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  1. 1. The Legal Coordination Roundtable on the Coup in Egypt 21 & 22 November 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2. The Egyptian Coup de tat on the 3rd of July, immediately saw the reinstatement of the old state of oppression. Since General Abdulfattah Al-Sisi announced the coup, the elected president Mohammed Morsi has been in detention along with his presidential team, the constitution suspended, thousands of activists and political figures rounded up and numerous TV channels shut down. Major events rapidly unfolded signaling a number of critical measures all of which saw serious constitutional violations, beginning with the military coup; in itself an act of treason against Egyptian law. This was immediately followed by the suspension of the constitution which was approved by almost two thirds of the Egyptian people in a public referendum, as well as a series of massacres in Rabia and numerous public squares claiming the lives of thousands, along with the detention and persecution of media personnel attempting to cover unfolding events. Needless to say that that as a result, Egypt is living through some of its darkest days, where the status of human rights and freedoms has regressed to unprecedented levels. As the military coup in Egypt has unquestionable far reaching implications ultimately threatening global peace and security, the Legal Coordination Roundtable on the Coup in Egypt was set up. This Roundtable will include international legal experts and human rights figures who will address events in Egypt from the perspective of international law and human rights.
  3. 3. Ahmad Amir Ali Rt. Hon. Lord Ahmed of Rotherham is a member of the House of Lords, and was appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. He was the first Muslim Peer and is currently an Independent Member of the House of Lords. In 1975, Nazir Ahmed made history by being elected the first Asian president of Thomas Rotherham College, and he joined the Labour party in the same year. In 1990, Nazir Ahmed began his political career as a local Labour Party councillor in Rotherham. He was appointed as the youngest magistrate in 1992 at the age of 34 even though the recommendation from Government was not to consider anyone under the age of 35. He was elected the chair of the South Yorkshire Labour Party in 1993 and holding both positions until 2000. He founded the British Muslim Councillors’ Forum. In 1998 he was appointed to the House of Lords as Baron Ahmed of Rotherham in the County of South Yorkshire. Dr. Curtis Doebbler Dr. Curtis Doebbler is an international human rights lawyer, writer, and human rights defender who holds law degrees from New York Law School (US), Radboud Universiteit (the Netherlands), and the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). His opinions are published in eight books, more than two hundred academic and newspaper articles, and online. He represents the NGO International-Lawyers.Org at the United Nations in Geneva, and practices international law before international tribunals (Doebbler.org). He has taught at universities in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, including at Tashkent Institute of Law, An-Najah National University and Geneva University.
  4. 4. Tafintsev Maxim Managing Partner Russia House International Lawyers, law firm in Russia with offices in Luxembourg, UAE, Italy, Hong Kong. www.rhlawi.com. President, Founder Arab European Lawyers Association (Luxembourg) www.aela.lu Specialties: M&A, Oil, Gaz, Islamic Banking, Mediation, Arbitration, Dispute resolutions, Litigation, Maritime, Aviation, Human Rights. Experienced contract lawyer with full understanding of business law. commercial, corporate, civil, Telcom and IT. Experienced in mediation between banks and their clients. Mr. Tafintsev has an extensive experience and proven track record in serving the high net worth individuals and business owners around the world, specialized in European strategic financial planning and wealth management. Wealth Advisory for HNWI - High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individual investors and institutional investors. Shabnam Ebrahim Mayet An advocate at the Johannesburg bar with an LLM in human rights and a member of the Muslim Lawyers Association. I have volunteered on the Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Anti-War Coalition for a number of years and am part of the founding team at Protect the Rohingya, a South African group which raises awareness around the human rights violations of the Rohingya.
  5. 5. Ismail Patel Ismail Patel is Chair of UK based NGO Friends of Al-Aqsa. He is the Advisor to Conflicts Forum and Clear Conscience. He is also the author of several books and has articles printed by the Independent, Guardian, Open Democracy and CounterPunch amongst others. Twitter:@ismailadampatel Toby Cadman Toby Cadman is a partner at Omnia Strategy LLP in London and Washington DC and a barrister at 9 Bedford Row International in London. He is an international law specialist with extensive experience in the fields of international humanitarian law, public international law, human rights, terrorism and extradition law. Prior to joining Omnia Strategy, he served as counsel in a number of high profile international cases and advised on transitional justice planning in the Balkans, Middle East and South East Asia. He has particular experience in the United Nations Special Procedures Branch. Previously he served as the Senior Legal Advisor to the Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Head of the Prosecution Section for War Crimes. He currently serves on the Board of the Syrian Commission for Justice and Accountability and is an accredited Crown Prosecutor in the jurisdiction of England and Wales.
  6. 6. Bruce Nestor Bruce Nestor is a criminal defence, immigration and civil rights attorney in Minneapolis, MN. He graduated from the University of Iowa Law School in 1992, with highest honors. Bruce is the past President of the National Lawyers Guild (2000-2003), a national bar association of progressive attorneys, law students, and legal workers, founded in 1937 as the first racially integrated bar association in the United States. He is a past president of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, a member of the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and a member of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. His community work and political organizing focuses on immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, and racial justice. He has also traveled to Nicaragua, Cuba, Palestine, Arizona, Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Egypt as a member of human rights delegations. Stanley L. Cohen STANLEY COHEN is an American attorney from New York defense rights, and embarked on a career as a aboriginalns, fighting for n on reservatio Native Americands of people accused , where he defended New thousa York in City attorney with the Legal Aid Society the at the vigorous defense of the rights of the individual against the state is that of crimes, believing ars he has Over the . ye human t among achievemen the pinnacles of and core of civil society very , squatters and American represented a variety of clients, including the Mohawk Warrior Societyand political leaders in a law political activists, radical and militant groups, and Islamic activists controversial. He has defended more persons practice that is international and local, while always today working defense attorney than any other courts and international in US accused of terrorism.
  7. 7. Ahmad Amir Ali An Educational Consultant with extensive Trans-cultural experience in project management, advising and lecturing I have experience in lecturing, facilitating, and making complex presentations on scientific topics. My work involves a considerable amount of public relations as well as administrative oriented tasks such as designing work plans and managing budgets. I have long experience in political and strategic consultancy, having worked with politicians from Egypt, Indonesia, Bahrain and many other countries. Khaled Mohamed Ahmed PhD . philosophy of Law Member of the Egyptian Bar Association. Member of the Egyptian Society of International Law. Member of the Egyptian Society of Political Economy, Statistics and Legislation.
  8. 8. Nasr Radwan Magali Bachelor of Law in 1990, Zagazig University, Egypt. Legal Consultant at an Insurance company in Qatar. Rori Donaghy Rori Donaghy is the director of the Emirates Centre for Human Rights, the first independent organisation reporting on human rights violations in the United Arab Emirates.
  9. 9. Moazzam Begg Moazzam Begg is British Muslim who was imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay for 3 years. In 2005 he was released without charge and several years later won compensation against the UK government for complicity in his imprisonment & torture. As director of outreach for human rights NGO Cageprisoners, Moazzam appears extensively in the media and in person commenting on issues surrounding the war on terror. He has written for major broadsheets worldwide and has authored an award-winning book entitled Enemy Combatant which has Turkish and Arabic versions He has featured in several award-winning documentaries including National Geographic›s Inside Guantanamo and Taxi to the Dark Side, which won an Oscar in 2008. He is also a published poet in the highly acclaimed anthology Poems from Guantanamo. In the past, Moazzam has been closely involved in discussions with foreign ministries of several European countries in order to seek the resettlement of prisoners from Guantanamo. He is fluent in English, Arabic and Urdu. Imene Triki I
  10. 10. Georges Henri Beauthier I am a lawyer at the Brussels bar and former President of the Belgian Human Rights association. Upon the request of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, I participated in different missions in North Africa, Turkey and more recently Tunisia (January 2011) and Egypt (February 2011). As a Barrister, I took part to several trials in front of national and international jurisdictions (United National Human Rights Committee in Geneva, International Criminal Court) to insure the defence of victims against dictators as Pinochet or Hissène Habré. I also participated with Mr Stanley Cohen in the defence of Palestinians following operation ‹Cast Lead›. Waleed Nassar Waleed Nassar is a U.S. based attorney practicing in the areas of commercial litigation, international dispute resolution, and financial fraud and asset tracing. Mr. Nassar represents domestic and foreign clients on a wide variety of corporate and litigation matters, including: the continued representation of Saudi Arabian conglomerate in global litigation concerning complex financial service fraud totalling in excess of $10 billion; representation of Middle Eastern charities in multi-district litigation relating to alleged violations of the Anti-Terrorism Act and other intentional tort claims; advising former ministers and top government officials of the Arab Republic of Egypt on repatriation of Mubarak-era assets; and, representation of detainees of the Guantanamo and Bagram, Afghanistan detention facilities.
  11. 11. Abd El Fatah Mohames Abo Bakr President of Student union in Egypt 1992 Consultant nephrologists and ICU doctor in France Member of youth office in Europe FIO Member of IIFSO executive office President of IIFSO 2006 to 2010 Representative and manager of IIFSO delegation in UNO Eco Soc 2006 to 2010 President of Alliance European of Egyptians for Democracy and Human rights. Moustafa Fathi Azab Free Attorney, Negotiator and International arbitrator Head and Founder of Al Safwa Law International Firm Spokesman of «Lawyers against the Coup» Movement Member of the defence team for the victims of the coup in Egypt In charge of the documenting of the crimes committed by Military Coup leaders in Egypt
  12. 12. Hanaa Soltan CEO of Mideast Global Advisors. MGA specializes in business development and management consulting in the Middle East and abroad. All cultures have their unique customs, norms, and mores, and those found in the Middle East are no different. Proper navigation of these considerations is absolutely essential to doing business in the region and oftentimes will make the difference between success and failure of an enterprise. MGA aims to provide a trusted link between US and Middle Eastern clients to ensure seamless collaboration. Youssef Chihab Director of MENA department AFD International Human Right NGO based at Brussels
  13. 13. Feroze Ahmed Boda Countries Of Admission: South Africa Labour Law, Qualifications B.Comm (Legal) LLB (Cum Laude) LLM Professional Experience Acting Judge of the Labour Court – 2010 - 2012 1994 – 1995 : Part-time Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand Ravi Naik Ravi Naik is a solicitor . He is specialises in Public law and is employed by ITN Solicitors in London. He has worked on high profile international cases including Sheikh Raed Salah’s illegal detention and a number of Universal Jurisdiction arrest warrant cases.
  14. 14. Mohammad Tayab Ali Tayab Ali is a Partner of the well regarded leading London firm ITN Solicitors. He is internationally recognised and highly respected solicitor whose practice encompasses domestic and international law. He is consistently rated as a leading lawyer in the independent legal directory Chambers and Partners and is ranked as a Super Lawyer in the area of Civil liberties by the Thompson Reuters directory. Tayab is currently instructed by Egypt’s Freedom & Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood and members of the Shura Council (Upper House of Parliament) of Egypt to investigate international crimes following the coup d’état in July 2013. Previously he successfully represented Sheikh Raed Salah against the UK Home Secretary and acted in a case which led to a British Court issuing an arrest warrant for the Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in 2009. The Chambers legal directory recently described him as «An irresistible force – he›s fearless and he always gets the right results for his clients» Amal Hamidallah Amal Hamidallah is Director of the Gulf Foundation ( six Arab Gulf countries). She is a lawyer and political analyst specialised in the Arab Gulf countries issues. Former Coordinator for the Middle East & North Africa region at Amnesty International. Member of the steering committee of the Center for the Advancement of Women and Diversity in Business at the Webster University where she was lecturing in the International NGO program. As expert for the Middle East and North Africa, she has a long experience working in the field of democracy, agency and participation, peace and security, human development, economic justice gender and human rights mainstreaming in the MENA region . She has participated in different international panels and debates, written different articles and conducted research in the field of NGO’s work, civil society strengthening and capacity building tackling civil society empowerment and development in the Arab world with particular focus on the Arab Gulf countries and women rights.
  15. 15. Ahmed Shehata I was born on June 6th, 1974 in Egypt. In 1997 I graduated from Al-Azhar University with a Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. Between the years of 2000, and 2001 I visited a few mosques in the US. In 2002, I decided to move to the US; during my first two years in the US I worked both as an Imam and as an Outreach Coordinator between Chicago and NYC. In September of 2004 I joined the Islamic Relief team as a Development Coordinator for the Midwest region. When I started in the afore mentioned position, contributions from the region were modest, but gradually they started to pick up, for the past 9 years I was able to raise more than 10 million dollars. Due to the success the region was bringing to our organization, in the middle of 2009 we opened a regional office to oversee the Midwest; I am currently heading this office in the capacity of an Operations Manager. In 2009 I obtained a second degree, a Bachelor’s of Theology, from Cloverdale University of Indiana. At the time being, I am pursuing a PHD degree in theology from Cloverdale University. Khalid S. Al Agily R
  16. 16. Mohammad Sawalha R Mohammad Jamil R
  17. 17. Ibrahim El-Zayyat A German of Egyptian origin Diploma in Economic Engineering in 1990. MA degree in Economics (Islamic Economic Systems) 1992 Studied law and economics at Marburg and Cologne. 1993 Specialised in economic problems in Cologne, 1994 Currently working on his PhD on Zakat as an alterative to the welfare state in the West. Director of a number of German and Turkish companies. President of the Islamic Forum in Germany. Mahmoud al-Mubarak R
  18. 18. Refik Korkusuz R Anas Altikriti Rt. Hon. Lord Ahmed of Rotherham is a member of the House of Lords, and was appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. He was the first Muslim Peer and is currently an Independent Member of the House of Lords. In 1975, Nazir Ahmed made history by being elected the first Asian president of Thomas Rotherham College, and he joined the Labour party in the same year. In 1990, Nazir Ahmed began his political career as a local Labour Party councillor in Rotherham. He was appointed as the youngest magistrate in 1992 at the age of 34 even though the recommendation from Government was not to consider anyone under the age of 35. He was elected the chair of the South Yorkshire Labour Party in 1993 and holding both positions until 2000. He founded the British Muslim Councillors’ Forum. In 1998 he was appointed to the House of Lords as Baron Ahmed of Rotherham in the County of South Yorkshire.
  19. 19. Kamel Laifi R A R