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  1. 1. United Arab EmiratesThe United Arab Emirates is a constitutional federation of sevenemirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Rasal-Khaimah and Fujairah. The federation was formally established on2 December 1971.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupies an area of 83,600 sq kmalong the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar lies to thewest, Saudi Arabia to the south and west, and Oman to the north andeast. The capital and the largest city of the federation, Abu Dhabi, islocated in the emirate of the same name.Four-fifths of the UAE is desert, yet it is a country of contrastinglandscapes, from awe-inspiring dunes to rich oases, precipitous rockymountains to fertile plains.The United Arab Emirates, one of the worlds fastest growing touristdestinations, has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday,
  2. 2. United Arab Emirates History The history of the Arabian Peninsula plays a great part in the world stage today. The peninsula lies in the southwest region of Asia, at the concourse of Asia and Africa. It comprises six distinct coastlines including the Persian Gulf, which is deemed one of the most important for its abundant oil reserves. The Persian Gulf plays a large part in the United Arab Emirates, not only geographically but politicallyas well. The Perpetual Maritime Truce was an agreement signed circa 1850 by the Arabsheikdoms and the British denoting an important time in the history of the ArabianPeninsula. This new truce merged decades-old truces were considered to betemporary solutions.The truce was essentially a recognition by the sheikhdoms of British control in thePersian Gulf and the allowance of the shipping industry to operate in the Gulf withoutany interference. This part of the history of the Arabian Peninsula marks a paramounttime in United Arab Emirates history as well. These collective sheikhdoms wouldeventually be known as the seven emirates
  3. 3. population grows, comprising more than 80% of the country’s total population.Though there’s a large contrast in eastern and western ideals, the Emirati are verytolerant of the changes in their country.The many extraordinary attractions throughout Dubai make it the top destinationfor vacations. Though United Arab Emirates history may have had a somewhat volatilebeginning, the country has managed wealth and infrastructure extremely well. Fromthe golden beaches of Jumeirah Beach to the incredible Palm Islands, Dubai outdoesitself year after year. The many things to do in UAE paired with the region’s exoticdesert landscape, seaside destinations, beautiful mountains and year-roundwarm weather make it the hottest holiday destination the Middle East.
  4. 4. United Arab Emirates
  5. 5. United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing countries in the World.Rich in culture, the UAE has become tourist hotspot in recent years, charteryour next flight and enjoy the weather and recreation that UAE offers. Thecountry has become less dependent on natural resources and concentrated onthe service trade, providing a strong tourist market. Nationwide, there iscurrently $350 billion worth of active construction projects. Such projectsinclude the Burj Dubai, which is slated to become the worlds tallest building,Dubai World Central International Airport which, when completed, will be themost expensive airport ever built, and the three Palm Islands, the largestartificial islands in the world. Other projects include the Dubai Mall which is theworlds largest shopping mall, and a man-made archipelago called The WorldContact:Official United Arab Emirates website | Formore information
  6. 6. view of the Burj Hotel in Dubai, UAE)Following the news of Etihad, a United Arab Emirates airline that isreducing its carbon footprint, a number of companies based in the UAEare following suit and are making green efforts thanks to help fromfirms like the Dubai-based EcoVentures.
  7. 7. 0O De Rose in Dubai is a one-stop-shop for interiors, home accessories and fashion.Dubai may be home to the biggest mall in the world and consumerism might possiblybe in the city’s very DNA -- but there are alternatives to chain store shopping for luxurylabels. The city has a growing independent shopping scene, hidden in detached villasor smaller community malls, that will ensure you go home with something moreexciting than the ubiquitous Gucci, Prada or Chanel items.•Related article: Dubais authentic local cuisinesThese independent boutiques, which have sprung up over the last decade, are ownedby both expats and Emiratis who are keen to bring smaller designer labels to the cityor to launch local talent. If you want to discover Dubai’s more creative side, here arethe stand outs:For vintage: Bambah and The ZooTaking the “his-and-hers” concept literally, Bambah and The Zoo are two separatestores in one chic villa opposite the rather sad Dubai Zoo. Bambah is a beautifullydecorated vintage clothing store, with women’s clothes and accessories helpfullygrouped by decade and artfully arranged on the owner’s grandmother’s furniture. TheZoo is home to funky men’s T-shirts, quirky gadgets and nostalgic memorabilia likeretro telephones.
  8. 8. next to kitsch pop art and futuristic-looking furniture. It is not cheap,but if you are looking for a statement piece, this is the right place.For fashionistas: S*uceS*uce, which has blazed the trail for local designers and stocks hard-to-find, of-the-moment global names, is the mother of all independentboutiques. Although its main store is now in the Dubai Mall, the originalis still in the smaller Village Mall in the Jumeirah areaLook East!rya under Australia, Country, Focus.New South Wales is located in the eastern part of Australia, with Sydneyas its capital. Barry O’ Farrell, Premier, New South Wales, talks to usabout his opinion on bilateral trade relations between the UAE and NSWand what the future holds.
  9. 9. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the AustralianState of New South Wales (NSW) enjoy a strongrelationship with many opportunities for growth in tradeand investment. Talking about this, Mr. O’Farrell said, “Ivisited the UAE in May this year to personally deliver themessage that my Government is committed tostrengthening the relationship between NSW and theUAE.I was pleased that the senior government andbusiness officials I met were keen to learn more aboutNSW and the opportunities for us both. This visit was myfirst to the region as Premier of NSW and was alsosymbolic in emphasising the importance of our State’sinternational engagement.”Bilateral trade between NSW and the UAE was worthalmost AUD 504 million in 2010-11, an increase of 151%on 2005-06.
  10. 10. Head to Dubai’s older backstreets andneighbourhoods to uncover tasty and inexpensivelocal eats. (Phil Weymouth/LPI)Dubai may have a love of all things glitzy and glam,but traditional, street-style food is still very present inthis air-conditioned shopping, eating and drinkingparadise. At 40 years young, Dubai is already home toa multicultural melee, and unlike other global citieswhere one native dish reigns supreme, Dubai’ssignature cuisine is as varied as the globe. The manynationalities that have flocked to Dubai have not lefttheir cooking pots at home.
  11. 11. United Arab Emirates Reliance on Desalination SpellsWater Disaste
  12. 12. Desalination, a fuel-intensive process for purifying water, costs UAE about $18million each day. And while financial resources are there to continue to importthe natural gas needed to power the desalination plants, environmental andpolitical resources for the wasteful and illogical practice are growingthin. Reuters reports economists and researchers are warning that a newalternative to desalination as well as significant conservation measures areneeded to protect the UAE from the vulnerabilities associated with adependence on desalination as a water source. Currently, around 60% of watersupplies are drawn from groundwater pumping with the rest coming fromdesalination. However, as groundwater supplies shrink, the dependence upondesalination grows. Experts warn that
  13. 13. Images of Dubai, The United Arab Emirates,icons, photos, figures, visions, appearances,illustrations, snapshots, captures, canvas andpictures of Dubai, The United Arab Emirates -The most incredible beach cities in the world
  14. 14. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Fabulous holiday destination
  15. 15. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Relaxing beachattractions
  16. 16. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Splendid panorama
  17. 17. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - The famous PalmBeach
  18. 18. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Impressive naturallandscapes
  19. 19. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Excellent holidayvenue
  20. 20. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Modern
  21. 21. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Spectacular sun setview
  22. 22. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Luxurious hotels
  23. 23. Dubai, The United Arab Emirates - Incredibleentertainment attractions
  24. 24. Israel–United Arab Emirates relationsFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Israel–United Arab Emirates relations
  25. 25. United Arab Israel EmiratesIsrael – United Arab Emirates relations are pursuedbehind the scenes. Officially, the United Arab Emiratesdoes not recognize Israel as a state, and the twocountries do not have diplomatic relations.
  26. 26. Contents 1 Economic ties 2 History o 2.1 Shahar Peer incident o 2.2 Uzi Landau visit o 2.3 Mabhouh assassination 3 ReferencesEconomic tiesAbu Dhabi is negotiating a commercial deal with Israel that would grantit access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolutionimagery, in addition to services already received from the Eros A. In2006, a contract was signed with ImageSat International, which ownsand operates Eros A and B, which are similar to Israels Ofekspycraft.[1]Israel has operated an informal interest office in Abu Dhabifor several years. [2]
  27. 27. Uzi Landau visitOn January 16, 2010, Israels Minister of NationalInfrastructure Uzi Landau attended a renewableenergy conference in Abu Dhabi. He was the firstIsraeli minister to ever visit UAE.[9]Mabhouh assassinationThe assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubaion January 19, 2010, led the UAE to call for the arrestvia Interpol of Meir Dagan, director of Israels Mossad.Israel has neither denied nor confirmed anyinvolvement. Dubais Chief of Police, Dhahi KhalfanTamim, stated that all travelers suspected of beingIsraeli will not be allowed into the country, even ifthey arrived on foreign passports.[10]
  28. 28. •United Arab Emirates, UAE flag
  29. 29. •United Arab Emirates, UAE map
  30. 30. •map of UAE, United Arab Emirates - attractions
  31. 31. •Al Majarrah Souk on the south bank of KhaledLagoon, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  32. 32. •Beach at Dubai Marina and parts of the Palm Beach
  33. 33. •Burj Al Arab Hotel reflected on beach at sunset,Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  34. 34. •Dubai, the city of gold, looks charming at night
  35. 35. •Interior of Al-Muntaha, the top floor restaurant inBurj al-Arab hotel, featuring wave-like ceiling design
  36. 36. •Jumeirah Mosque on Beach Road, Dubai, UnitedArab Emirates UAE ( )
  37. 37. opens fire in GulfUpdated 17 July 2012, 8:37 AESTA US Navy ship has fired on a boat off the coast of the United ArabEmirates, killing at least one person and injuring three others.
  38. 38. The USNS Rappahannock shot at a boat off the coast of the United ArabEmirates, killing one person. (Credit: ABC licensed)Reports say the fuel resupply ship USNS Rappahannock fired on a smallboat which had three outboard motors.UAE officials have identified the dead man as an Indian fisherman.Similar boats are used for fishing in the region, though IransRevolutionary Guard also deploys small, fast-moving vessels.Tensions are higher in the Gulf after Iran last week renewed threats toclose the Strait of Hormuz.About a fifth of the worlds oil is shipped through the strategicwaterway.The US Defence Department is sending an aircraft carrier to the regionseveral months early to make sure at least two carriers will be in thearea.