяющие базовый функционал – Платные и бесплатные модули партнеров Atlassian, расширяющие функционал • Модули и продукты (Crowd) для системного администрирования и интеграции (API, CLI) • Продукты и модули линейки DevTools (инструменты разработчика) Модульный подход к функционалу (3) Резюме: • Оплачивается только необходимый функционал • Отсутствие неиспользуемых библиотек и приложений повышает стабильность работы, упрощает системное администрирование и снижает требования к оборудованию • Все дополнительные модули обеспечены поддержкой и распространяются под контролем Atlassian • Стоимость системы с установленными дополнительными модулями может в несколько раз превышать базовую
    8. 8. встроенное WorkFlow и модули, расширяющие его функционал
    9. 9. Основные элементы шаблона JIRA
    10. 10. Issue Templates for JIRA Issue Templates allows to create issues from predefined templates Issue Templates allows to create issues from predefined templates. You can select which field's or custom fields's values you would like to copy to the new issue via Profile. You can edit autocompleted values on create screen as well. The best thing is template’s context - it allows to set availability of templates to selected Issue Types, Projects or even user's Language. You can manage hundreds of tempalates without loosing clarity.
    11. 11. Remote Issue Links (Jira issue, Confluence, Internet-site)
    12. 12. Встроенный редактор WorkFlow
    13. 13. JIRA Workflow Designer (by Atlassian) Manage workflow statuses and transitions Manage workflow transitions. Add/Reposition/Delete/Edit a transition Manage workflow statuses Add/Create/Edit/ Remove a status. Move the status on the screen. Visual tools for easy positioning.
    14. 14. Аудит действий Администратора • добавление, редактирование или удаление workflow • добавление или удаление кастомного поля • добавление, редактирование или удаление пользователей
    15. 15. ЭЦП • CFR Part 11 E-Signatures (FDA Compliance) for JIRA adds – an e-signature JIRA field and audit reporting to your workflow. It is for corporations or organizations requiring Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. – E-Signature field added to JIRA workflow – Audit reports including names, date, time (hour/minute/second) details - printable view of all E-Signatures – New "E-Signatures" tab in the "Activity" section for each issue – User re-authenticates at each key stage to sign the transition – Only successful authentication allows transition to next stage – Also tracks "issue creation" events
    16. 16. Stateoscope This is the Stateoscope plugin for Atlassian JIRA that comes with an issue tab panel showing vivid and clarified issue history. In default issue view page, additional tab panel named "Stateoscope" will appear and show brief history of the issue's state changes. Response times per each state changes may be seen accordingly. Vivid and clarified issue state change history Stateoscope Issue Tab Panel Transition response time
    17. 17. Enhancer Plugin for JIRA Enhancer Plugin for JIRA keeps you informed about all status changes and gives valuable resources for QA reports. Let the plugin analyzes your issues, measures and presents valuable resources such as counters, response times, first/last actions, and SLA overdue.
    18. 18. JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions Conditions: Previous Status Separation of Duties Hide Transition Validators: Field has been modified Comment required Field is required Field has single value Previous status Parent status Post-functions: •Assign to role member •Assign to last role member •Set Field Value to constant or Groovy expression •Increase value of field •Set field to user property value •Copy field value to parent •Copy Value from Field to Field •Add field value to parent •Set field value from parent •Copy Field Value to Linked Issues •Set Field Value From Linked Issue Function •Set Field Value Of Linked Issues •Set Issue security from user role •Transition Parent Issue •Transition Linked Issues •Comment Issue
    19. 19. Еще платные workflow • JIRA Workflow Toolbox – Conditions and Validators – Post-functions – Project Properties: metadata for your projects • Create on Transition for JIRA – Workflow functions for creating issues and subtasks – Provides workflow transition post functions that can be configured to create issues or subtasks. Create can be conditioned on information from the original or parent issue. Multiple create on transition post functions can be used to create multiple issues. The create post function can also be associated with the create issue transition to automatically create issues or subtasks when an issue is created. • CCC Transition Reorder X – Easily reorder your JIRA Workflow transitions - which also changes the button order when viewing an issue
    20. 20. Еще workflow • Workflow Enhancer for JIRA – Enhances the workflow validators, conditions and post functions in JIRA, allowing a wide range of comparisons with field values – Execute post functions depending on Boolean values – View post function options on the overview screen – Easily configure workflow steps • JIRA Suite Utilities – This plugin provides additional workflow conditions, validators and postfunctions.
    21. 21. Подготовка и запуск скриптов для JIRA • Script Runner – Script Runner is a collection of powerful but easy-to-use workflow functions, JQL functions, listeners and services. – Either augment the ones provided with groovy, or write your own. You may never need to write your own java plugin again. • Jjupin (см. следующий слайд) • Jira Scripting Suite – JSS allows to define Jython routines to be executed as on-edit validator and post- function for every issue in a given JIRA instance. These are called Global Issue Edit Validation & Post-function.
    22. 22. JJupin JJUPIN is a JIRA addon that offers scripting capabilities in the JIRA workflow using a language we called SIL (Simple Issue Language). SIL is a new scripting language designed for JIRA with the goal to empower you, the customer, and help create a JIRA installation that will adapt very easily to your actual needs without any special knowledge of the JIRA internals. SIL is portable across JIRA versions. Use cases: Complex workflows JIRA Remote integration Integration of other systems in your JIRA Part of JJUPIN, Live Fields puts you in full control of the screen, you can disable / enable / etc most of the UI of JIRA using no Javascript at all ! It's true, you can see at a glance your workflows, but JJUPIN has more features like this to discover!
    23. 23. Exocet - issue linking and field sync Features: • Create and link issues simultaneously • Integrate JIRA issue with Confluence • Use criteria to contextualise actions according to your business processes : issue and project based, user permissions, JQL statements • Pre-populate fields and customise mappings of linked issues • Synchronise information between linked issues
    24. 24. WorkFlow, имитирующие процессы в других программах • Redmine Default Workflow • FogBugz Default Workflow • Mantis Default Workflow • Pivotal Tracker Default Workflow • Trac Default Workflow Bundle • Rally Default Workflow Bundle • OnTime Default Workflow • Default Bugzilla Workflow • VersionOne Default Workflow Bundle by Atlassian Labs for JIRA Server
    25. 25. Сервис больших миграций на Atlassian Основные этапы миграции: • Pre-Migration JIRA Configuration (создание проектов и кастомных полей в JIRA, импорт данных пользователей в JIRA) • Карта соответствия полей (Field Mapping) • Перевод исходных данных в формат, поддерживающий миграцию • Миграция данных, бизнес-логики и оформления экранов • Проверка корректности миграции Appfire's Enterprise Migration Utility (EMU) поддерживает миграцию со следующих платформ на Atlassian JIRA и JIRA Agile: • Oracle Siebel • IBM Rational ClearQuest • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) • VersionOne • Rally • MKS • Serena TeamTrack • Borland StarTeam • TechExcel DevTrack
    26. 26. Создание, редактирование и хранение форм в Jira, документов и диаграмм в прикрепленных к JIRA issue файлах
    27. 27. Dynamic Forms Show fields on screen dynamically and control its obligatory based on select field value Dynamic Select CF empty value switcher show/hide fields on edit/transition screen instantly fields mandatory control based on other cf value custom required field message Mapping for Select CF key-value mapping in one place share mapping across issues Hide screen tabs based on Select CF value
    28. 28. Checklist Checklist provides a more powerful alternative to the standard Checkboxes field. With Checklist, you can do everything that the standard field can do but you can also: •Add checklist items at the issue level •Configure how the checked items are rendered on the screen •Save real-estate by only showing a subset of the checklist items •Chose to make checklist items optional or mandatory •Search for partially or fully completed checklists •Track which checklist items were added, removed, modified or completed •Select who can add, remove or modify checklist items •Validate if all the checklist items were completed before transitioning an issue
    29. 29. ToDo list custom field This is a simple checklist custom field. Features: A user can add todo items (checkboxes), remove, and resolve them; A searcher allows to find/filter issues by any todo item (checkbox); Readable format of history allows to track changes easily; It is possible to set a checklist by default; A user can specify permissions for adding, editing and removing todo items (checkboxes). Supported permissions are: no one can edit a default checklist list, only reporter can edit checklist or all users who can edit issue can edit checklist; There are conditions and validators for checking the todolist items (checkboxes). Supported languages are: English, Russian.
    30. 30. JIRA Parent Issue Summary Custom fields for sub-task issues to display parent issue summary in column views. There have only been one drawback using the sub-tasks as users can't always figure out the parent issue from column views that only display parent issue key. This plugin allows user to figure out the parent issue context easily without opening the parent issue. Plugin contains two main custom fields: Parent Issue Summary and Extended Summary
    31. 31. JEditor - Rich Text Editor for JIRA Simple yet powerful rich text editor for JIRA. Import HTML emails, paste rich contents, create templates and prepopulate fields
    32. 32. Documents This add-on lets you manage and store files in JIRA on a project level. It adds an additional tab named Documents to the project dashboard where you can post documents related to that project, making them available to other project members. The files that you attach are stored in JIRA, more exactly in a sub-folder of the JIRA attachments folder, thus simplifying your administrative and backup procedures. The access to the Documents tab and different operations on the posted documents are configurable via permissions settings. Key-features Documents of type File and URL Folders hierarchy Version history Document search Document watching & email notifications Linking documents to JIRA issues Referencing documents in JIRA issues Permissions Activity Stream posting Dashboard gadget for showing new and recently updated documents Bulk upload tool
    33. 33. Gliffy JIRA Plugin The Gliffy JIRA Plugin allows you to create great-looking, collaborative, web-based diagrams in a JIRA issue.
    34. 34. for JIRA is fully embedded into JIRA, so your data security and application scalability, reliability and availability inherit that of your JIRA server. This plugin uses the technology we've been building since then, as well as the enterprise support experience we have.
    35. 35. Balsamiq Mockups for JIRA Mockups allows anyone, technical or not, to jot down feature ideas quickly and easily. Add a UI Mockup to a new feature issue and improve the chances it will get built! Improve QA/Dev Relations Issues bounce back and forth because plain text is not enough to convey what's wrong. A screenshot helps, but sometimes what you really need is a new UI variation.
    36. 36. JIRA Diagramming by Creately Easily add diagrams to your JIRA tasks Add diagrams to JIRA in 1 single click. Draw from Mockups, UML, Flowcharts to DB diagrams. All powered by the Smart shapes that make drawing complex diagram faster. Access thousands of pre-made templates to get started.
    37. 37. Расширение функционала элементов шаблона проекта дополнительные поля, подключение внешних источников данных
    38. 38. nFeed nFeed allows you to query external data and display the result in JIRA custom fields. Features: Query data from: SQL databases, LDAP, Remote files, REST Web services Highly configurable custom fields displays Auto-select values and auto-complete as you type Define dependencies & rules with other JIRA custom fields Easy to configure queries through the admin interface Fully searchable custom fields
    39. 39. ServiceRocket JIRA Connector Connecting External System to JIRA through Application Links Diagnostics tools to monitor message transaction between JIRA and third-party systems Manage bi-directional mappings between external system fields and JIRA fields
    40. 40. Импорт данных в поля из внешних источников • JIRA Database Values Plugin – This plugin for JIRA is a custom field that allows you to connect to an external database and fetch some values from there. After adding this custom field to an issue edit screen, you can select one of those values so it will be associated with the current issue. – You can choose how the values are rendered for viewing, editing and searching independently. For the editing, you can use a combobox (single select or cascading select) or an AJAX-style input field. Internally, the plugin will store only the primary key of the item you have selected, so you can safely edit things in your database, as long as you keep the primary key constant. • Database Custom Field – Allows you to import a field value from an external database into a database custom fiels (simple fields, auto-complete fields or even tables). – The value is selected by the user from the set of results (as a select list or autocomplete box) retrieved by executing a query on the database. – The addon provides an administration page where the queries can be associated to these fields. – Data tables can be scripted with SIL.
    41. 41. Multi-Level Cascading Select Multi-Level Cascading Select is a new custom field type supporting any number of levels. It provides easy configuration, a powerful searcher, a CSV importer and intuitive reports making it perfect for any organisation.
    42. 42. Metadata for JIRA Manage all Information you need within your JIRA project metadata related customfield in action user can change his public metadata value metadata viewer in action Manage all Information you need, e.g. the SVN path, accounting information, version budget or the location of the project documentation, within your JIRA. All you need is the Metadata for JIRA Plugin.
    43. 43. Управление полями • JIRA Watcher Field • This plugin adds a custom field type that allows watchers to be modified on issue creation/modification. It interfaces with the existing watchers mechanism. • Only users that have the "Manage Watcher List" permission have access to this field. If a user does not have permissions, they will only see the message "You do not have permission to manage the watcher list." with a list of the current watchers. • Can be used to search for watchers or anywhere else a custom user field can be used (issue security, project roles, permissions/notification scheme, etc). • Behaviours Plugin • The behaviours plugin allows an administrator to create one more or behaviours, which can be thought of as "Behaviour Schemes". A behaviour defines how fields behave. Some examples of behaviours are: • Making a field mandatory depending on other data entered in to the form • Making a field read-only dependent on user role or group • Doing server-side validation of field data, before the form is submitted • Setting a field value dependent on other form data • Please see the comprehensive list of examples on the wiki page for more ideas.
    44. 44. Поля и экраны • Script Runner – Built-in administration/maintenance scripts. Powerful JQL functions. Create new scripted fields with your own calculated with groovy, the simple scripting language. • JIRA Misc Custom Fields – Various Custom Fields and JQL functions for JIRA. Formula-based Calculated Custom Fields. Custom fields that will hold the date/time or the name of the caller of any transition in your workflow. Additional JQL functions. • JQL Tricks Plugin – JQLT offers more than 50 useful JQL functions. A list of global configuration options where you can restrict the functions to selected projects and for selected groups. You can restrict selected functions - either by project or by groups. And you can have function specific cache delay. • Search Linked Issues for JIRA – Many JQL functions for find issue “which are linked by…” finds parents issue or subtasks
    45. 45. Клиенты для JIRA
    46. 46. JIRA Client The JIRA desktop client for power users Features & Benefits Organize workspace with hierarchical queries. Advanced issue triage with drag-and-drop. Fast navigation and browsing. Working offline! Integrated time tracking. Screenshot capturing tool.
    47. 47. JIRA Connect Pro for iPhone JIRAConnect Pro - быстрое приложение для iPhone, которое позволить быстро соединится с любой из ступеней Atlassian JIRA (версия 5.0 и выше), в том числе с JIRA OnDemand. Используется API от JIRA, соответствующий ограничениям REST, который включен по умолчанию и, в общем, не требует изменения в настройках. Поддерживаются следующие характеристики: - Создание задач, под-задач и ссылок на задачи - Редактирование и назначение задач - Ввод, редактирование и удаление ваших комментариев - Перемещение задач в ходе работы прямо из экрана задач - Поддерживает множество профайлов входа JIRA - Получает извещающие уведомления (потребуется плагин Atlassian Marketplace JIRA) - Поддержка IRA Agile Planning Board, Work Board, графиков Burndown (требуется покупка в приложении) - Отображает wiki-разметки и поля HTML - Заносите вашу работу в журнал и добавляйте комментарии - Просматривайте все журналы работы, редактируйте и удаляйте ваши личные журналы - Просматривайте, загружайте и удаляйте прикрепленный файлы - Ищите по ключевым словам JIRA, описанию, краткому отчету, проекту, версии, виду задания, статусу, компоненту и правополучателю, и сортируйте по любым полям - Детали заданий, в том числе кастомные поля, комментарии, прикрепленные файлы, под-задания и ссылки на задания - Детали активности
    48. 48. Wings for JIRA Features: - Fine UI - clean and polished interface allows you to manage your tasks in an intuitive way - MOBILE - create and manage your tasks with your smartphone/tablet wherever you are - INSTANCE SUPPORT - both ‘Standalone’ and ‘OnDemand’ are supported - FILE ATTACHMENTS - attach files and leave Comments for your tasks - and much more Premium functionality includes: - Filters - Multiple user accounts - Edit issues ability - Tracking Time spent on issue - more...
    49. 49. Android JIRA Client Major features: • multiple JIRA instances (servers) • show and browse your favourite filters saved on server • list issues based on filters saved on device, e. g. My issues, Recently created, Recently resolved... • create, edit, assign, transition (resolve, close), watch issues • time tracking • per filter notification on new/updated issues • catch URLs from other applications, allowing to display issue from notification e-mail for example • star issues and keep them on device • support for Android BackupAgent allows migration of settings to new device. No worries, yours passwords are encrypted :) Always. • cache data for browsing/viewing even while off-line • home screen widgets • granular control of data usage/bandwidth - WiFi, roaming etc.
    50. 50. RK Integrations - JIRA Mobile App Enterp This plugin represents the Enterprise License for JIRA Issue Tracker mobile application available on Android (including Amazon), iOS and BlackBerry. • Android (Google Play) - • iOS (App Store) - Designed for Smartphones and Tablets. Multiple languages and user profiles support. Open issue straight from JIRA notification email.Features: ★ Integrates with JIRA using REST (JIRA >= 5) and SOAP (JIRA >= 4) ★ Support for http and https (make sure that SSL certificate is trusted on your device) ★ Support for OnDemand JIRA and Google apps authentication (Refer to FAQ for details) ★ Open issue straight from JIRA notification email. Click on URL link and complete action using JIRA Issue Tracker ★ Search issues using JIRA Query Language (JQL) ★ Search issues using simple text queries ★ Create issues ★ Add, edit comments ★ Manage Timesheet ★ View Activity Stream ★ Sort issues ★ View your issues by issue status ★ View issues for your favourite filters ★ View issues for JIRA projects ★ View sub-tasks ★ Multiple user profiles support ★ Multiple languages support (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) Premium Features: ★ Create sub-tasks ★ Edit issues ★ Progress workflow ★ Add, edit and delete work logs ★ Add attachment ★ Vote/Unvote issue ★ Watch/Unwatch issue ★ Add Watchers ★ JIRA Agile
    51. 51. Планирование, учет и отчетность календарная, ресурсная и др.
    52. 52. Gantt-Chart Project for JIRA Project Planning and Tracking in Gantt Chart like MS Project – Basic free License is also available • Customizable issue table in Gantt-chart • Timeline display configuration: Zoom to Fit, Pre-defined useful timeline ranges and User defined timeline range • Powerful filter solutions based on: Assignee, Component, Version, Issue Status and Keyword filter • Reset to Today location • Dynamic "Start date" and "End date" analyze algorithm • Issue Dependency Management • Sub-task and N-level containment supportCustomizable calendar Week configuration, Non Working Day/Working Day setting • Direct edition of issues in Gantt-chart table • Drag edition in Gantt-chart diagram to move issue or change its during • Visual Dependency manipulation in Gantt-chart diagram • Partial time plannification
    53. 53. Gantt-Chart for JIRA Gantt-Charts per project, structure etc. Get an overview of issues, selected by favorite filter or structure (ALM-works) and chosen timeline granularity. Tooltips display more details. Work more efficient using inline editing and issue creation of hierarchies. Fully customizable per user and selection A lean user interface displays what you want to see based on individual column configurations and look & feel of Gantt bars and dependencies. For swimlanes, the row background color can be taken out of a custom field. Enhanced Integration of "JIRA Agile« Display charts grouped by sprints for agile teams or by epics for product owners including their stories and tasks based on selected agile board having the same issue sort order. Multi-project views are supported, too.
    54. 54. Activity Timeline Resource Planning Intuitive weekly resource planning board to schedule JIRA tasks, custom events, bookings and visualize teams' workload/assignments Planning Dashboard Workload Indication Custom Events/Milestones
    55. 55. Structure - The Issue Organizer Structure plugin lets you create and manage sharable hierarchical issue lists and much more. Just a few of Structure's features: Unlimited shareable structures Spans multiple projects Synchronization with JIRA Agile (GreenHopper), Links and more Template structures and projects with bulk issue cloning Time tracking aggregation Powerful user interface with keyboard shortcuts API with full access to Structure data Inline issue creation and editing Export to Excel Bulk changes on issues multi-selected in Structure Structure API supports extensions like Testy
    56. 56. Links Hierarchy for JIRA & Agile Discover, track, trace and report JIRA regular links It supports cross-project, any depth, sub-tasks, epic-story relationships Users's settings are automatically saved an applied on next visualizations saving users from lot of annoying clicks Structure your issues on JIRA with regular links and visualize them with this nice and productive add-on Compared with other add-ons it is NO EXPENSIVE and with NO HIDDEN COSTS because its ELEGANT and SIMPLE design, it requires ZERO administration, NO COMPLEX configurations, synchronizers nor backups, it is a REAL solution for JIRA regular links rather than a parallel system to work with issues based on indentation.
    57. 57. Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Working at all levels of your organization, Tempo Timesheets brings you flexible time tracking, resource planning, project management, and business intelligence seamlessly to your JIRA instance. Use alone or in tandem with Tempo Planner and Tempo Books (coming soon!) for a complete professional services solution for your business
    58. 58. Tempo Planner for JIRA Tempo Planner offers deeper project management, capacity planning, Agile integration, and business analytics seamlessly to JIRA High-level and Granular Resource Planning Agile Capacity Planning Real-time Snapshots
    59. 59. System Plugin: Tempo Teams Team Timesheet Visualize the distribution of efforts across your teams, segmented by what makes most sense to your business, uncover trends and issues before they escalate, plan for the future, and make necessary course corrections. Team Capacity Report The report shows how much the members of the team, are available to work for the team. It does therefore only build on Tempo Planner data, that are in scope for the current team. Team Overview The Team Timesheet now reflects the working days for each team member.This display helps co-located teams and teams with part-time workers visualize the expected capacity of each team member.
    60. 60. ictime - JIRA Time Tracking & Reports My Timesheets: User timesheet with filters by project, component, version, activity type, issue status, approval status and date. Log Work: Log work as "time spent" or as time span with start and end time, use "no charge" or "corrected result" option, log work and access recent work logs directly from the navigation. You can log work for other users and can move work logs to other issues. Approval: Simple approval option on work log or issue level.
    61. 61. Ceptah Worklog - JIRA time tracking • Scheduler-based interface • Automatic time tracking • Away time detection • Time Remaining adjustment • JIRA Reports • Export to PDF, Excel, Word and Web (HTML). • Grouping by time periods, projects, versions, components, issue types and users.
    62. 62. JIRA Calendar Plugin JIRA Calendar Plugin The JIRA Calendar Plugin shows issues and versions in a calendar format based on their due date. Calendars can be based on a filter or on a project. It is developed and maintained by Atlassian. The calendar can be viewed in two formats: •HTML - as a portlet or project tab •ICal - as an ICal file that can be viewed in any ICal file viewer The plug-in consists of the following components: •Calendar Portlet - A portlet for displaying the Calendar in HTML format in one of the user's portal pages. Calendars can be based on a filter or a project. •Calendar Project Tab - Displays a HTML Calendar for the issues associated with the project being browsed in HTML format •HTML Calendar Servlet - This servlet returns HTML fragments for the Calendar Portlet and the Calendar Project Tab. This lets the Portlet and the Project Tab switch between months without reloading the whole page. •ICal Calendar Servlet - This servlet is responsible for serving the ICal format files. There is a link to this servlet provided in the Calendar Portlet and Project Tab.
    63. 63. JIRA Timesheet Reports and Gadgets Extends JIRA time tracking means with Time Sheet and Pivot reports and gadgets, Worked Time Chart gadget, Email and REST endpoint
    64. 64. JIRA Time Tracking And Billing Report JIRA Time Tracking And Billing Reporting Collection More than 80 different gadgets and reports Most gadget has a twin report that you can open directly from your dashboard. Track your cost by using the billing options Export to excel Track time for users, groups, projects, components, issue types, priorities and so on... Make your own reports or gadgets. See the screen shots Go ahead and try it out.
    65. 65. FOLIO - Portfolio Management 60% of all projects don't deliver on time or on budget. FOLIO helps businesses deliver projects on time and on budget, every time Health & Status: Measure project progress and easily identify when a project starts to deviate from the plan Costs: Budget your projects and track actual costs during execution Revenue: Track consulting service and other operating or non-operating revenues. Determine current and anticipated profitability in clear charts and summaries. The perfect tool for service companies wanting to get that critical ROI information Team: Identify the individuals assigned to the project and capture their wages and allocation, both current and future. Forecast: The forecast chart provides crucial, real-time feedback on past, current and projected performance of projects Reporting: FOLIO offers a wide variety of powerful and flexible reports Portfolio: Get multi-project aggregated EVM metrics, forecasts, resource load information and reports
    66. 66. Risk Management Report and Gadget Track, control and communicate your project risks Track, control and communicate your project risks along with all the other project issues. Get a visual presentation of your risk issues. View how the risk has developed over time by selecting relative or specific dates. The Add On uses a common approach to determine risks. Risk = Likelihood/Probability x Impact/Consequence.
    67. 67. JIRA Charting Plugin A plugin providing various charts and reports for JIRA. These charts and reports provide a visual representation of a project or a saved filter in different contexts. In general, charts are: •run over any saved filter or project •for a period of X days previousto the current date •broken down into incremental periods of hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or years. •hyperlinked to relevant issues in the Issue Navigator •linked to a relevant report showing a larger chart, as well as a detailed data table
    68. 68. DynamicReport • Dynamic Report is a reporting plugin for Atlassian JIRA based on the jXLS framework • Write a report template in Microsoft Excel • Upload your template to your JIRA instance • Create the report from the JIRA search page
    69. 69. eazyBI JIRA reports and charts plugin eazyBI plugin provides easy to use drag-and-drop creation of custom JIRA reports, charts and dashboard gadgets. Analyze JIRA issues by standard and custom issue fields, identify trends and top/bottom performers, start from summary overview and drill into details. Create pivot table reports or bar, line, area, pie, timeline, map or Gantt charts as well as publish eazyBI reports as gadgets on JIRA dashboards. Create reports with drag-and-drop Many different chart types Powerful calculations
    70. 70. Power Report Power Report is built to provide additional reporting capabilities to JIRA using the open source BIRT reporting engine. With Power Report, you can display any kind of report inside JIRA such as KPI reports (service desk, development, sales...). You design your reports in BIRT and Power Report will embed them inside JIRA. Manage reports and accesses rights depending on JIRA Groups and Projects Export your results in HTML, PDF, Word and Excel formats.
    71. 71. Arsenale Dataplane - JIRA Reports Arsenale® Dataplane™ delivers powerful, intuitive JIRA reports for decision makers, allowing you to reach back in time and look at historical trends, the timing of transitions, and evaluate project and team performance. Arsenale Dataplane reporting for JIRA gives you: Powerful Built-in Reports: track issue trends, inter-project links, work logged and much more Interactive Charts and Tables: create data-rich, graphical reports across multiple JIRA projects or categories Customize and Save Reports: build your own directory of customized reports that can be run with a single click Dashboard Gadgets: display Dataplane reports as gadgets on your existing JIRA dashboards Report Sharing: give other team members the ability to run and copy your customized reports Report Favorites: mark your most-used reports, either your own or those shared with you, and find them all in one place Leverage JIRA Search Filters and JQL: use your existing JIRA search filters or custom JQL for targeted results Slice and Dice: segment report results by any combination of issue fields for drill-down analysis PDF & CSV Exports: download reports to pristine PDF for sharing, or export to CSV for offline analysis
    72. 72. Экспорт отчетов • JIRA PDF View Plugin – Sophisticated PDF documents from JIRA data - PDF export for single issues, JQL queries, filters, searches, versions and sprints • Xporter for JIRA – Export issues to DOCX, PDF, ODT, SVG or RFT files, using Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Templates
    73. 73. Project Team Highlights the team of the project by displaying its members and their roles. Allows adding custom fields to the JIRA user profile
    74. 74. JIRA Traffic-Light CustomField Project management and stakeholder awareness is people business, but yellow/red lights help to escalate ... focus your attention Create new custom field(s) of type "Status as Traffic-Light" with global context for all issues. Name it for example "Criticality" and set it's options text to: red yellow green You can define complex statements taking all issue methods into account, from current issue status until issue's parent object or status of children to determine, what traffic- light status to set: just program your rule in javascript syntax!
    75. 75. • JIRA Project Role Tab – This plugin adds an additional tab to the project dashboard showing the project roles and current assignments for this project. This is useful, if you use project roles in your permission schemes or workflows. This tabs give the project members the possibilty to look, who has which role in the project. (This is normally only possible for the project admin in the administration section of the project.)
    76. 76. Profields Create as many project-level fields as you need for your JIRA projects By default, JIRA only gives four information fields involving projects. For most users this isn’t enough, with users often needing many more, for example: budget, start date, project type, client, applicable SLAs, contact persons, etc. With Profields you can create as many fields as you need for your JIRA projects quickly and easily. Profields also gives you many other advantages. Some of the most important features are listed below: KEY FEATURES: Up to eight field types. History of changes Grouping fields into Schemes. Connect to outside data sources. Workflow integration. JQL integration. Dependencies between different fields. Field-level security and permissions. Five different gadgets. REST & JAVA API available.
    77. 77. • Empower your power-users to create projects from your own designed project templates without writing any code – Easy project creation from templates – New project, no waiting – Easy and flexible template creation The JIRA administrator can delegate the creation of new projects to the people that are requesting them. Setting permissions is as simple as selecting the JIRA group(s) that should have access to create templatized projects. • Standardize your projects • The Project Creator for JIRA implements allows you to create project templates. Create as many different templates as you need to handle new project requests. Customize your templates by choosing your: • Field configuration schemes, • Screen schemes • Workflow schemes • Issue Type schemes • Components • Versions • Project Categories • Default assignee Project Creator for JIRA
    78. 78. Agile
    79. 79. JIRA Agile JIRA Agile makes Agile accessible, whether you're a seasoned Agile expert or just getting started. Creating user stories, estimating them for a sprint backlog, visualizing team activity and reporting progress has never been so easy. JIRA Agile closely tracks epic level items as well as user stories in your agile process.
    80. 80. BigPicture Plugin for JIRA BigPicture is a key to adopting Agile practices for project management at enterprise scale BigPicture allows to use Scaled Agile Framework in JIRA. It utilizes all of the power of JIRA making it easy to build and manage your backlog on enterprise level. It is a perfect tool for managing projects with number of systems and teams involved. It provides gantt charts, productive task management, user friendly agile roadmaps, risk management and excel export. Key featues Manage your programs Create and organize program tasks using Gantt with work breakdown structure Identify program risks via drag&drop matrix Build your agile program roadmap Visualize your program on the wall using provided JIRA dasboard gadgets Enhance your JQL to search for your program tasks Increase productivity Create programs and organize your tasks Build Roadmaps for programs by release Risk matrix management for planning and execution
    81. 81. Artezio Kanban Board for JIRA Artezio Board is a simple and user-friendly Kanban board plugin for JIRA. It provides the following features: Create as many Kanban boards as you need Create boards for a project or for a filter Switch between boards in a standard for JIRA way Drag-and-drop to change an issue status Change an assignee, a due date, add comments, log time Switch between a full, medium and short view Use lazy load for large amounts of issues Group cards by status, assignee, version and component
    82. 82. Agile Poker for JIRA Agile Poker for JIRA® is an innovative scrum estimation toolkit for calculating effort or relative size of user stories in a quick, distributed, accurate and fun way Calculate user stories in a fun and quick way. Bring remote teams members together. Take part in sessions using your mobile device.
    83. 83. Agile User Story Map All your stories at a glance Plan the road map and keep track of the big picture. Create a cross project map and have multiple projects at a glance. Group stories by epics via drag & drop and edit them on the fly. Plan sprints, which contain epic overlapping stories. Explain the project's scope to all stake holders with meaningful reports. Filter your map by versions, status, components and sprints. Track effort and complexity and visualize your estimations. Improve your Scrum or Kanban teams by agile requirements engineering
    84. 84. Интеграционные плагины подробнее в
    85. 85. Интеграционные плагины (1) • JIRA Importers Plugin (JIM) • The JIRA Importers Plugin migrates data from these external systems: Bugzilla, Mantis, FogBugz, Trac and Pivotal Tracker. It also supports very flexible import from CSV files. • JIRA FishEye/Stash Plugin • The JIRA FishEye Plugin connects your JIRA instance to any Subversion, Git, Perforce, Mercurial or CVS repository which are linked to your FishEye instance. This allows you to view commits for a JIRA issue, right within JIRA. It also provides a Reviews tab to each issue if you are running Crucible. • JIRA Capture • JIRA Capture provides QA teams, testers, and developers with incredibly fast bug reporting for JIRA, directly from the web application you are testing.
    86. 86. • ChangeIntegration Jira2SVN Complete integration between JIRA and Git, Subversion and Mercurial. • JIRA Integration Service for LeanKit LeanKit supports pre-built integrations for many commonly used tools and applications, including: Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, Project Server, JIRA, GitHub, and Oracle Primavera. Set work triggers to visualize activities on designated boards and keep both systems automatically synchronized. • JIRA Connector for VersionOne • JIRA Connector for ServiceDeskPlus • CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA • JIRA Hudson Integration • Rally Connector for JIRA • qTest (QASymphony) JIRA Connector • ARIS Bridge for JIRA • Oracle Team Productivity Center - Jira Connector Интеграционные плагины (2)
    87. 87. Интеграционные плагины (3) • Immersive for Atlassian, in IBM Connections – Plug and play IBM integrations; light configuration. Supporting Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bamboo, FishEye. • Dropbox in Atlassian JIRA® Integration – Dropbox in JIRA allows you to have all your Dropbox files accessible from JIRA. – You can preview, link, search for, edit, or download your Dropbox files directly from JIRA. Editing is launched directly in your local Office tools that you are so familiar with already. • Google Drive in Atlassian JIRA® Integration – Link a Google Doc to your JIRA issue, direct from Google Docs repository. Includes file picker, preview, open/launch, download options, and OAuth authentication. • Box in Atlassian JIRA® Integration – Box in JIRA allows JIRA users to access, preview, and attach Box files to JIRA issues directly from JIRA. • iRise Simulations for Atlassian JIRA – iRise visualization gives users the ability to create visual prototypes of new software projects that look and act just like the real thing, before a single line of code is written. – With iRise Simulations for JIRA, you can: • Create direct links to an iRise simulation project in JIRA, associated with a development task. • Create direct links to an iRise page of a simulation project in JIRA, associated with a development task. • Run a live preview of an iRise simulation directly from within JIRA.
    88. 88. • Sparx EA Connector for JIRA • UseTFS for JIRA For MS TFS • TFS4JIRA For MS TFS • Task Adapter Redmine, Atlassian Jira/Atlassian Jira OnDemand, Microsoft Project, Github, MantisBT, Basecamp/Basecamp Classic • IBM JazzConnect-JIRA Интеграционные плагины (4)
    89. 89. • Orasi JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center – Orasi™ Software’s JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center™ is an enterprise-class integration solution that enables companies to harness the full potential of Atlassian®’s JIRA® and HP Quality Center or HP ALM software by synchronizing defect and requirement information between the two tools. The bridge enables a true collaboration between quality assurance (QA) and development teams by seamlessly coordinating information between your teams, while offering them the flexibility to use the tools that best fit their needs. • Go2Group JaM Plugin – Quality Center, QC, HP Quality Center, HP ALM integration and bridge for JIRA – JIRA and QC integration, bidrectional replications – Multiple projects and field mapping – Attachment and comment replication Интеграция JIRA с HP QC и HP SM
    90. 90. • Tasktop Sync – is a software solution that provides fully automated, enterprise-scale synchronization among the disparate tools used in software development organizations. – Сертифицированные коннекторы ко всем популярным ALM- системам • Go2Group ConnectALL Plugin – Real-time synchronization – Conflict management – Tune agility – Enhanced visibility – Simple configuration – High-end customization – Flexible licensing Интеграция JIRA с ALM системами
    91. 91. Интеграция JIRA с другими ALM продуктами • Tasktop Sync – is a software solution that provides fully automated, enterprise-scale synchronization among the disparate tools used in software development organizations. – Сертифицированные коннекторы ко всем популярным ALM- системам
    92. 92. Интеграция JIRA с MS Project • The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration – The Connector is a Microsoft Project extension plug-in that will allow connection directly from Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA. Create a project plan using Microsoft Project and directly import tasks from JIRA. Use JIRA for task management and quickly and easily sync between the two systems. The Connector provides direct integration with Microsoft Project creating a JIRA toolbar right in Project. From this toolbar, you have access to a variety of JIRA functionality like importing, updating resource assignments, due dates and task descriptions. • Bridge JIRA to MS Project – (см. следующий слайд)
    93. 93. Bridge JIRA to MS Project Rich mappings between JIRA and MS Project You can define how issue fields, links and worklog entries will be transferred to or from MS Project, including the direction of synchronisation. User import JIRA users can be imported into MS Project as resources and assigned to selected tasks. Issue import and bi-directional synchronization Changes in both project tasks and JIRA issues can be synchronised in both directions at any time.
    94. 94. Интеграция с Alfresco, Confluence другими заданиями Jira и web-ссылками
    95. 95. Интеграция с Alfresco Alfresco in JIRA Alfresco 3.4 - 4.3 • JIRA 5.0 - 6.X With Alfresco in JIRA, JIRA users can access, preview, and link (attach) Alfresco files to JIRA issues directly from JIRA: • "Plug and play" feature-rich integration application • CMIS-standard based • Authenticate with Alfresco from JIRA • Link files from your Alfresco repository to issues in JIRA • Search for, preview, and download linked Alfresco files from within JIRA • Full previews of any Alfresco file directly from JIRA • Supports editing from JIRA in MS Office, NeoOffice, or OpenOffice applications (Mac, Linux, Windows) • Respects check in/check outs in Alfresco (can't edit or save in such cases) Supported filetypes: doc, xls, ppt, pdf, zip, txt etc. Alfresco™ SSO Authenticator for Atlassian Crowd® by AppFusions + Install Service Crowd authenticator that enables single sign-on (SSO) and synchronization of users between Confluence and Alfresco, while also allowing single point for managing users of both systems (Crowd).
    96. 96. Active Directory Integration • Get selected user's attributes from Active Directory server and use it in JIRA, present it on User Profile page or custom field – Use many configurations to synchronize – Present attributes on issue using custom field – Present attributes in user profile page.
    97. 97. Сервис деск на основе JIRA Service Desk и др. плагинов
    98. 98. Разработка и тестирование
    99. 99. IDE Connectors • Atlassian Connector for Eclipse The connector for Eclipse is based on the popular task-focused Mylyn interface for Eclipse. Developers with any Eclipse-based IDE can use it to: – Receive notifications of changes to JIRA issues and Bamboo builds in the IDE. – Create, update, comment, and manage JIRA issues – Launch Bamboo builds and create JIRA issues to address failed Bamboo builds • Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA – Manage JIRA issues, Bamboo builds, and Crucible code reviews. – Create JIRA issues to address failed Bamboo builds. – Create pre-commit code reviews right in the source code editor (IntelliJ IDEA only). – Launch Bamboo builds and receive notifications in the IDE. – Create, manage, and update JIRA issues. • Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio Interact with JIRA issues and Bamboo builds in Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012. The Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio puts the most common issue and build-related activities into your IDE, including: – Creating JIRA issues – Adding and view JIRA comments – Perform workflow actions – View latest build results
    100. 100. Zephyr for JIRA - Test Management All your testing, inside JIRA. Zephyr for JIRA augments JIRA capabilities with cost- effective and sophisticated test management Zephyr for JIRA is an add-on application that augments JIRA 5 and 6, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside your JIRA. Together, Zephyr for JIRA and JIRA enable developers, testers and the entire project team to be better prepared at every stage of the software lifecycle to plan, build, test and launch great software. Major features include: Create, view, edit and clone tests Link to stories, tasks, requirements etc. Plan test execution cycles Execute tests File defects Track quality metrics Create custom dashboards Perform advanced searches using ZQL Integrate with automation and CI tools using ZAPI (sold separately)
    101. 101. Custom Reports for Zephyr This plugin contains some custom reports about Zephyr for Jira plugin 7 different custom reports for Zephyr For Jira Plugin users. Zephyr Project Based User Report Zephyr Test Step Based Report 1. Zephyr Test Based Report Shows how many times a test issue has passes/failed etc. 2. Zephyr Report Test Step Based Report Shows how many times a test step per issue has passes/failed etc. 3. Zephyr User Based Report Shows test pass/fail/wip etc ratios per user for Zephyr. 4. Zephyr User Based Test Step Report Shows test step pass/fail/wip etc ratios per user for Zephyr. 5. Zephyr Defect Count Report Total number of issues-defect per test issue Note: This Plugin works on Zephyr For Jira Plugin 6. Zephyr Project Based User Report Shows test pass/fail/wip etc ratios per user for Zephyr with multiple project. 7. Zephyr Project Based User Test Step Report Shows test step pass/fail/wip etc ratios per user for Zephyr with multiple project.
    102. 102. • JIRA Capture enables everyone to easily contribute high quality, actionable feedback that development teams love • Use the JIRA Capture browser extension to submit comprehensive bug reports directly from the application you are testing • Instantly capture a screenshot when reporting a bug. Add annotations to explain details of the bug. • Capture the issues raised, time spent, and testing notes in a test session. Link related issues to the requirement or user story. JIRA Capture
    103. 103. Go2Group synapseRT plugin allows you to operate JIRA Projects by requirement based testing methodology. Release Versions are defined for Jira Project and include Requirement sets. Requirement realization is tested by Test Cases, assigned to one or several Requirements of one or several Releases. Bugsthat appeared in testing are used in Defect Tracking process.SynapseRT plugin provides automatical creation of synapseRT Test Project. This Project has Releases, Requirements, Test Cases, Bugs, Workflows already created. This manual is description of Requirement Based Testing Scenario with usage of synapseRT tools. • Test Case Management & Requirement Management with traceability inside JIRA • Traceability matrix • Test Plans perspective • Requirements/Test Cases planning Go2Group synapseRT
    104. 104. • JIRA Integration - User Stories, Defects & Reports, Agile Test Management & Test Execution Enterprise Tester offers great features, open architecture, integration into JIRA, Confluence, Crowd and OnDemand - all backed by responsive support and a dedicated solutions team. Leading the way in the test management space, ET is used by over 60,000 users across over 40 countries, including teams at Intel, eBay, Verizon, Bayer and LG. ET is an enterprise test management solution with the features and scalability to support your test team, whether you have a few in-house testers or are a multinational with distributed teams spread all over the world. Key Features: Write user stories in ET or integrate with JIRA Create test scripts from user stories Store and reuse test scripts within and across projects Create reports in ET - share on JIRA & Confluence dashboards Query your testing data with TQL REST API Automated test case management with Duette plugin Offline testing capability with Enterprise Tester Rover, the mobile plugin for ET Enterprise Tester for Test Management
    105. 105. RMsis - Requirements Management for JIRA
    106. 106. RMsis - Requirements Management for JIRA RMsis - Requirements Management for JIRA • Simplifying Requirements Management • Establish traceability between requirements to other requirements, JIRA issues and test cases. • Control changes to requirements through requirement versions and baselines. • Integrated validation. Users can define test cases and organize / execute them in groups as test runs. Default Bugzilla Workflow, Test Case Management Workflow. Pivotal Tracker Default Workflow
    107. 107. Development • JIRA Development JIRA Plugin Guide • • Atlassian Developer Toolbox • Atlassian Plugin SDK – Windows / Mac OS X / RPM / .NET / TGZ / DEB / RPM • JIRA Mobile Connect (support JIRA Mobile Connect iOS library)
    108. 108. Системное администрирование и безопасность
    109. 109. Системное администрирование и безопасность (1) • Atlassian Command Line Interface Access Atlassian applications from a command line • SU for Jira SU allows administrators to take on the identity of users to help with fault reproduction (and verification of resolution on first interaction) as well as enabling general user setup. • JIRA Toolkit Plugin he toolkit is a set of neat custom fields Atlassian developed for their own use, particularly when using JIRA for customer support.
    110. 110. • REST Java Client for JIRA • Field Security Plugin for JIRA – Set access permissions to custom fields, Assignee and Time Tracking • Create a field security scheme • Select from a number of available conditions – Set access rules for JIRA Agile plugin • SSL for JIRA – Having trouble connecting JIRA to LDAPS, a mail server, or a different Atlassian product over SSL? Sick and tired of keytool import statements? Then this add-on is for you. It offers a simple admin UI for connecting to another resource over SSL. – Please note that this plugin does not cover the use-case of running JIRA over SSL; it's limited to importing SSL certs from other sites. Системное администрирование и безопасность (2)
    111. 111. • Kerberos Authentication for JIRA by Kantega AS – Password-less login for Jira. Easy to use UI for configuration and testing • Let your users log into Jira without having to type their username or password • Works across browsers on Windows, Mac or Linux • Easy to configure and test through the UI in the plugin's admin page. • Kerberos SSO Authenticator for AD & Atlassian Servers +Install Service by AppFusions – Single sign-on authenticator for Active Directory, including service deployment for Confluence, JIRA, Crowd, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo, SVN. – The solution is not plug-and-play. It is configured specific to your environment with many variables (i.e., browsers, OSs, DBs, AD configuration, firewalls, etc.). Kerberos Authentication
    112. 112. SSO плагины для JIRA • Google SSO for Atlassian JIRA by AppFusions – The Google SSO Authenticator allows users to sign into JIRA using their Google account. • Alfresco™ SSO Authenticator for Atlassian Crowd® by AppFusions – Crowd authenticator that enables single sign-on (SSO) and synchronization of users between Confluence and Alfresco, while also allowing single point for managing users of both systems (Crowd). • Client Certificate Authenticator by Go2Group – Now, Go2Group's CAC (Common Access Card) / PIV (Personal Identity Verification) SSO (Single Sign On) plugin extends smart card access control to Atlassian products. The plugin provides secure access, with encrypted identity, to the system network and other controlled spaces. • Umbrella SSO – Providing a Single Sign-On for All Atlassian behind-the-firewall applications – Enabling a True Single Sign-On, users need only log-on to their desktop – Integrating with your existing infrastructure and works with multiple authentication protocols, such as SAML 2.0 or Kerberos – Working under multiple DNS domains – Extensibility beyond Atlassian applications
    113. 113. • Atlassian Bot Killer – The Atlassian Bot Killer helps to manage sessions that are created on your Atlassian production system. Web bots such as Google and scripted REST clients can end up creating 1000s of sessions and yet they will never come back to use that "session". This plugin works by dropping the session time out to 1 minute on the first request and then bumps it back to the original session time out on any future request. • OpenVPN access server – OpenVPN Access Server is a full featured SSL VPN software solution that integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, and OpenVPN Client software packages that accommodate Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS environments. OpenVPN Access Server supports a wide range of configurations, including secure and granular remote access to internal network and/ or private cloud network resources and applications with fine-grained access control. • Configuration Manager for JIRA – The ultimate deployment and configuration automation tool – Capture Project or System Configurations – Analyse Changes – Deploy With Confidence Системное администрирование и безопасность (3)
    114. 114. Расширение почтовых функций и нотификации
    115. 115. Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA (JEMH) • Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA (JEMH) JEMH is an Enterprise message handler for your JIRA, providing a scalable email handling and routing, auditing, incoming mail 'fixing' on the fly, customized notification templates by project, support for email only users, integrated Test Case facilities, Auditing, configuration export/import and more.
    116. 116. Резюме • Чтобы сделать Jira удобным для работы необходимо установить в среднем 7-20 плагинов как платных, так и бесплатных • Функционал некоторых бесплатных плагинов частично пересекается с платными • Подбор необходимых плагинов, их настройка и кастомизация, обеспечение их совместной работы и интеграция с внешними приложениями, в случае использования Jira в качестве многофункционального менеджера задач является непростой задачей. • Управление продуктом с множеством установленных плагинов требует достаточно высокой квалификации и является весьма затратным с точки зрения ресурсов. • Стоимость необходимых лицензий для функциональной работы с Jira превышает базовую в среднем в 1,5-4,5 раза
    117. 117. Работы Кварта Технологии по внедрению продуктов Atlassian • Разработка проекта развертывания и интеграции в существующую ИТ- инфраструктуру. Подбор необходимых лицензий плагинов, продуктов и их настроек в соответствии с бизнес-требованиями Заказчика. Цена зависит от требований Заказчика и степени их формализации • Развертывание и внедрение сценариев использования JIRA, JIRA ServiceDesk, Confluence, DevTools (настройка процессов workflow, экранных форм, прав доступа, ролей, и т.п., настройка работы плагинов, макросов, написание скриптов, корректировка CSS и т.п.) включая обучение пользователей по ролям и подготовку эксплуатационной документации. Цена зависит от требований ТЗ • Миграция с существующих систем на JIRA/Confluence Цена зависит от объема миграции и продуктов с/на которые проходит миграция. • Интеграция JIRA/Confluence/DevTools с другими информационными системами. Цена зависит от требований ТЗ • Техническая поддержка и сопровождение внедренного решения. Цена зависит от требований SLA и объема предоставляемых услуг. Цены на работы - среднерыночные
    118. 118. Лицензии, работы, внедрения Интересуют лицензии? Хорошие цены, быстрые прямые поставки. Интересуют работы, внедрение? Опытные специалисты, эксперты по внедрениям Atlassian. Звоните, пишите. Андрей Фадеев Менеджер по развитию продаж ООО «Кварта Технологии» т. (495) 234-40-18 Свежие новости JIRA, Confluence в моем новом блоге Подпишитесь и Вы будете в курсе всех cобытий в мире JIRA!
    119. 119. HipChat for JIRA (client) Get JIRA notifications directly into HipChat Verified working under JIRA 6.2 Updated post-function UI Removed extra spaces after icon in HC notification Configure your projects to send notification of issue creation to any HipChat room. Any transition can be captured and sent to any HipChat room. Use JQL to filter which issues should trigger notification. Select any room you'd like to send the notification to.
    120. 120. IBM Sametime in JIRA, Confluence, DevTools Atlassian Integration Connectors for IBM Sametime • AppFusions' connectors for IBM Sametime, allows Atlassian users to chat and collaborate in Sametime, directly from their Atlassian products. • Sametime online/offline presence indicators are shown for any user's name wherever shown in the Atlassian application, and "click to chat" menus allow for convenience to launch a chat anywhere, conveniently in context for where you are working! • If you have group meeting or video chat capabilities with your IBM Sametime subscription, you can also launch these sessions, directly from your Atlassian products' interfaces. • AppFusions' IBM Sametime connectors for for JIRA – Launch a chat while logging or resolving an issue