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An introduction to adam's naturals


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An introduction to adam's naturals

  1. 1. 1 Made by Local Women in The Near East from a 10th Century Recipe
  2. 2.  87% of each bar is pure olive oil  No animal by-products or modern chemicals  We’re Fair Trade-certified by IMO 2  Handmade according to centuries-old traditions  Supports women’s cooperatives and economic development in the Near East
  3. 3. The secret ingredient that turns virgin olive oil into soap is mineral salts, or sodium hydroxide (potassium hydroxide in liquid soap), both of which have been in use for over a millennium in soap-making. These cause a reaction called saponification that turns oils or fats into soap and, in the process, eats up all of the salts so that none remain in the finished product. We rely on the natural moisturizing power of olive oil to make your skin feel soft and smooth, not modern chemicals, fillers, or fake moisturizers. Likewise, we use natural essential oils made from flowers and herbs to fragrance our soaps, not cloying synthetic perfumes. 3 Pure Virgin Olive Oil (Almost 90%) Distilled Water Mineral Salts Natural Essential Oils But absolutely no… Animal By-products Modern Chemicals Greasy Moisturizers Fake Perfumes X X X X
  4. 4. Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by applying fair trade principles also to relevant domestic or regional trade and by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain. Fair for Life certified products are only handled by companies that demonstrate decent working conditions for all their staff. Fair for Life certification of products also confirms traceability of all certified products from production to sales. 4 We Pay More for Olives to Help Local Farmers We Guarantee Fair Wages Across Supply Chain We Ensure Safe Working Conditions We Support Local Economic Empowerment
  5. 5. Adam’s Naturals’ Olive Oil Soap is hand made by local women in the Near East using techniques passed down for over 1,000 years. 5 1. A mix of nearly 90% olive oil, some water, mineral salts and essential oils are heated and mixed in large cauldrons for hours. 2. When the molten soap is thick, it is poured into wooden frames to set up. 3. While still slightly soft, it is hand cut into bars and stamped with our logo. 4. The soap bars are stacked in cone- shapes to dry in cave-like chambers 5. The soap is then boxed by hand, not on an assembly line. 6. Our Liquid Soap is made nearly the same way, except with a different ratio of ingredients.
  6. 6. 6 Over its 10 centuries of history, our soap, called sabon al-zaytoun in Arabic, rose from a staple made by housewives to become one of the world’s most famous soaps. By the 1400’s, it was widely exported and came to be prized by monarchs like Queen Elizabeth I. As the 19th Century dawned, the region where our soap is made was the main source of soap production for the entire fertile crescent. Yet, the wars and natural disasters of the 20th century slowed production to a trickle and caused the soap to be mostly lost to the world. Today, Adam’s Naturals seeks to reintroduce the west to this ancient eastern luxury while invigorating the local economy and preserving the historic soap making traditions of the Near East.
  7. 7. Over 30 soap factories once dotted Nablus, producing 5,000 tons of soap per year in 1907. Today, there are only three major factories and production has slowed to a trickle. This has left the local economy—which still largely relies on soap manufacturing—in a very depressed state. Each bar of Adam’s Naturals that is sold represents one small step in our quest to preserve the historic soap-making traditions of the Nablus region and to help its people support themselves and their families. 7  Our soap is made by woman-owned-and-run businesses.  We only use olive oil from women’s cooperatives and local farmers.  10% of our profits go to charities that help the people of the Near East.
  8. 8. Brett “Adam” Young’s chance discovery of a delightful olive oil soap in an ancient Jerusalem bazaar led him to found Adam’s Naturals in 2011. Based near Jerusalem, we provide western consumers with healthful, indulgent and socially-conscious body care products made from local olive oil. We source from producers of all faiths and nationalities, and help depressed regional economies by purchasing their goods. We also give generously from our profits to charities that support victims of violence and promote entrepreneurship in the middle east. 8
  9. 9. Bar Soaps (125g) • Unscented—Traditional • Lavender • Peppermint • Rose • Dead Sea Salts (Unscented) Liquid Hand Soap (250ml) • Unscented • Peppermint • Lavender Body Wash (250ml and 500ml) • Unscented • Lavender • Peppermint Accessories • Naturally harvested, biodegradable loofah sponges • Hand-painted ceramic soap dishes from historic Hebron factory • Hand-woven olive branch gift basket assortments In Development for Summer 2014: Hair Products • Shampoo • Conditioner • Pomade Moisturizers • Body Balm • Body Butter 9
  10. 10. Adam’s Naturals is open to discussing any marketing-support options with our partners, but will definitely provide the following types of support: • Public/media relations, national and regional. • Locally targeted advertising online, in print and in social media • Social media marketing, national and regional. • In-store product demos and training for staff • Sample sized bar and liquid soaps for giveaways • Naturally harvested loofahs and hand-painted soap dishes to be included with purchase of Adam’s Naturals in promotions (limited quantity) 10
  11. 11. | Miami, Florida, USA +1 (888) 622-0383 +1 (305) 619-5700 P.O.Box 11789 Miami, FL 33101 Jerusalem +972 58 665 8000 +970 59 797 8585 P.O.Box 49640 Jerusalem 91491