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WordPress with Vue.js


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LT in WordCampOgijima2018 get-together.

Published in: Engineering
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WordPress with Vue.js

  1. 1. WordPress with Vue.js kdtakahiro
  2. 2. Structure Select video Sorting Update time value Add text to list Edit time and text Filtering list elements Events Value handling Class, CSS
  3. 3. Motivation jQuery - Tired of handling values. Vue.js - Easy to handle values. jQuery('.elm1').on('change', function(e){ var $obj = jQuery(e.currentTarget) var value = $obj.val() value = some_action(value) $obj.val(value) // also class? attributes? }) onChangeMethod: function() { this.e1Val = this.someAction(this.e1Val) } Data? Presentation? Confused... Powerful binding. Clear distinction.
  4. 4. Good Bye "echo", "esc_"
  5. 5. Bad Clear codes each. Complex structure. Theme Vue for admin and user. build every fix pass JS variables
  6. 6. Other Bad - Validation - Compact codes - Distinct responsibility - Debug - Library dependency - Vue vs. Not Vue Good
  7. 7. License Vue.js artworks by�Evan You�is licensed under a�Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.