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  1. 1. School life.
  2. 2. talk loudly learn new words read comics draw funny pictures at the lesson. ask a lot of questionsWe listen to a walkman copy long words discuss different problems play with a phone during the break. learn poems by heart jump between desks get good marks
  3. 3. Dear pen-friends, My name is Dima. I am 10 . I travelled a lot this summer. In August I went abroad. I spent two weeks in Scotland at Summer School. It was a big new school. There were a lot of classrooms there. The classrooms were large and light. Would you like to know what we did there? In the morning we spent 3 hours learning English. At the lessons we read and discussed texts, learned English poems by heart , played games, asked and answered questions, learned new words and played computer games. But we didn’t speak Russian because my teacher didn’t speak Russian. We also learned about English History. Now I speak English much better. I made a lot of friends in Scotland. I hope you will write a letter to me and tell about your school. Your pen-friend, Dima.
  4. 4. Dear Dima, We were glad to get your letter. Our names are _____________________. We live in _________________________ and study at school №________. Our school is ______________________. There are a lot of ___________________in our school.We do a lot of things at the lessons too. We ___________________________________.
  5. 5. writing. drawing. sticking.I need a for painting. listening. translating. cutting.
  6. 6. ncescie liengshnchfre tohisrytar rusansidihancraft themamatics simuc
  7. 7. Day Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday dayTime13.30-14. P.E. ? P.E. 1014.15-14. Maths Russian Russian Maths ? ? 55 language language15.00-15. Russian ? Literature ? Maths ? 40 language15.55-16. ? Maths ? Russian English 35 language language16.50-17. ? ? ? Russian ? 30 language17.35-18. Science Maths History Russian 15 language18.20-19. English Literature 00 language
  8. 8. Day Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday dayTime
  9. 9. it is.I like . . . because I can.
  10. 10. Topics Dima Olga Age Favourite subjectsSchool uniform Hobbies
  11. 11. Topics Dima Olga Age 10 11 Favourite Maths, I.T. English, subjects French, HistorySchool uniform Doesn’t wear a Wears a school school uniform. uniform: blue Wears jeans and a skirts and coats, shirt. white blouses for girls. Hobbies Basketball Foreign languages, tennis