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мпт в сибири


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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мпт в сибири

  1. 1. Urogenital Tuberculosis in SiberiaE. Kulchavenya, E. Brizhatyuk, D. KholtobinNovosibirsk, Russia E-mail: Material & Methods. 327 UGTB patients: 195 were observed in 1985-89 years (1 group) and 132 in 2001- 2007 years. (2 group). Results. Current trends of UGTB have shown a change of clinical features. In the 1st group mycobacteriuria was found in 84.5%, in 2nd group - has decreased up to 44.0%, mostly because of widespread using of antibiotics. Comparison of symptoms is shown in the Table. 100 80 60 40 20 0 MBT+ obscure dysuria flank pain hematuria pyuria course 1 group 2 group Conclusions. The main reason for late diagnosis of UGTB - poor knowledge about this disease. The clinical features of UGTB in 30 years have changed significantly. 7 times less likely to be registered an acute debut of UGTB, about 2 times more likely to find flank pain and hematuria.