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  1. 1. C.V Name: : Bakr Alddin Mohamad Alrefaai Place & Date of Birth: Damascus 1/1/1985. Sex: male. Nationality: Syrian. Marital Status: married. Contact information: Address: UAE/ Al Ain Bani yas street. Cell Phone: 056/6292673 Email: Professional Summary: Certified dentist experienced in periodontics, Peadodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Surgry, Endodontics and conservative treatment, patient care and education. Education: University of science & technology Dental department Bachelor of dental surgery 1st april 2009 Republic of Sudan - Al Khartoum - Omdurman. Professional Qualifications: - University of science & technology dental conference 2-6th Oct. 2006 . - 1st Implantology symposium Khartoum-sudan 25th sept. 2010(8 credit hours of DGZI) . - UAE international dental conference 2011. - Power 2 reason evidence based symposiums Dubai-UAE 28-29th Nov. 2012. - Power 2 reason evidence based symposiums Dubai-UAE 28-29th Nov. 2013. - Attendee of AEEDC Dubai 2014, Dubai- UAE 4 – 6th Feb 2014. - Sudanese Dental Association Khartoum-Sudan 2-4th Dec. 2014 - Implantology course 23th jan. -5th feb. 2015 Khartoum-Sudan (ESOI 140 credit hours and placement of one implants in patients mouth). Employment History : I did field training in: - periodontology from 1.12.2009 to 1.2.2010 in University of Science & Technology dental teaching hospital . - Oral & maxilla-facial surgery from 1.2.2010 to 1.7.2010 in Khartoum teaching dental hospital. - Conservation from 1.7.2010 to 1.9.2010 in Omdurman military teaching dental hospital. - Paedodontics from 1.9.2010 to 1.10.2010 in Omdurman military teaching dental hospital. - Dental public health from 1.10.2010 to 1.11.2010 in Omdurman military teaching dental hospital - Prosthodontics from 1.11.2010 to 1.12.2010 in university of science & technology dental teaching hospital.
  2. 2. - General Practitioner in Asfea Dental Centere from 1/5/2011 till 1/5/2014 under ministry of health: o Maintained proper universal precautions and infection control procedures at all times. o Cleaned stains, calcareous deposits and accretions from teeth and beneath margins of gums. o Examined gums with probes, and identified periodontal recessed gums and signs of gum disease. o Felt and visually examined gums to detect any sores or signs of disease. o Performed oral cancer checks by feeling lymph nodes to detect swelling or tenderness. o Took impressions for retainers and appliances. o Developed and implemented individualized dental care plans for patients. o Instructed patients on dental hygiene practices such as proper tooth-brushing and flossing techniques. o Correctly administered local anesthetic and adjunctive therapies such as fluoride treatments and irrigation. o Skillfully used hand instruments, ultrasonic cavitron inserts and prophy handpieces to remove hard deposits and stains from teeth. o Capably performed prophylaxis in the absence of periodontal disease or gingivitis. o Effectively removed any impacted, damaged or non-restorable teeth. o Formulated treatment plans with restorative dentists and orthodontists. o Diagnosed and treated infections, mouth ulcers and other problems with the oral mucosa. o Evaluated oral and dental health. o Diagnosed and treated diseases, injuries and malformations of teeth, gums and other oral structures. o Treated exposure of pulp by pulp capping, removal of pulp from pulp chamber and root canals. o Designed and fitted prosthodontic appliances, including bridges, space maintainers and dentures. o Routinely performed oral examinations, restorations, extractions, prophylactic and other dental work. o Regularly attended dental society and treatment team meetings and in-service trainings to continuously learn about best practices. o Proficiently extracted teeth with severe cavities, teeth previously treated with nonsurgical root canal therapy (NSRCT) and teeth diagnosed as non-restorable. o Designed appropriate treatment plans. o Performed root canals. o Provide orthodontic treatment for malocclusion cases by each fix or removable appliances.
  3. 3. Skills: - Dental materials knowledge. - Sterilization techniques familiarity. - Accurate intraoral measurements. - Syringes and anesthetics knowledge. - Periodontal dressings. - Topical anesthetic (TA). - Endo, ortho and oral surgery. - Alginate impression expertise. - Composite restoration specialist. - BLS. - Scaling and root planning. - Pediatric care. - Patient education. - Keeping patients comfortable. - Prophylaxis. - Fluoride treatments. - Plaque control instruction. - Fixed and removable prosthetics. - Practiced in extractions. - Adept at inserting cosmetic fillings. - Accomplished in bonding. - Root canal therapy. - Skilled at pulpotomies. - Fix and removable orthodontics appliances. - RPD and complete dentures. - Arabic: mother tongue. - English: fluent (reading, writing and speaking). - Familiar with computer hardware & software. Ambitions: - Ability to handle responsibilities. - Have aim to develop my job in short time. - Have a mind to increase my experience. PASSED, Dubai Health Authority– GP . Dentist Licensure Examination