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E twinning programs


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Import to the e-twinning program

Published in: Education
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E twinning programs

  1. 1. E-twinning programs Efi Baki
  2. 2. Once upon a time, there were two kids, one yellow and one blue, the same as twins!!
  3. 3. Τhey have been thinking of uniting schools across Europe
  4. 4. Schools started communicating,
  5. 5. exchanging ideas,
  6. 6. finding new friends,
  7. 7. organizing collaborative actions
  8. 8. and learning about culture, language and customs of other countries.
  9. 9. The twins were happy, because all of Europe's pupils became smarter, more creative, and gained much knowledge!
  10. 10. and they lived well and we were better!!!