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A Super Chicken Soup Recipe

  1. FOOD AS MEDICINE: A SUPER CHICKEN SOUP By Kevin KF Ng, MD, PhD. Former Associate Professor of Medicine Division of Clinical Pharmacology University of Miami, Miami, FL.,USA Email: A Slide Presentation for HealthCare Providers Mar 2023
  2. The new chicken soup based on modern science ▪ Chicken soup is consumed in almost every country of the world. ▪ There are myriads of recipes available on the internet. The ingredients are usually a combination of chicken meat with vegetables. Flavor enhancers are optional ▪ The nutritional value of chicken soup is due to the complete protein and its amino acids in the chicken meat. ▪ The medicinal value is due to the anti-inflammatory amino acids and anti- inflammatory phytochemicals in the vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. ▪ These phytochemicals are now known to be beneficial for health and at times of illness. ▪ Based on the pharmacological properties of the phytochemicals in vegetables and spices, I have improved the recipe my family inherited from our ancestors Shitake mushroom is added to enhance flavor and boost immune function.
  3. Examples of some chicken soup recipes on the Internet.
  4. Ingredients of a typical Chinese chicken soup
  5. Addition of Shitake mushrooms to recipe
  6. Rationale of using ingredients in chicken soup
  7. Direction of Cooking ▪ Boil 3 cups of water. ▪ Cut chicken 8 oz, onions 4 oz, garlics 2 oz, ginger 1 oz and mushrooms 4 oz into slices. ▪ Add all ingredients into boiling water for 15 minutes ▪ Stir the mixture intermittently. ▪ Add salt and pepper to taste or 1 bouillon cube.
  8. Enjoy!
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