*Online Discussion Rubric*  Criteria     Unsatisfactory=0           Limited=1        Proficient=2       Exemplary=3       ...
2.Discussion             research.           related             hours.               postings are at                     ...
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Online discussion rubric


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Online Discussion Rubric

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Online discussion rubric

  1. 1. *Online Discussion Rubric* Criteria Unsatisfactory=0 Limited=1 Proficient=2 Exemplary=3 Score Discussion postings Discussion Discussion Discussion show little or no postings repeat postings postings display evidence that and summarize display an an excellent readings were basic, correct understanding understanding of completed or information, but of the required the required understood. Postings do not link readings and readings and are largely personal readings to underlying underlying opinions or feelings, outside concepts concepts including or "I agree" or references, including correct use of "Great idea", without relevant correct use of terminology. Critical supporting research and do terminology Postings integrate Analysis statements with not consider and proper an outside concepts from the alternative citation. resource, or readings, outside perspectives or relevant research, resources, relevant connections to support research, or specific between ideas. important points. real-life application. Sources are not Well-edited quotes cited are cited appropriately. No more than 10% of the posting is a direct quotation. 1.Discussion 1.Discussion 1.Discussion 1.Discussion postings do not postings postings postings actively stimulate and contribute to sometimes contribute to sustain further ongoing contribute to the class discussion by conversations or ongoing ongoing building on peers respond to peers conversations conversations responses including postings. There is as evidenced as evidenced building a focused argument around aParticipation no evidence of by affirming by affirming specific issue oras a Member replies to statements or statements or asking a new related questions or references to references to question or making of the comments or as relevant relevant an oppositional Learning new related research or, research or, statement supported by personalCommunity questions or asking related asking experience or comments. questions or, related related research. making an questions or, oppositional making an 2.Discussion statement oppositional postings are distributed supported by statement throughout the any personal supported by modules time experience or any personal frame. Consistently related experience or responds to postings of peers within 24
  2. 2. 2.Discussion research. related hours. postings are at research. midpoint or later 2.Discussion in the module or postings 2.Discussion contributions are respond to postings only posted on the most postings respond to last day of the of peers most postings module. several days of peers after the initial within a 48 discussion. hour period. 1.Written interactions 1.Some of the 1.Written 1.Written on the discussion written interactions on interactions on the board show disrespect interactions on the discussion discussion board for the viewpoints of the discussion board show show respect and others. board show respect and sensitivity to respect and interest in the 2.Written responses interest in the viewpoints of peers gender, contain numerous viewpoints of others. cultural andProfessional grammatical, spelling others. linguisticCommunicat or punctuation errors. background, ion and The style of writing 2.Written 2.Written sexual orientation, does not facilitate responses include responses are political and Etiquette effective some largely free of religious beliefs. communication. grammatical, grammatical, spelling or spelling or 2.Written punctuation punctuation responses are free errors that errors. The style distract the of writing of grammatical, reader. generally spelling or facilitates punctuation communication. errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. Total /9 Done by: Abir ALmuqrashi(89407) Fatema ALHjri(89037)