deodrants and antipersepirants


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human sweat with deodrants and antipersepirants

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deodrants and antipersepirants

  1. 1. Human sweatHuman sweat itself is largely odorless until it isfermented by bacteria that thrive in hot, humidenvironments such as the human underarm. Thearmpits are among the consistently warmest areason the surface of the human body
  2. 2. Deodorant and antiperspirantThere are two primary types of products used to control body, odor. The first , deodorants reduce body odor by killing. the odor-causing bacteria These products do not affect theamount of perspiration the bodyproduces
  3. 3. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, inhibit the activity of sweat glands so less moisture is.produced
  4. 4. Deodorants are considered to be cosmetic products because they, only control odorantiperspirants are actually drugs because theyaffect the physiology of the body
  5. 5. AluminumAluminum chloride, an aluminum salt that iscommonly used in antiperspirants,. Aluminum itself adversely affects theblood-brain barrier , is capable of causing DNA damage
  6. 6. What about the Aluminium in ?DeodorantsAll aluminium is part of our everyday diet.To put it in perspective the aluminium indeodorants makes up less than two per cent of ourdaily intake. Furthermore there is no evidence tosuggest that in any way has an effect on our .DNA
  7. 7. With regard to non- aluminium based deodorants,you have to remember that without the aluminiumyou will not be tackling the issue of perspiration.This is the difference between a deodorant and an .anti-perspirant
  8. 8. The natural deodorant Crystal Deodorant is a natural deodorant or a healthy alternative to standard.deodorants Products like Crystal Stick BodyDeodorant also offer large costsavings because they last so.long
  9. 9. The crystal deodorant andits characteristics The deodorant stone productsor crystal rock deodorant displayed are.made of 100% natural mineral saltsCrystal rock deodorant is:fragrant,non-sticky, non-staining, and can be used by both men and women.Free and Safe for the Environment
  10. 10. Forms of deodorants and .antispirants,Usually contained in aerosol cans -1. these are pressurized liquid deodorantsThese are convenient for freshening up.many times a dayRoll-on - This is the first type-2.of commercially available deodorantThe container has a ball in the middle which rolls to apply the liquid from,.the container to the skin
  11. 11. Gel - This type of deodorant is-3clear when applied, which is preferredwhen you want to avoid staining or clothesSpray Stick - A solid deodorant that-4is paste-like in consistency. It is extruded from the deodorant container and spread.on to the armpits
  12. 12. !WARNINGAlways make sure to observe your skin when tryinga new product ,so as soon as you see redness, feelitchy or experience a burning sensation, stopusing the product and wash immediately withmild soap and water. This is important becausethese unpleasant symptoms can occur even if you.dont have allergies
  13. 13. Why women should avoid ?using antiperspirantsWomen should concider not using anyantiperspirants or deodorants that containingaluminum salts because they block the pores ,so aluminum salts can get into breast tissue
  14. 14. These salts are more concentrated in the areas of thebreast where cancer is more likely to developon the side and towards the armpitSo it is safety to get a natural Aloe Veraproduct that contains no.aluminium salts
  15. 15. Name:Raneen ZeadanInstructure:Dr.Ayman Nazal