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New Green Energy


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A new method to gain wind power and ocean current by sails and rope

Published in: Engineering
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New Green Energy

  1. 1. New Green Energy Energy Generation System By Sails and Rope Rev: 3.4 Inventor: Johnson Hsu email: line: yichung_hsu
  2. 2. The problem of traditional wind power system • A set of Flabellum (3-4 fans) need one motor. • Need a large fan to get a larger wind farm. • Hard to location. • Building and maintain cost is high • Most fans can only get low-altitude wind power, compared to high-altitude wind energy is small and unstable.
  3. 3. The Principle of Sails and Rope power generation • When the wind blows freely in the steering pennant, flag fabric is always parallel to the wind, tail end triangular flag floating around • Put the tail of flag a little back, the flag will form the airfoil sail shape. • Use torsion springs, when the wind blows at an angle to sail surface, the torsion spring will pull back a part of the angle of the sail. • At this time the sail surface is curved, the two sides of the sail surface pressure is different form the Bernoulli effect, provides an additional power.
  4. 4. The Principle of Sails and Rope power generation • Sail surface transverse elastic means, when the wind bigger, increase the degree of bending of the sail, sail the two side pressure difference increases, along with the Bernoulli effect is more obvious, when the wind becomes small, sail-plane bending reduced to Bernoulli effects can last. • When the wind is too large, the convex surface of the curved due to wind reduction, and sail with the wind angle becomes larger, the sail will reduce steering forces, while the spring torque increases, the sail will be back. • When the wind direction, wind speed change, sail surface also will automatically change the windward angle..
  5. 5. The Principle of Sails and Rope power generation • When Bernoulli effect occurs, power is applied to sail in the direction it is not consistent with the cable direction, with the direction perpendicular to the component cable will sail tilt, the stronger vertical force, the greater the inclination of the sail, take advantage of this phenomenon sail top rail extends, the end of a weight increase, and the cable can sail angle increases, reducing the vertical component, the horizontal component increases, that is, to reduce the inclination to increase the force pushing the cable, in other words, the best catch Bernoulli effect angle. • Within a certain range, the strength of the spring system has made little impact on the wind, and when the spring is strong, sail back angle is large, the Bernoulli effect in vertical cable component is large, the tilt will be larger, At this time the weight on the bar back rail will therefore more perspective.
  6. 6. The Principle of Sails and Rope power generation • In short, just put lots of sails on the rope. The rope forms a loop. When wind blow sails, it will carry the rope to move forward, then take the energy from rope by a motor. • Imaginging the sailboat hanging on a rope like gondola. • Sailing can go upwind (side upwind), of course, this system can too, so the system can gain power bi- direction. • Even if there is a positive wind direction, the sail would swing around in this direction, there will be no power, but there will not be too much resistance.
  7. 7. Benefit • With a very large wind farm, just need one motor, motor can be settled to the ground for easy maintain. • Cost is low, easy to maintain. • Can build at many places like wind-gap between buildings that traditional wind power system can not.
  8. 8. Benefit • Can be fixed at both ends on the ground, sails put up by a fixed point, when the sail up to a certain height, it will be pulled down second fixed point, and later followed by rising sails, sail down in front of the cable drive away, through the second after the fixed point back to the first fixed-point, and then to rise again, capture high- altitude wind energy.. • Can work in ocean current by throwing it into the sea to gain ocean current energy.. • It is the only one do not need a wide terrain, the cable path can be set along the environment, can work in the air (both at high and low altitude) and ocean currents.
  9. 9. Advantage • Wind energy is proportional to the cube of wind speed, wind turbines 80 meters high average wind around 5 m / s, and 800 m altitude is 7 m / s, down conversion, wind ratio is 1: 2.744 • High-altitude wind energy more stable, that is, we can expect a more stable power output. • Taiwan's Central Mountain Range is very suitable for high-altitude wind, studies have pointed out that wind energy is sufficient to provide more than a full Taipower can be used.
  10. 10. Advantage • If the ocean current power generation, energy density is 800 times that of traditional wind energy. • Taiwan Kuroshio both stable, not too far offshore, if they can use to generate electricity, it can provide the the whole island ¼ electricity. • If they can effectively use the mountain wind, coupled with the energy of ocean currents, not only no longer need nuclear power, thermal power plants can be shut down, can significantly improve air quality, carbon emissions can be significantly reduced.
  11. 11. Advantage • Compared with the general altitude kite power generation, the use of more Bernoulli effect, under the same conditions, the power can be obtained than double. • Compared with the flying wing, simple structure, light weight, safe and inexpensive.
  12. 12. Status • Use of personal spare time prototyping, basic functional verification success, being designed breakdown. • Now it can sail in rope exercise in trying to make more precise angle so that it can be used to obtain higher wind direction, and this step will have been carried out, in other words, in the power generation facilities on line, you can also continue to improve the structure in a manner to enhance efficiency. • Super fresh, just apply for patents, and to apply for green energy projects to accelerate the review. • Will show at the Taipei International Invention Exhibition October 1-3.
  13. 13. Wanted • Personal Caishuxueqian, limited resources, would like to take this public consultation, so that this technology can get a good rapid development. • Interested parties are welcome to join the team. • Welcome investors, it would be a very good investment, not only have a good return, will have a good reputation.
  14. 14. Q&A • 1. Compared with traditional wind power efficiency. A: The beginning is the main outlet market, such as between buildings, valleys, which are the traditional fan can not be installed in place, their efficiency is zero, any with a value greater than zero is infinite.
  15. 15. Q&A • 2. Uniaxial made simple. A: Uniaxial made it like traditions fan, it can not get the wind power between the buildings ,the valleys too also. It lost the niche.
  16. 16. Q&A • 3. The cost of wind power, are mainly mechanical and electrical equipment, capture wind power section cost is tiny, this new wind power generation system seems to be no value. A: Because of mechanical and electrical equipment is expensive, mechanical and electrical equipment for any type of new power generation system, are mount on near ground, you can take to protect.. In addition, this can capture a large area of wind energy, with only one set of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  17. 17. Q&A • 4. It will face some opposition when mounted in a public place. A: Beginning perhaps, but the device will use landscape mode production. The first step is showing at some place, we will be asked to build it when it show the benefits, not to mention that the product can sold throughout the world. Just do it, there will be some place want to mount.
  18. 18. Q&A • 5. Efficiency. A: Efficiency is related to the wind the sail angle and the bending of the sail . A poor start may be, but will corrected gradually, you can gradually increase efficiency, while amendments to fix some small parts only, the overall structure unchanged, in other words, the first installation can be a painless upgrade.
  19. 19. Q&A • 6. It can be used as advertising? A: Yes, if with landscaping and advertising, where it is possible to make use of free electricity. • 7. Power system with the problem and whether the sale of electricity. A: The purpose of this work is that to obtain a kinetic energy, as after obtaining the kinetic energy into electricity to how to deal with, is not within range, but with a conventional green energy usage is the same, in fact, not only turn into electricity, but also used to directly drive water tankers, water ...
  20. 20. Q&A • 8. It is easy to avoid this patent. A: Improvement patent may be, but this one is a basic patent, just sails hanging on a rope, as long as you get away with this structure.